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Cannabis Seed Packaging Information


Here you will find information on our Great Cannabis Seed Delivery Methods:

No Matter which delivery method you choose your package will end up looking a lot like this on the outside:

Our Plain White Jiffy Bags

All packages travelling outside the UK will contain an airmail sticker (the blue one in the top left), EU packages will have the return address on the back of the package, Non-EU packages will have the return address on the top-left of the front of the package. Non-EU packages will have a Customs Label attached. International Signed For Packages will have a Royal Mail International Signed For sticker attached and UK Signed For packages will have a UK Signed For sticker attached.

For example a World Signed For Delivery outside of the EU will look like:


World Signed For Jiffy Bag with Labels


Our Standard 8 GBP Signed For Delivery is sent out concealed within a high quality Amaray DVD Case as can be seen below:


DVD Case Stealth Cannabis Seed Packaging 1DVD Case Stealth Cannabis Seed Packaging 2


Our Extra Stealth Method means that we will re-package your seeds from their original breeder packaging into crush-proof black tubes and then we will conceal your tubes within small black bags which themselves are concealed within the building block package:


Extra Building Block Stealth Cannabis Seed Delivery 1Extra Building Block Stealth Cannabis Seed Delivery 2Extra Building Block Stealth Cannabis Seed Delivery 3Extra Building Block Stealth Cannabis Seed Delivery 4Extra Building Block Stealth Cannabis Seed Delivery 5Extra Building Block Stealth Cannabis Seed Delivery 6


We also offer Courier Stealth Delivery which is only available as a Building Block Toy Stealth Delivery as the package will be inspected during collection. This method is more expensive but should arrive between 2 and 4 days from despatch date.

PLEASE NOTE: Our stealth packaging options revolve around removing your seeds from their original breeder packaging. We can send you images of your seeds before and after re-packaging if you so wish or alternatively we can forward your original breeder packaging to you in another package. Please let us know in the Customer's Comments box when you make your order whether you would like an image of your packaging or for it to be forwarded to you. If you would NOT like your seeds to be re-packaged please make sure to write a comment to this effect when creating your order. We do welcome any questions you may have and I can assure you that we will be swift to answer your questions. Please contact us at if you should have any questions at all. We look forward to hearing from you. 



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