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                                                                                      Damnesia - Strain Hunters

                                                                                      Damnesia kannabiksen siemeniä

                                                                                      Kasvattaja: Strain Hunters
                                                                                      Sativa-dominoiva AMS x Amnesia Haze genetiikka. Keskikorkea kasvi, hartsimaiset silmut. Hedelmäinen, puumainen maku, vahva aivokorkeus.

                                                                                      Damnesia on tällä hetkellä varastossa
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                                                                                      Damnesia Kannabiksen siemeniä Strain Hunters


                                                                                      Combining A.M.S. with Amnesia Haze, Damnesia is a balanced hybrid with a 60% Sativa and 40% Indica split. This cultivar boasts medium height, does well indoors and outdoors, and is known for its long branches and pear-shaped buds. Damnesia delivers a strong, cerebral high that aids in social interactions, creativity, and meditation, alongside medicinal benefits for pain and appetite loss. Its unique taste and aroma profiles add to its allure, while its moderate feeding needs make it manageable for cultivators.


                                                                                      Indoor yields can reach up to 900 gr/m2 after a 9-week flowering period, while outdoor plants can produce up to 1000 grams each within 9 to 10 weeks. The strain develops dense trichomes and a distinctive aesthetic with light green foliage accented by red hues.

                                                                                      Tuoksu ja maku

                                                                                      Damnesia promises a complex experience: The scent combines sandalwood, incense, and black pepper, while the burnt taste encompasses woody and fruity notes. Its dried buds present a visually appealing mix of brownish-green with red hues and thick trichomes.

                                                                                      Effects and Medicinal Uses

                                                                                      The high is a creeper but impressively long-lasting, catering to both recreational and medicinal users. It's particularly noted for its capacity to alleviate pain and stimulate appetite.


                                                                                      As of now, Damnesia has not been introduced to competitions.


                                                                                      • SATIVA: 60% - INDICA: 40%
                                                                                      • Genetiikka: AMS x Amnesia Haze
                                                                                      • Korkeus: medium plant with internodes between 8 and 10 cm
                                                                                      • Kukkivat sisätiloissa: 9 weeks flowering time. Yield up to 900 gr/m 2 (with 1000W HPS)
                                                                                      • Kukkivat ulkona: 9-10 weeks, with production up to 1000 grams per plant depending on the final size. Support for the long branches is recommended
                                                                                      • Maista (poltettu): woody, fruity, reminds of A.M.S. but has a deeper sativa side
                                                                                      • Tuoksu (polttamaton): sandal wood, incense black pepper
                                                                                      • Miltä kuivattu silmu / murentunut silmu näyttää: the dried buds are long, pear shaped and have small calyxes. The trichomes are dense and thick. The crumbled bud is brownish-green with red hues. Small, thin hairs
                                                                                      • High Onset -nopeus: creeper, but fast onset
                                                                                      • Kesto High: pitkäkestoinen
                                                                                      • Laatu/tyyppi Korkea: strong, cerebral, social, good for meditation as well as creative moments
                                                                                      • Lääketieteelliset ominaisuudet: against pain, lack of appetite
                                                                                      • Kuvaus: The Damnesia is a new twist on a very popular strain, the A.M.S. Thanks to the Amnesia influence this plant is now fruity yet woody, flowery yet mossy; it is a truly balanced mix of the parents' heritage. Medium to tall plant, the Damnesia grows long branches and makes long colas. The foliage is light green with red hues, and the buds develop amazing resin. The leaf shows some sativa heritage, but the flowering time is contained in 9 weeks. The Damnesia likes a moderate feeding regime with a maximum EC of 1.9-2.0 depending on the grow parameters. The taste is fruity, like a bouquet of tropical fruits, but has a deep sativa aftertaste, very complex. The Damnesia has a strong appetite-stimulating effect and is good for pain control
                                                                                      • Palkinnot: Ole vielä otettu käyttöön

                                                                                      Damnesia Kannabiksen siementtilastot

                                                                                      Varastotilanteen: Varastossa
                                                                                      Kasvattaja: Strain Hunters
                                                                                      Seed Tyyppi: Feminized
                                                                                      Saatavana Single Seed: Saatavana Single Seed
                                                                                      Kukinta-aika Tyyppi: 12 / 12 Valojaksot
                                                                                      Indica / Sativa: sativa Dominant
                                                                                      ympäristö: sisä-, ulko-
                                                                                      Vahvuus: normaali
                                                                                      tuotto: Korkean osinkotuoton Kannabiksen siemeniä
                                                                                      Strain Tyyppi: Hybridi
                                                                                      Lääketieteellinen Kannat: ruokahalua kiihottavia, Luova, yleinen Kipu, sosiaalinen
                                                                                      Indoor Kukinta aika: Medium (56 ja 90 päivää)
                                                                                      Haju / Maku: Hedelmäinen, suitsuke, Pippurinen, Santelipuu, woodsy

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                                                                                      Siemen Review Starsjeromus19
                                                                                      Bonjour. Kommandopassi 7 juinia re 5 päivän matkaa; Emballage on huomaamaton. Rien dire, je suositella ...
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                                                                                      Kiitos siemenkaupungille nopeasta toimituksesta ja kauniista pakkauksesta! Laadukkaat siemenet tuttuun tapaan sinulta ja...
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