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Mosca Seeds

Mosca Seeds are a cannabis seed bank specialising in mainly indica and skunk based hybrids from the best American breeders. They have proven themselves to be a very honest seed bank and have been selling well on cannabis seed auction websites. Mosca produce good quality regular seeds and we are proud to be selling their range in Seed City. Be sure to check out Mosca’s Cinderella 99 BX-1 cannabis strain as it has proven to be the most popular of all of the Mosca cannabis seed range!

Mosca Seeds

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Blue Fin - Mosca Seeds

he calyxes are huge producing large amounts of resin and when pollinated some of the largest seeds Mosca has ever produced....


Blue Iguana - Mosca Seeds

The Main center cola will be Large similar to the size of medium sized Iguana, hence the name. This Blue Iguana gal will be a pet that can be cherished for a lo...


Chem #4 x OTM #1 - Mosca Seeds

The high yielding, dank fuel smelling original Chem #4 stinks and produces extremely strong cannabis....


Cinderella 99 BX-1 - Mosca Seeds

A plant with all of the above is rare enough, but Cinderella 99 fniished flowering after a scant 50 days. Above average yields of crystal covered buds....


Mach Fly - Mosca Seeds

The Mach Fly produces a few phenotypes with one oriented towards skunk with solid colas and tight buds. The Mach Fly is a strain that produces a cerebral effect...


Old Time Bubba Kush - Mosca Seeds

The Pre-98 Bubba Kush has a fantastic old school taste and is large-yielding with fat pine cone shaped buds....


Old Time Indiana Bubble Gum - Mosca Seeds

Mosca Seeds have taken the famous Indiana Bubble Gum female clone and crossed her with the Sativa dominant Old Time Moonshine male....


Old Time Moonshine - Mosca Seeds

The Old Time Moonshine (OTM) Project came out of a desire to preserve this most unique strain. Originally created by DJ Short, the OTM line is full of unique m...


Ripple - Mosca Seeds

MOSCA SEEDS has taken the infamous Stinky Le Pew female and united her with Mosca Seeds proven Old Time Moonshine. Ripple is an extremely high producer with won...


Sonic Fly - Mosca Seeds

Sonic Fly is a secret reciple of skunky pineapple and fruity flavours with a high that soars. It produces medium sized plants which yield high quality marijuana...


TSI Fly - Mosca Seeds

This strain has very little stretch in flowering and so is good for areas with low headroom. The average plant height ends at 2.5-3.5 feet....


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