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                                                                                      Holy Smoke Seeds

                                                                                      Holy Smoke Seeds

                                                                                      Holy Smoke Seeds

                                                                                      Holy Smoke Seeds is a cannabis seed producer known for creating some of the finest quality weed seeds on the cannabis market. Holy Smoke Seeds was founded by cannabis seed breeder Nick, who was born in Africa and has been working with African landrace genetics for many years. Thanks to Nick's lifelong cannabis breeding experience, Holy Smoke Seeds has been in the business of producing superior regular cannabis seeds and feminised cannabis seeds alike. The Holy Smokes marijuana seed range is a combination of F1 Hybrids and Inbred lines, including popular cannabis strains such as Malawi Gold, Nepali Rakum, and Mozambique Poison.


                                                                                      At Seed City, you'll be guaranteed the lowest prices available online for your feminised Holy Smoke cannabis seeds, regular Holy Smoke cannabis seeds, super strength Holy Smoke cannabis seeds, high yielding Holy Smoke cannabis seeds, and outdoor Holy Smoke cannabis seeds too! Always shipped very discreetly, worldwide!

                                                                                      Holy Smoke Seeds Instagram:

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                                                                                      Banana Sativa

                                                                                      Banana line stems direct from OGers Original Banana. We managed to isolate the Sativa side, its pure bliss such impressive sweet ripe banana flavour and unmista...


                                                                                      Strawberry Diesel

                                                                                      These ladies’ taste ranges from fresh tangerines right down to the sweet berry end as the NYC diesel interacts with the strawberry cough producing a really lush...


                                                                                      OG Upsetter

                                                                                      Mob boss is one of those rare gems that produced a pheno we just knew we had to work with, yes she needed some help but we couldn't wait to marry her and the re...


                                                                                      Orange Jelly Sunset

                                                                                      One of the most gorgeous plants we worked with in ages, her colours and flavours are truly unique the bag appeal is off the charts. Massive full-bodied nuggs so...


                                                                                      Strawberry Bubba Diesel

                                                                                      You can't beat the treat that's Bubba Kush but you can add to it ,.she has rock solid fat nugs some of the strongest most sort after on the planet , it's sweet...


                                                                                      Blue Strawberries

                                                                                      We took our time matching our legendary Strawberrydiesel to the right blueberry , it had to entertwine and enhance without altering or overriding the essential...


                                                                                      Chem Toffees

                                                                                      It's a beautiful strong and heavy indica sedative with medicinal dark choc coffee caramel and butterscotch terps....


                                                                                      London Cookies

                                                                                      The infamous forum cut off cookies meets a four way junction of kush's she sure creates road blocks wherever she goes. Man is she strong we love combining small...


                                                                                      Banana Ice Cream

                                                                                      The three strains that make up half of this ice cream could not be more successful, GG4 cookies and cream and Platinum are so exceptional working with them has...


                                                                                      Durban Apricot Sherbert

                                                                                      Taming this tiger was more a matter of aligning her correctly it's been such a fun project the bright sativa buzz of harambes hope apricots influence has been r...


                                                                                      Mandarin Cookie Sherbert

                                                                                      Dense, sweaty, super strong, orange gas, intense stone just some the buzzwords from our in-house crew. The strongest of the new Orange Cookie crosses brings the...


                                                                                      Tre Banana Dawg

                                                                                      A spectacular hybrid this.. the World famous Stardawg meets our banana Sativa in a clash of the Titans ,.and the results ...a giant is born!...


                                                                                      Sweet Orange Cookie Sherbs

                                                                                      The brutal block chain Zsweet Inzanity from Ethos combines in this zesty spicy Clementine gassy funk. Damn she's strong on every level she's determined and does...


                                                                                      Cherry Punch Dawg

                                                                                      Purple Punch has taken the world by storm lately with its outstanding flavours and copious amounts of trichomes.. The combination of Black Cherry and then the r...


                                                                                      Strawberry Stardawg

                                                                                      Strawberry StarDawg from Holy Smoke Seeds is an exciting new cannabis strain with a superb genetic pedigree. Using elite genetics from friends and colleagues in...


                                                                                      Pink Cadillac

                                                                                      Pink Cadillac from Holy Smoke Seeds is an exciting new cannabis strain with a superb genetic pedigree. Using elite genetics from friends and colleagues in the i...


                                                                                      Guide Dawg

                                                                                      Our Tre Stardawg we used is a beast!, she's so powerful, and just drips resin. One of my favorite plants to have ever worked with. Her stone is so introspective...


                                                                                      Kong Ox

                                                                                      Not much can match the Kong for its raging and intense high, it's an immense buzz that literally roars around your body. One of our most sought after strains, f...


                                                                                      OG Dawg Stomper

                                                                                      Our mission with the Guide Dawg was to accentuate its exceptional clarity of stone added by the Tre Stardawg ..and in so doing created our most go to strain! Th...


                                                                                      Sex Wax

                                                                                      Our banana sativa regularly holds kilograms, with 4 foot long buds very common. Moulding her with our Strawberry mum is ensured maximum use of the pistol count...


                                                                                      Atomic Sherbet

                                                                                      Demand for Blue Strawberry strain and outrageous growth from her has ensured her place in multiple operations and having bit time with her we are buzzing to fin...



                                                                                      A stone of megalithic proportions. A deeply woven indica that piles on top of itself huge bracts and a THC profile so powerful that you might need to be seated....


                                                                                      Guava Dub Star

                                                                                      With every full pack bought of this strain you get 1x feminized seed of Thunderbud and also 1x feminized seed of Thunderbud Haze free!...


                                                                                      Banana Crack

                                                                                      Sublime looks and imppecable flavour really make this strain stand head and shoulders above the rest. A treat to grow with a strong clear crisp of delicious ter...


                                                                                      London OG

                                                                                      A true Royal Crown of Kushes, the White, Fire Og, Fire Alien, Tre Star Dawg and Bubba Kush HP from Topdawg round off a supremely special Kush terpene profile, ....


                                                                                      Mint Chocolate Banana's

                                                                                      The three strains that make up half of this ice cream could not be more successful, GG4 cookies and cream and Platinum are so exceptional working with them has...


                                                                                      Banana Bread

                                                                                      Early Purple Kush and Vietnamese black bring a deep seated delicious tweak to the already outstanding Banana profile, adding a beautifull dark berry high from t...


                                                                                      OG Strawberry Starkiller

                                                                                      Our Strawberry Diesel - a true legend, farms and dispensaries have been reaping it's rewards for years, It's one of the biggest selling strains of all time beca...


                                                                                      Banana Sunrise

                                                                                      The OGKB cut right now is one of the most predominant cuts in the breeding circles it's the mother of the cookies and is really a special donor. She's now been...


                                                                                      Banana Diesel

                                                                                      Sweet and sour banana diesel is a real deal treat, especially for those with a sour diesel penchant as it's such a universally enjoyed sour strain whose effects...


                                                                                      SALE - Chem Toffees - Holy Smoke Seeds

                                                                                      It's a beautiful strong and heavy indica sedative with medicinal dark choc coffee caramel and butterscotch terps....

                                                                                      You Save:  30.00%

                                                                                      Strawberry Diesel Dojo

                                                                                      Strawberry diesel and grape hash collide in a seductive dark pink and magenta Strawberry powerhouse. The Strawberry Diesel has spawned countless strains, it's o...


                                                                                      Purple Soda OG

                                                                                      This is a beautifully dark and extremely dank kush. This is the sweet and sour, our pallets so crave. The lemon and grape hash hybrid has such an amazing flavou...


                                                                                      Special Needs

                                                                                      There are four essential parts to this beautiful creation the Bubba Kush, Stone Mountain backcross Tre Star Dawg, Bubba13 and the infamous hashplant cross from...


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