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                                                                                      Rare Dankness Seeds

                                                                                      Rare Dankness Seeds

                                                                                      Rare Dankness Seeds

                                                                                      Rare Dankness is a cannabis seed bank that started in 2010 after the Rare Dankness team had already gained many years of cannabis growing, collecting, preserving and experimenting with many different marijuana strain varieties. Rare Dankness have worked with some highly sought after and coveted cannabis genetics thanks to their global network of elite canna-community friends! Not attempting to replicate cannabis ""mothers"", instead, the work of Rare Dankness intends to breed with superior cannabis males in order to improve upon preexisting genetics. Rare Dankness's aim to supply high-grade genetics to the Medical Marijuana community, and believe that the road to legalization is through education.


                                                                                      501st OG, Ghost Train Haze #1, Jenny Kush, Moonshine Haze, and the oddly named 'Ox Piss' are some of the most popular names in the Rare Dankness cannabis seeds range - and you'll find them all and more here at Seed City, where ultra-low prices and discreet shipping are guaranteed.

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                                                                                      Ghost Train Haze #1 - Rare Dankness Seeds

                                                                                      The Original Ghost OG crossed with the Nevil's Wreck. A powerful amped up high, with the most amazing, sugary trichs. Aromas lean toward sour and hazy. The GHT...


                                                                                      Night Terror OG - Rare Dankness Seeds

                                                                                      Taking the Blue Dream genetics and crossing it with RD#1 OG gives one an experience of a nice full-body high from the Og side, but with a cerebral experience fr...


                                                                                      Scott's OG - Rare Dankness Seeds

                                                                                      Winner of the Michigan Grower's Cup. A fanatic resinous flower producing strain. Has a good solid yield and is easy to trim. The beautiful specimen produces a w...


                                                                                      Buford OG - Rare Dankness Seeds

                                                                                      Slight Variation in phenotypes according to yield and structure but all carry heavy resin production, high calyx to leaf ratio, and typical OG lemon and lime Ku...


                                                                                      Star Ox - Rare Dankness Seeds

                                                                                      Star OX is a cross between the award-winning Star Killer OG and OX male. Frosty flavorful flowers with flavors ranging from lemon candy to kush tasting flavor....


                                                                                      Star Killer - Limited - Rare Dankness Seeds

                                                                                      Winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup and also Winner of the Oregon Grower's Cup. Take the Skywalker Og and cross it with the RD#2 male and you get sweet/kushy...


                                                                                      Rare Darkness - Rare Dankness Seeds

                                                                                      The Rare Darkness is a short, structured plant, which produces sweet, grapey, super resinous flowers. The flowers are a beautiful dark purple, covered in "sugar...


                                                                                      Midas - Rare Dankness Seeds

                                                                                      One of the larger yielding varieties Rare Dankness offers. Long running branches loaded with giant rounded "golden" buds of lemon, fuel, haze and that indescrib...


                                                                                      Moonshine Haze x Ghost Train Haze #1 - Rare Dankness Seeds

                                                                                      Moonshine's Ghost Train is a cross of the Cannabis cup winning Moonshine Haze and the "2x Strongest strain on earth "Ghost Train Haze #1. This Sativa dominant v...


                                                                                      Tangerine Kush - Rare Dankness Seeds

                                                                                      Dank Tangerine flavour and smell on this beautiful hybrid. Get that sweet, fruity tangerine flavour on the inhale and that kushy/spicy experience on the exhale....


                                                                                      Longs Peak Blue - Rare Dankness Seeds

                                                                                      This is an EXTREMELY LARGE yielding strain. One can expect strong Blueberry/Skunk smells during the flowering time. The use of a carbon filter is recommended. L...


                                                                                      Dark Shadow Haze - Rare Dankness Seeds

                                                                                      Grape infused haze taste is what you get with this girl. Strong grapy upstart, followed by an underlining hazy flavour, with scents to match. This beauty provid...


                                                                                      Lee Roy - Rare Dankness Seeds

                                                                                      One of the more potent crosses, that RD has created. Dense, multi collared buds, with Exceptional FROST coverage. The scent is a deep Kush and a hint of lemon...


                                                                                      Rug Burn OG - Rare Dankness Seeds

                                                                                      Winner of High Times Cannabis Cup. An extremely sour/fuely pungent strain, that has a potent, uppity high. This strain is good for the inexperienced grower....


                                                                                      Venom OG - Rare Dankness Seeds

                                                                                      A unique chemy flavoured strain. This powerful cross produces a strong "body" high, with long lasting effects.Lineage: Poison OG X Rare Dankness #1 Flowe...


                                                                                      501st OG - Rare Dankness Seeds

                                                                                      Built off the Skywalker OG genetics, this high yielding strain produces sweet/kushy flowers. The 501st strain is a stocky plant, with purple tinged flowers. Thi...


                                                                                      Moonshine Haze - Rare Dankness Seeds

                                                                                      The 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup Sativa Winner. The Amnesia Haze that mothers this hybrid came from the Soma seeds collection from the 2005-2009 series, which w...


                                                                                      Blue OX - Rare Dankness Seeds

                                                                                      A berry version of the Rare Dankness Stone Mountain strain, Blue Ox is very strong and pungent, has tinges of the Bubba Kush mixed with the potent scent and tas...


                                                                                      FLO-OG - Rare Dankness Seeds

                                                                                      This delightful blend of the Colorado FLO cut and OG brings the scent and taste of hash, fruitiness, a hint of menthol, and an underlining Kush. Exotic taste is...


                                                                                      Ghost of Lee Roy - Rare Dankness Seeds

                                                                                      Ghost of Lee Roy (Ghost OG x Lee Roy) Lemon Cotton Candy flavored buds ,with stronger/sturdier branching. High calyx to leaf ratio....


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