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Dr Krippling Seeds

Dr Krippling Seeds

J Krippling of Kali's Fruitful Cannabis Seeds was handed the original Kali Mist cannabis strain back in 1999 while attending a well known cannabis exhibition with his uncle, who had special contacts within the cannabis breeding industry. Ever since Krippling obtained this legendary Kali Mist medical marijuana strain, Kali's Fruitful Cannabis Seeds has been developing cannabis seeds to successfully help people suffering from Chronic Pain, Migraine Pain, Insomnia, Depression, Back Pain, Drug Dependency, Arthiritis / Rheumatism, and Eating Disorders, as well as cultivating it for the recreational use canna-community. The Krippling cannabis seed mongers have pursued many dozens of different types of Kali Mist strains and crosses since 1999, that are simply a class above the rest.


At Seed City we stock and supply many varieties of Indica, Sativa, High Yielding, and Super Strength Kali's Fruitful Cannabis Seeds, including popular fruity tasting cannabis seed strains such as Jack Mist Tree, Mango Mist Shake, and Melon Kali. Lowest prices, global delivery, and discreet shipping guaranteed!

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Almost impossible to hurt this plant – it can take a huge range of ph / nutrient fluctuations, withstands extremes in heat and moisture, and joyfully devours an...


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