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CannaBioGen Cannabis Seeds

Cannabiogen are a Spanish Seed Company that have spent the last 20 years travelling the world to collect landrace cannabis seeds from places such as Jamaica, Colombia, India, Thailand and Pakistan. Cannabiogen Seeds have stabilised these genetics over the years, making meticulous selections of desired traits and have made some awesome hybrids from these IBLs. Cannabiogen claim that they are the first seed bank to implement a returns scheme; so if you have any problems with your seeds, each pack of cannabis seeds have a lot number and this can be used to claim a replacment pack. They also say that each lot of cannabis seeds that they sell are well tested for germination before they are sold. Cannabiogen's confidence in the quality of their cannabis seeds is clear to see and should be a great indicator that they are a cannabis seed bank with strains worth collecting!

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Cannabiogen Seeds

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Auto CBG - Cannabiogen Seeds

Auto-CBG is the first autoflowering seed CBG introduced in the market, work has been done by one of the most recognized companies in the field of autoflowerin...


Bangi Haze - Cannabiogen Seeds

Bank: CannaBioGenTipo: sativa Floración: 9-10 semanas Producción: mediaType: sativa Flowering: 9-10 weeks Yield: Medium...


Bubba Delight - Cannabiogen Seeds

Bubba Delight combines two close relatives, the infamous Bubba Kush with Cannabiogene's powerful Peyote Purple to produce the highest quality results. The flowe...


Caribe - Cannabiogen Seeds

A first class backcross (Jamaica x Jamaica/NL5/Haze) between an NL-5 Dutch champion, a pure Haze and an extraordinary and very stable Jamaican Lambsbread male f...


Colombia Mangobiche - Cannabiogen Seeds

Bank: CannaBioGenHighly reputed colombian line due its tasty aromas and its long lasting and strong effect, Mangobiche, line of uncertain origins, is one of...


Colombian Punta Rojo - Cannabiogen Seeds

Classic Variety. Classic Colombian of high repute and influence. This first version features a cross between various Red Dot ranges from the north and centre of...


Deluxe Mix - Cannabiogen Seeds

This unique breeders mix offers many possibilities for experimentation and hybridization between the diferent genotypes in the landrace varieties. The lines...


Destroyer - Cannabiogen Seeds

This 100% Sativa strain is a cross of Meao Thai and an early and stable Mexico/Colombia. The exceptional backcross of two of our best females took over 7 year...


Durban - Cannabiogen Seeds

An original South African line. This classic African line carries a reputation of high quality and has influenced many award winning strains. This our first off...


Ghana - Cannabiogen Seeds

CannaBioGen - Ghana Regular seeds Genetics: Sativa Yield: Medium/High...


Hash Fruit - Cannabiogen Seeds

A delight for the senses, richly aromatic and flavorful with fruity overtones. Beautiful flowers covered in exotic trichomes present a visual delight while the...


Jarilla - Cannabiogen Seeds

Local Mexican Sinaloan line, full of aroma with a citrus taste and clean, a fast flowering Sativa.Genetics: Jarilla de Sinaloa Variety: Sativa Flowering...


Leshaze - Cannabiogen Seeds

A hybrid that unites some of the best modern genes and consisting of a very young, pure and stable female from Lesotho, which is grown at over 2,000 meters ab...


Mangobiche Kush - Cannabiogen Seeds

Cannabiogen combined two unique strains of marijuana and very representative of their respective families, to obtain a balanced and original hybrid. The contrib...


Mangobiche x Peyote Purple - Cannabiogen Seeds

A unique mix of Colombian and American genetics, Mangobiche x Peyote Purple Feminised strain from Cannabiogen is a strong plant with a beautiful balance of fl...


Mextiza - Cannabiogen Seeds

Type: Sativa Nepal/Jamaica x Mexico Oaxaca Flowering: 9-10 weeks Yield: medium/high...


Michoacan Cream - Cannabiogen Seeds

The unmistakable texture of the Peyote Purple introduces us to another world of subtle aromatic details brought by the Michoacan Spirit that combine in earthy i...


Nepal Highland - Cannabiogen Seeds

Type: indica/sativa Flowering Int: 9-11 weeks - Ext: 9-11 weeks Yield: medio/average # Seeds: 10 units. Seed Bank: Cannabiogen Category: Regular seeds...


Nepalese Jam - Cannabiogen Seeds

The Nepalese is a robust and compact highland Sativa with a short flowering period and excellent resistance to cold and fungi. Its dense and resinous flower...


Pakistan Chitral Kush - Cannabiogen Seeds

GENETICS - original breeders of this pure indica from Chitral, Hindu Kush in Pakistan.DESCRIPTION - Chitral is famous in the world of cannabis to produce o...


Cannabiogen Seeds

Welcome to Seed City's Updated Cannabiogen Seeds Selection for 13th December, We stock the entire range of Cannabiogen Seeds at the Best Prices Online! You will also find that we stock Single Pick and Mix Cannabis Seeds for the Whole Range of Cannabiogen Seeds! This allows you to buy just 1 Single Cannabis Seed if you so wish and you can also Pick and Mix between all of the fantastic breeders we sell! We also offer discounts on Multi-Pack Purchases so from 1 Seed of Cannabiogen Seeds to 1,000 Seeds of Cannabiogen Seeds you always know we'll have the Best Prices Available Anywhere!

Seed City ships Cannabiogen Seeds Discreetly, Worldwide and with our Famous Seed City Guarantee!

Be Sure to Refine your Cannabiogen Seeds Selection further by selecting more options on the Seed Selector to the left! No matter if you are searching for Indoor or Outdoor Cannabiogen Seeds this December you will be sure to enjoy the Seed City Seed Selector! You can also Order any list of Cannabis Seeds by Popularity and Single Seed price! So get searching for those High Yielding Cannabiogen Seeds!

Order from our Cannabiogen Seeds range this December 13th from Seed City and get the Freshest Cannabiogen Seeds with the Best Customer Service online!

Please Note: This content is for informational and educational use only. All seeds are sold strictly for souvenir purposes only and genetic collection. We do not condone or encourage the germination of these cannabis seeds and we will refuse a sale to anyone who leads us to believe they will use these for anything other than souvenir purposes. Seeds sold may not be germinated in countries not legal to do so. WARNING: IT IS A CRIMINAL OFFENSE TO GERMINATE CANNABIS SEEDS IN MOST COUNTRIES. YOU MUST BE 18 IN ORDER TO USE THIS WEBSITE.

Last Updated Was Exactly: Wednesday, 13 December 2017 07:13
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