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Sagarmatha Cannabis Seeds

Sagarmatha Seeds have been breeding and producing quality cannabis seeds for over 20 years and their worldwide reputation for quality is well deserved. Sagarmatha Seeds supply growers from all over the world with fresh, original cannabis strains for their collections. Sagarmatha Seeds pride themselves on their connoisseur quality cannabis seeds and take great pleasure in providing customers from all over the world with the best possible cannabis seeds for their collections. All of Sagarmatha Seeds’ range are organically grown indoors to ensure the best possible results. They are responsible for such popular strains as A1 Haze, Stonehedge and Star Ryder.

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Sagarmatha Seeds

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A1 Haze - Sagarmatha Seeds

Crystal laden calyxes adorn this majestic beauty. The high is soaring and the duration is long. Perfect for conversation, mixed company and romance....


AK48 Automatic - Sagarmatha Seeds

Definetly the strongest and highest Thc rating of the the autoflowering types AK-48 is the big gun of the ganga arsenal....


Black Buddha - Sagarmatha Seeds

The holy lineage of Hindu Budha and Black Domina created the Ganja godchild of Black Budha. A cerebral smoke with exotic flavour....


Black Domina Automatic - Sagarmatha Seeds

This is a cross between Black Domina and with some Ruderalis possibly Lowryder as with most other auto’s....


Blue Thunder - Sagarmatha Seeds

Blending the proven Blueberry and the famous Matanuska Tundra turned out to be one of our most flavourful hybrids....


Blueberry Bud - Sagarmatha Seeds

One of the tastiest and unique plants available has now been released in feminized form for the masses. From genetics created by DjShort and then isolated by Sa...


Boulder Bubblegum - Sagarmatha Seeds

Boulder Bubblegum sounds very berry-licious in deed as a bulky sticky treat for your green fingers. Sagarmatha have not introduced the official guides for this ...


Bubbleberry - Sagarmatha Seeds

Bubbleberry has been one of Sagarmatha's most satisfying varieties to date, creating a legend for herself in the grow rooms and neighbourhoods of cannabis conno...


California Trainwreck - Sagarmatha Seeds

Sagarmatha has obtained the Californian version of the famous Train Wreck. Originally developed in Oregon, California....


Chunky Skunk - Sagarmatha Seeds

This girl grows up to be the perfect Christmass tree, frosting with sticky crystal balls of glissling THC trichromes....


Diamond Head - Sagarmatha Seeds

Our Flow and a wonderful crystal-laden beauty from the Big Island have been united to form a powerful purple pineapple plant that will please any big kahoona....


Double Bubbleberry - Sagarmatha Seeds

Continuing her tradition of being one of Sagarmatha's best received varieties, this new example of bubbleberry is guaranteed to please the most discriminating s...


Double Diesel Ryder - Sagarmatha Seeds

In a race for the best tasting weed, Double diesel has performed remarkably. For those looking for a speedy version of the NYC Diesel this is the strain....


Early Bird Skunk - Sagarmatha Seeds

Cursed with a short growing season? Early Bird Skunk saves the day. Selected from several consecutive generations of early flowering skunk....


Early Riser - Sagarmatha Seeds

The aroma and flavor of Early Riser is sweet with a minty aftertaste. The high is uplifting and motivational, releasing the sun's natural energy with every bowl...


Flow - Sagarmatha Seeds

A very unique hybrid of the F1-Hybrid of the Indica Matanuska Tundra and the Sativa Flow, that produces a meditative, focused stone....


Gardener's Choice - Sagarmatha Seeds

Random mix of Sagarmatha seeds. These seeds are collected from the same stock as our premier seeds and research stock used in producing our end products....


Honolulu Haze - Sagarmatha Seeds

Its uncertain if the great Neville himself planted the magic beans on the emerald island but his Haze has taken root....


Indica XXL - Sagarmatha Seeds

Two of the most powerful Indicas have been synergized to form this latest feminization. Solid, stony, heavy and hard, this girl is a wonderful example of how an...


Kwik Kali - Sagarmatha Seeds

Kwik Kali is a new hybrid that combines our award-winning 'Western Winds' (Kali Mist) with the soon-to-be-legendary Stuporsonic, a super-fast flowering sativa....


Sagarmatha Seeds

Welcome to Seed City's Updated Sagarmatha Seeds Selection for 30th March, We stock the entire range of Sagarmatha Seeds at the Best Prices Online!

Seed City ships Sagarmatha Seeds Discreetly, Worldwide and with our Famous Seed City Guarantee!

Be Sure to Refine your Sagarmatha Seeds Selection further by selecting more options on the Seed Selector to the left! No matter if you are searching for Indoor or Outdoor Sagarmatha Seeds this March you will be sure to enjoy the Seed City Seed Selector! You can also Order any list of Cannabis Seeds by Popularity and Single Seed price! So get searching for those High Yielding Sagarmatha Seeds!

Order from our Sagarmatha Seeds range this March 30th from Seed City and get the Freshest Sagarmatha Seeds with the Best Customer Service online!

Please Note: This content is for informational and educational use only. All seeds are sold strictly for souvenir purposes only and genetic collection. We do not condone or encourage the germination of these cannabis seeds and we will refuse a sale to anyone who leads us to believe they will use these for anything other than souvenir purposes. Seeds sold may not be germinated in countries not legal to do so. WARNING: IT IS A CRIMINAL OFFENSE TO GERMINATE CANNABIS SEEDS IN MOST COUNTRIES. YOU MUST BE 18 IN ORDER TO USE THIS WEBSITE.

Last Updated Was Exactly: Thursday, 30 March 2017 04:51
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