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                                                                                      KC Brains

                                                                                      KC Brains

                                                                                      KC Brains

                                                                                      KC Brains has been breeding cannabis seeds for over 35 years, and all of this cannabis cultivation experience sure shows! KC Brains has won multiple awards over the years, including 3rd place in the 2002 Indica Cannabis Cup for the KC Brains strain 'Mango', and 2nd place in the 2001 Sativa Cannabis Cup for one of the KC Brains flagship cannabis strains - Leda Uno. The KC Brains cannabis seed range contains some of the highest quality, competitively priced Inbred lines, including Afghani Special, Northern Light Special, Haze Special, and California Special. KC Brains continues to add to his already extensive catalogue of cannabis seeds. Originally, the KC Brains weed seeds range consisted of only regular seeds, but recently KC Brains has released feminised versions of all the old strains that we have known and loved for years.


                                                                                      Seed City proudly stocks a whole range of KC Brains pot seeds, including popular cannabis seed strains such as the Spontanica (great for outdoor cultivation), Sweet Dreams (a fine indoor variety with large yield), and KC51 Auto (a sticky, hazy crossbreed between the KC33 and the Bahia Black Head). Seed City guarantees the lowest cannabis seed prices available anywhere online and delivers discreetly to your door!

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                                                                                      KC45 Auto - KC Brains

                                                                                      The KC-45 gets his origin from a seed of a wild russian plant that KC picked up himself in 2004. KC then crossed it with an early flowering KC-33....


                                                                                      KC33 - KC Brains

                                                                                      A Dutch-strain, cultivated for years, we have crossed with Thai and Brazil male plants. KC 33® is further developed for outdoor growing, but is also indoor a Nu...


                                                                                      Cristal Limit - KC Brains

                                                                                      A very succesful variety for indoor growing. We have this specimen crossbread from Cristal with K.C. 606...


                                                                                      Mango - KC Brains

                                                                                      For the mango® also goes that it can be grown indoor as well as outdoor. The parents are a K.C. SPECIAL SELECT with a KC 33® and an Afghani-like plant. This pla...


                                                                                      Leda Uno - KC Brains

                                                                                      LEDA UNO® is our prize winning strain that can be used for indoor and outdoor growing. The parents of this strain are KC 33® and a secret Brazilian female, afte...


                                                                                      KC36 - KC Brains

                                                                                      More production for every square meter! We keep the parents of this success-product as a secret. K.C. 36® is a short stocky plant that produces giant buds and i...


                                                                                      Haze Special - KC Brains

                                                                                      This variety was meant for indoor cultivation, but outside it can give good results as well. The ancestors of this specimen are a Nevils Haze, crossed with the...


                                                                                      Brains Damage - KC Brains

                                                                                      Knock out Acapulco (Mexico) x Hawaii '93 x Mango 2001 x K.C. 636 NO MORE THINKING!...


                                                                                      T.N.R. - KC Brains

                                                                                      T.N.R ® is a special outdoor plant. The parents are a Thai lady that has been growing for 28 years in Holland, crossed over with a double K.C. 2. This plant is...


                                                                                      Northern Lights Special - KC Brains

                                                                                      The Northern Light Special is great for indoor growing, but can be grown outside as well. It is the strongest variety of the world. This strain is short and com...


                                                                                      Danky Doodle aka Double D - KC Brains

                                                                                      Everyone likes Double D made from Vicking '90 x Big Buds '93 x K.C. 636 male. Giant buds. NICE & DELICIOUS....


                                                                                      Cyber Crystal - KC Brains

                                                                                      The CYBER CRISTAL® is a plant mostly used for indoor growing. The buds of this plant are covered with a bed of THC snow. This strain is short and compact, the t...


                                                                                      Brazil x KC - KC Brains

                                                                                      A plant, well suited for the indoor cultivation with a great production. The BRASIL x K.C....


                                                                                      Brains Choice - KC Brains

                                                                                      Created by crossing a Lamsbread yamaica from 1994 with a Leda Uno from 1996. There is white widow present from Igemar 1996. CHECK IT OUT!...


                                                                                      Afghani Special - KC Brains

                                                                                      This Afghani strain can be grown indoor as well as outdoor. Its ancestors are an old Afghani strain, crossed over with a new double Afghani....


                                                                                      Mind Bender - KC Brains

                                                                                      Also for the Mind bender® goes that it can be grown indoor and outdoor. The parents are a double K.C. 2 with a K.C. 33® and an Afghani like. This plant which co...


                                                                                      Bahia Blackhead - KC Brains

                                                                                      This seed is from an artist from Rio who brought it out of Bahia crossed with a KC 606 male....


                                                                                      Sweet Dreams - KC Brains

                                                                                      This fine indoor variety which will give you a large yield. The plant has an imported Californan BB Skunk for a mother, crossed over with a K.C. 606....


                                                                                      KC39 - KC Brains

                                                                                      This breed was created by crossing seeds from a Spanish friend from 1996 with a K.C. 606 from 1999...


                                                                                      Brains Escape - KC Brains

                                                                                      Brains Escape was created by crossbreeding Edelweiss from Swiss 2000 with Brasils best 2001 from Salvador da Bahia and a K.C. 606....


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