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                                                                                      SALE - 7 S.O.H. - Grateful Seeds - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

                                                                                      SALE - 7 S.O.H. - Grateful Seeds Cannabis Seeds

                                                                                      There are many weird names for weed strains, but there is always an explanation behind them. The same is true for the 7 S.O.H. strain. The meaning behind this c
                                                                                      You Save:  40.00%

                                                                                      SALE - 7 S.O.H. - Grateful Seeds is currently In Stock
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                                                                                      SALE - 7 S.O.H. - Grateful Seeds Cannabis Seeds from Cannabis Seed Sale Items

                                                                                      7 S.O.H Strain Cannabis Seeds

                                                                                      There are many weird names for weed strains, but there is always an explanation behind them. The same is true for the 7 S.O.H. strain. The meaning behind this cryptic cannabis strain name means 7 stars of Hokuto. It has some cool dark purple mixed with green leaves that create a reddish color. The 7 S.O.H seeds are hybrid, with an even balance of Sativa and Indica at 50% for each. This marijuana plant is notorious for being tall and thick. The reports on the flavor for the 7 S.O.H. strain are fruity and earthy.

                                                                                      Feminized Seeds

                                                                                      The Grateful seeds label has released the 7 S.O.H seeds as feminized, which means there isn’t any risk of the plant growing into a male. Buy these marijuana seeds today, and they will be shipped out quickly. Although these cannabis seeds for sale have certain characteristics for growers, we do not encourage breaking any local laws. The products sold in our seed bank are souvenirs and gifts. We include as much information about each cannabis seed so that the person receiving the gift can learn more about it online.

                                                                                      7 S.O.H., which stands for 7 Stars of Hokuto, is an absolute blessing for all lovers of incredible terps. 7 S.O.H. is a medium-sized plant with a robust body that leads to a bushy plant. The 7 S.O.H. generally can do with an extra week of vegetation, encouraging her to grow much taller so the flower fades nicely. Thankfully, the terps are extremely loud from the offspring of these super terpy parents. The resulting offspring will easily stink up the entire room, filling it with complex fruity terpenes. The ZOZ is a Zkittlez Bx1 that infuses the loud tropical candy terps that one expects with the Original Z alongside hints of gas from the OG Eddy Lepp lineage. Grateful Seeds have used her as the mother for several strains thanks to its insanely fruity Zkittlez candy terp profile. Meanwhile, Banana Gelee's pollinator is one of the Grateful Seeds' in-house creations that crosses the Strawnana from DNA Genetics with their Grape Gellee from Cannardo Genetics. The Banana Gelee was picked as a pollinator due to her incredible vigour and dominant grape terps.

                                                                                      7 S.O.H. produce an excellent flavour profile that is predominantly green fruit sharpened with hints of bitter chemical window cleaner notes, which balances perfectly with the unique black cherry notes. Thankfully 7 Stars of Hokuto passes her insane flavour over to the resin and produces an excellent resin filled with loud terps with a medium return.

                                                                                      • Brand     Grateful Seeds
                                                                                      • Pack Size     5 Seeds Per Pack
                                                                                      • Indoor / Outdoor     Indoor / Outdoor
                                                                                      • Flowering Time     8-9 Weeks
                                                                                      • Morphology     Medium Size Bushy Plant
                                                                                      • Genetics     Hybrid
                                                                                      • Lineage     ZOZ x Banana Gelee
                                                                                      • Yield     Medium
                                                                                      • Seed Type     Feminised

                                                                                      SALE - 7 S.O.H. - Grateful Seeds Cannabis Seed Stats

                                                                                      Breeder: Grateful Seeds
                                                                                      Seed Type: Feminized
                                                                                      Available as Single Seed: Available as Single Seed
                                                                                      Sale Item: Cannabis Seeds Currently on Sale
                                                                                      Flowering Period Type: 12/12 Photoperiod
                                                                                      Indica/Sativa: 50% Indica/50% Sativa
                                                                                      Environment: Indoor, Outdoor
                                                                                      Strength: Normal
                                                                                      Yield: Average
                                                                                      Strain Type: Hybrid, Asia-Central, Asia-South East, Central America and Caribbean, North American and Canadian, South American
                                                                                      Indoor Flowering Time: Medium (56 to 90 days)
                                                                                      Smell/Taste: Bitter, Chemical, Cherry, Fruity, Sweet
                                                                                      Stock Availability: In Stock

                                                                                      Meet SALE - 7 S.O.H. - Grateful Seeds, an esteemed newcomer to the extensive lineup of strains available from the notorious breeder Cannabis Seed Sale Items. This fantastic cannabis seed is solely offered as a feminized variety, ensuring a garden filled with female plants! With Cannabis Seed Sale Items' expertise, this strain is part of the outstanding selection of over 7,500 varieties offered as Pick and Mix Single Cannabis Seeds this October in Seed City! Adhering to the 12/12 Photoperiod Flowering pattern, this strain blooms when subjected to 12 hours of undisturbed darkness during its nightly growth cycle. With open communication from the breeder, we have been informed that this cannabis strain exhibits an 50% Indica/50% Sativa trait, presenting an exciting prospect for those seeking this particular element in their cannabis experience. The preferred growth environment for this premium strain has been shared by its producer as Indoor / Outdoor Environments. Unfortunately, the producer has not made the information on the strength of SALE - 7 S.O.H. - Grateful Seeds available, resulting in its undetermined status and based on the data we have, this strain is characterized as having an average yield. The indoor height for this strain has not been officially released by Cannabis Seed Sale Items, making it currently unknown and recognizing the complexities of the task, the key influences that define this strain are: Hybrid / Asia-Central / Asia-South East / Central America and Caribbean / North American and Canadian / South American. At Seed City, you can browse and buy Cannabis Seed Sale Items' entire collection, available as both single seeds and full packs, at the lowest prices online this October! SALE - 7 S.O.H. - Grateful Seeds is reported by the breeder to have an indoor flowering time of Medium (56 to 90 days) and as of now, the Optimal Outdoor Harvest Time for this strain has not been disclosed. Among the appealing qualities of SALE - 7 S.O.H. - Grateful Seeds from Cannabis Seed Sale Items is its captivating aroma and taste, evoking the essence of Bitter / Chemical / Cherry / Fruity / Sweet. This October, take advantage of the SALE - 7 S.O.H. - Grateful Seeds Sale and confidently purchase your Cannabis Seeds from Seed City, backed by over 12 years of reliable and secure seed delivery.

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                                                                                      Seed Review StarsEddie50
                                                                                      I just want to say thank you seed city received stealth package today would recommend to anyone...
                                                                                      Seed Review Starsalexis
                                                                                      Nicely packed, and good opsec, seeds are in vials so can't be crushed which is nice to. Great c...
                                                                                      Seed Review StarsScouse_smoke (Ste - g-Bourne)
                                                                                      Received my package within 6days, I'm totally happy with service, the pricing an choice is amaz...
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