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                                                                                      Medicann Seeds

                                                                                      Medicann Seeds

                                                                                      Medicann Seeds
                                                                                      Medicann Seeds is a cannabis seed mank that specialises in selecting high grade medicinal marijuana strains, prioritising medicinal benefits, potency, and yield. Medicann seeds have been actively breeding medical cannabis varieties for over 10 years now - high grade medicinal strains are at the core of their organisation. The Medicann breeding team are constantly striving to increase therapeutic effects in order to further benefit the medical marijuana users that buy their seeds so loyally. New cannabis strains take many years to get off the ground, and the initial concept from inception through to the completion of medicinal grade marijuana seed becoming available can be a lengthy process, but Medicann cuts no corners! It is vital to Medicann Seeds that their cannabis breeders have a constant dialogue with their product development and dispensary staff and caregivers in order to determine the direction of a breeding programme.
                                                                                      Popular Medicann cannabis seed strains include OG Kush, Scrog, Black Afghani Kush, BlueBlood, Kush Fromage, and Bubba Kush - all of which are available at Seed City for incredibly low prices with worldwide secure delivery! 
                                                                                      Medicann Seeds Quick Links

                                                                                      View all Medicann Seeds Cannabis Seeds

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                                                                                      OG Kush - Medicann Seeds

                                                                                      Originally discovered in the hills of southern California, reputedly a phenotype of the original Chemdawg, this strain has become famous worldwide for the medic...


                                                                                      BlueBlood - Medicann Seeds

                                                                                      With this plant we have crossed our OG Kush with an astounding Blueberry that has been with us since 1998. This plant produces buds that have the strength and d...


                                                                                      Bubba Kush - Medicann Seeds

                                                                                      Hindu Kush arrived in California in the late 1970's. From that, Master Kush was born. Bubba Kush was born from a Master Kush x Bubble Gum cross. Bubblegum in it...


                                                                                      ChemDawg - Medicann Seeds

                                                                                      Chemdawg, is one of the most potent Marijuana strains in existence. Supposedly originating from the Grateful deads crew this plant has passed into legend as Che...


                                                                                      Scrog - Medicann Seeds

                                                                                      We have combined two of the most potent medicinal plants in the USA and brought them together into this super heavyweight strain. The OG (original gangster) is...


                                                                                      Train Wreck - Medicann Seeds

                                                                                      Emerging from California in the late 90's this is one of the staples of any medical marijuana grower being an extremely strong pain relieving plant. A very pung...


                                                                                      Cookie Dream - Medicann Seeds

                                                                                      Medicann Seeds - Cookie Dream now available in Seed City! Images and descriptions coming soon....


                                                                                      Kush Fromage Auto - Medicann Seeds

                                                                                      We have taken our strongest strain and have added a ruderalis into the mix, creating "Fromage Kush Auto". This baby still has the strength and quality of the Ch...


                                                                                      Kush Fromage - Medicann Seeds

                                                                                      We have managed to get the original UK Cheese and back cross it with a Californian OG Kush to produce the best of both worlds, or the best from both countries....


                                                                                      Black Afghani Kush - Medicann Seeds

                                                                                      This indica dominant strain is the result of crossing three amazing phenotypes that offer amazing yield and resilience, easy to cultivate and produce very dense...


                                                                                      OG Kush CBD - Medicann Seeds

                                                                                      Originally discovered in the hills of southern California, reputedly a phenotype of the original ChemDawg, this strain has become famous worldwide for the medic...


                                                                                      Peach Candy - Medicann Seeds

                                                                                      Medicann Seeds - Peach Candy now available in Seed City! Images and descriptions coming soon....


                                                                                      Afghani - Medicann Seeds

                                                                                      This original Afghani strain is exactly as it sounds, it is an original land race Afghani and is the best producing and strongest Indica around, from Afghanista...


                                                                                      Cali Jack - Medicann Seeds

                                                                                      Cali Jack is a Sativa/Indica Hybrid which has its roots based in a Jack Herer/pre '98 Bubba Kush mix which offers some amazing properties for an indoor grower,...


                                                                                      Mazari Grape - Medicann Seeds

                                                                                      This strain is indica dominant with thick strong leaves. It is a medium-sized plant that’s not too tall with a very high flower-to-leaf ratio. Due to its heavy...


                                                                                      Blue Mountain Durban - Medicann Seeds

                                                                                      We have taken Durban Poison one of South Africa’s best strains and crossed it with Lavender and then the super special Afghani ’76 and the result is a Sativa do...


                                                                                      Critical Dawg - Medicann Seeds

                                                                                      We have combined Critical+ and ChemDawg and brought them together from both sides of the pond to give this super heavyweight strain. Critical+ is from the origi...


                                                                                      Pure Kush - Medicann Seeds

                                                                                      Medicann Seeds - Pure Kush now available in Seed City! Images and descriptions coming soon....


                                                                                      Black Blood - Medicann Seeds

                                                                                      We have crossed our Blue Blood that contains our OG Kush, with Black Domina which speeds up the flowering times and introduces amazing resin production for a bi...


                                                                                      SFV OG Kush - Medicann Seeds

                                                                                      Medicann Seeds - SFV OG Kush now available in Seed City! Images and descriptions coming soon....


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