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                                                                                      Karma Genetics

                                                                                      Karma Genetics

                                                                                      Karma Genetics

                                                                                      Karma Genetics has a reputation for being amongst some of the best marijuana seed breeders within today's cannabis market, due to their finest quality seeds - especially regarding the award winning Jack Herer cannabis strain. Karma Genetics have been working on the cannabis scene since 1996, when they opened a Dutch coffeeshop, followed by a local grow shop. In 2008, Karma Genetics entered their first IC420 cup in Amsterdam, and won! Karma genetics have since won many awards due to their outstanding weed seed genetics. Some of the most famous Karma Genetics pot strains available include White Og, Dominator, Biker Kush, Sour Jack, and Funky Dwarf. Karma Genetics reviews have been overwhelmingly positive because of the outstanding cannabis strains produced by this breeder.


                                                                                      Get your Indica Karma Genetics cannabis seeds, Sativa Karma Genetics cannabis seeds, Outdoor Karma Genetics cannabis seeds, High Yielding Karma Genetics cannabis seeds, and Super Strength Karma Genetics cannabis seeds from Seed City for worldwide discreet delivery, and the lowest prices online - guaranteed.

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                                                                                      GhostRider OG v2.0 - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      We crossed the Krome cut of The White with our legendary Biker Kush V1 to create Ghostrider OG – an indica-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis with superb resin...


                                                                                      Fruit Bowl - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      As the name says it a complex combination of fruit flavors with citrus as the overtone. Grows with a good hybrid vigor . Medium to high yields. It’s like a swee...


                                                                                      Biker Kush V2.0 - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      Biker Kush is derived from the second backcross of our ever popular HA-OG and is a true heavy OG that is sure to please kush lovers everywhere....


                                                                                      Jack O Nesia - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      Jack O Nesia is made after Karma Genetics own selected cut of Amnesia got overall 1st at the ICmag420 cup in 2009, it was crossed with their Jack#22 male, and J...


                                                                                      Headbanger - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      Headbanger is a cross of our celebrated Sour Diesel K.G. cut and Biker Kush V1. The resultant strain is an extremely pungent and aromatic OG hybrid with all the...


                                                                                      White OG V2.0 - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      The White OG has become one of the most sought after cannabis strains in the world in recent years. After winning every industry competition it has been entered...


                                                                                      Amnesia OG - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      Formerly known as ‘Where’s My Bike’. Amnesia OG is Karma Genetics’ prize-winning Amnesia strain which is widely used by breeders on both side of the Atlantic....


                                                                                      KarmDown - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      The results of crossing our 2 flagship OG.s Karma OG and Biker Kush. Gave A easy to grow OG Kush Hybrid Showing great collour at end flower. Smells and flavours...


                                                                                      Grenadine - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      We are very proud to release the Grenadine, a Sourish cookie OG with extreme trichome production even the fan leafs get sugared up, most will show a purple hue...


                                                                                      Karma OG Jack - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      We selected 2 moms from our Karma Jack f7 line and combined it with the KarmaRado OG giving a ultimate OG Jack Hybrid with high yields that carry that typical K...


                                                                                      Miley Biker - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      Producing tight colourful very resinous buds, a true treat to most connoisseurs, we used a very special selected Miley Cyrus cut from our friends at Cannarado G...


                                                                                      AG13 Haze X Biker - Limited Edition - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      The AG13 is a more then 20 year old Dutch haze cut with the make up of G13 female X Haze male. Crossing it with the Biker male gave offspring the effect and fla...


                                                                                      Dominator x Biker - Limited Edition - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      The cup winning cut of Dominator with that great effect and fuely incense smell, crossed with the Biker male. The Dominator is so dominant when bred with, that...


                                                                                      Orange Headstash - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      A modern mix of Cookies and OG kush crossed to a Orange hybrid gave some Tropical Exotic offspring, soughy to orange lime, some show great coloring....


                                                                                      Headstash - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      An indica-dominant strain with a complex genetic profile. Headstash clinched 1st prize in the Best Indica category at the 2015 Amsterdam Elite Cup. Derived from...


                                                                                      Orange Sorbet - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      For this terp bomb we have taken A Trifi X Udub from our friends Cannarado and Motiv303 which produced strong sweet OG to Melon type flavors. And produces extre...


                                                                                      Orange Bubba - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      True Hybrid, vigorous on this crossing of a Indica dominant hybrid to a orangey sativa dominant hybrid. A hashplant type strain with some big buds with Orange...


                                                                                      Trifi Rado - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      A TriFi Udub which is a Triangle Fire OG Kush crossed to a Hashplant. Was paired with our KarmaRado OG, a true OG dominant Hashplant, stretchy with golfball nu...


                                                                                      Cookie Crash - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      Good structured Cookie hybrid, giving sweet cookie dough limey OG buds, with a impresive eas of growing. The high is deep and heavy a great evening smoke....


                                                                                      Karma OG - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      Our flagship strain, Karma OG spent over 4 years in development before we were happy with the results. Derived from a cross of OG #17, SFV OG and HA-OG, Karma O...


                                                                                      Tha Melon - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      This is karma's favourite smoke. It's got a sugared cantalope melon gassed flavour that stays and coats the mouth. Very strong terp profile. Medium stretch, med...


                                                                                      Rado Rose - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      I used a unique plant i found called RoseWater of which the extracts and hash smell like Turkish Rosewater candy, the combo with the KarmaRado OG gave it more l...


                                                                                      Mahayana - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      This is Karma Genetics cup cut of Dominator crossed with the Lucifer OG male. A nice Sativa meets kush, giving plants above medium stretch that can produce long...


                                                                                      Jack Cheddar - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      Jack Cheddar is the result of the Exodus cheese cut being crossed with a Jack#22 dad. The outcome of this plant is very cheese and sweet in most pheno’s. Karma...


                                                                                      Old Grandpa Scratch - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      A friend of Karma crossed the Long Island Old Skool clone with a Lucifer OG Male from Karma Genetics. She was crossed with the award winning White OG V2.0 males...


                                                                                      White Beelze Bubba - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      A mutli OG hybrid of Bubba Kush, Biker Kush, and White Og. White Beelze Bubba is Indica dominant, giving mostly broad leafed plants with good branching. Smells...


                                                                                      White Sage - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      That old Sage crossed with the white OG. White Sage easy to grow and can give monster yields. The Sage is mostly dominant in the hybrid, and will make many sati...


                                                                                      Sour Power OG - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      Sour Power OG is our first collaboration with our good friends at Hortilab Seeds. After they won cup after cup with their Sour Power, we decided it was the perf...


                                                                                      Skullcap - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      From sour to cookie dough with a gas twist on it, there's nice variation in this line making it a great one for personal selection....


                                                                                      Brotherhood OG - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      This is original Happy Brother crossed with OG kush. It gives you nice body and muscle relaxation. Its one of those you need to eat skittels to get the taste ou...


                                                                                      CookieWreck X Biker - Limited Edition - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      Karma Genetics love working with others, and for this project they selected a Spear time cola pheno from the CookieWreck and crossed it with their Biker male, r...


                                                                                      Where's my Bike - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      The mom Karma's winning Amnesia cut crossed to the Biker Kush male. The biker changed the THC profile, giving it some very high test results. Additional Inform...


                                                                                      SSSDH x Jack - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      The Mom is the SSSDH ojd cut, The Dad my jack#22. These are very impressive yielders, true haze lovers will enjoy some of these Sour and Hazy phenos. May need s...


                                                                                      White Biker - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      The Original HA-OG cut crossed with Karma's White OG males, makes an easy to grow OG Kush Hybrid. Giving impressive yields full of OG flavours, White Biker has...


                                                                                      RoadDawg - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      A Co Op  with our friend JJ.NYC from topdawg seeds, We selected a Stardawg female which yields very well and easy, giving Sour Chemmy Sneaker smells,  Our Biker...


                                                                                      Dominator - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      Karma Genetics Dominator seeds are the result of some pretty impressive genetics. The Kushage#16 that won icmag420 2008 crossed with the legendary Jack#22 male....


                                                                                      Polar Bear - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      A selected Bear OGF1 cut from Holland crossed with the White OG V2.0 males. Smells range from Sour to lemon pine. It is smooth but very strong. Polar Bear is a...


                                                                                      White Snake - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      White Snake will produce sweet to hashy sour type smells, a real mouth watering flavour of sweet sour candy. She can produce big top buds and is easier to culti...


                                                                                      Crumbled Lime - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      For this citric cookie hybrid we used Citron Cookies from our brother Cannarado, it's a Jilly bean x Cookies. Showing exotic terps ranging from lime to orange...


                                                                                      White TangHaze Outerspace - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      White TangHaze Outerspace has Old skool smells and is perfect for beginners as it practically grows itself. It has a medium to high yield, a fresh sweet-hazy sm...


                                                                                      O.D.B (Old Dirty Biker) - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      The ODB was created by popular demand from our customers. We took the legendary UK Exodus Cheese and crossed it with our go-to stud, the Biker Kush V1 to create...


                                                                                      KarmaRado OG - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      This great Co Op was done together with Cannarado Genetics and Pinkhouse CO. A combination of Triangle Kush, SFV OG Kush, And White OG Selected and Line bred to...


                                                                                      White Sumo - Karma Genetics

                                                                                      A Co Op with some of LA finest CaliKushFarms, There Sumo Tange crossed with our White OG male, making a Concentrate Dream, Smells range from Orange, Mandarine,...


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