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                                                                                      Mosca Seeds

                                                                                      Mosca Seeds

                                                                                      Mosca Seeds

                                                                                      Mosca Seeds is a cannabis seed breeder and cannabis seedbank with a reputation for producing high quality marijuana seeds from mainly Indica and Skunk based hybrids from the best American breeders. Putting a new spin on old cannabis classics, Mosca seeds use the best US cannabis genetics from some of the canna-community's favourite strains as foundations to create new, exciting strains that further amplify all of the cannabis traits we love! Mosca Seeds have proven themselves to be a very honest pot seed bank, and as such have been selling very well on marijuana seed auction websites - probably because they produce such good quality regular seeds, including Cinderella 99 BX-1, which has proven to be the most popular of all of the Mosca cannabis seed range!


                                                                                      Whether you're looking for Indica Mosca Seeds, Fruity Mosca Seeds, Fast Flowering Mosca Seeds, High Yielding Mosca Seeds, or Outdoor Mosca Seeds, you'll find them here at Seed City for amazing low prices, available with worldwide secure delivery!

                                                                                      Mosca Seeds Website:

                                                                                      Mosca Seeds Instagram:

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                                                                                      Mach Fly

                                                                                      The Mach Fly produces a few phenotypes with one oriented towards skunk with solid colas and tight buds. The Mach Fly is a strain that produces a cerebral effect...


                                                                                      Double Zero OGK

                                                                                      Only the finest plant will produce the finest Hash-- hence the name Double Zero OGK. This fine Lady has the finest Pedigree and she delivers. Experience Royalit...


                                                                                      Cinderella 99 BX-1

                                                                                      A plant with all of the above is rare enough, but Cinderella 99 fniished flowering after a scant 50 days. Above average yields of crystal covered buds....


                                                                                      Sonic Fly

                                                                                      Sonic Fly is a secret reciple of skunky pineapple and fruity flavours with a high that soars. It produces medium sized plants which yield high quality marijuana...


                                                                                      TSI Fly

                                                                                      This strain has very little stretch in flowering and so is good for areas with low headroom. The average plant height ends at 2.5-3.5 feet....


                                                                                      Moonshine Cookies

                                                                                      Can you smell the cookie dough in here? The tasty aroma of cookie dough is unmistakable with this cross. The flowers stack large with few leaves. The leaves tha...


                                                                                      Helio OGK

                                                                                      If you want a Straight up RANK strain to upstage your friends, then Helio is for you! The Frosted Kosher OG mum and Legend OGK RVSD will NOT disappoint! She wil...


                                                                                      Blue Iguana

                                                                                      The Main center cola will be Large similar to the size of medium sized Iguana, hence the name. This Blue Iguana gal will be a pet that can be cherished for a lo...


                                                                                      Boom Boom

                                                                                      This sour d really lived passed its expectations for me, one of the strongest sativas which kicks in as fast as Inhaled. This strain rates 60/40%, with a skunky...


                                                                                      Raspberry Moonshine

                                                                                      This cultivar has flavors of raspberries and blueberries. She produces dense and heavy colas that are easy to trim with a low leaf to caylx ratio. Everything Mo...


                                                                                      Legend OGK

                                                                                      The Famous Legend OGK in feminised seed form is here! The Legend OGK or CrinkleLegend is one of the building blocks of today's modern OG's. She brings it all to...


                                                                                      Diesel Moonshine

                                                                                      A well balanced strain that is Sour Diesel dominate. These gals are good for indoor cultivation when flowered at 12-15 inches tall. Expect strong yields of phat...



                                                                                      FireFly is the result of combining Mosca Seeds Highlife Cup Award Winning female Double Dutch female with their proven Cinderella 99 male....


                                                                                      Blue Fin

                                                                                      he calyxes are huge producing large amounts of resin and when pollinated some of the largest seeds Mosca has ever produced....


                                                                                      Chem #4 x OTM #1

                                                                                      The high yielding, dank fuel smelling original Chem #4 stinks and produces extremely strong cannabis....


                                                                                      Old Time Bubba Kush

                                                                                      The Pre-98 Bubba Kush has a fantastic old school taste and is large-yielding with fat pine cone shaped buds....


                                                                                      Old Time Moonshine

                                                                                      The Old Time Moonshine (OTM) Project came out of a desire to preserve this most unique strain. Originally created by DJ Short, the OTM line is full of unique m...


                                                                                      Digital Haze

                                                                                      Untested Breeder's Pack of 20 seeds. Only a Limited number of packs will be released....


                                                                                      Girl Scout Cookies Twister

                                                                                      Untested Breeder's Pack of 20 seeds. Only a Limited number of packs will be released....


                                                                                      Blotto OGK

                                                                                      Can you say East Coast Sour Diesel? Mosca Seeds have taken the high sought after ECSD and hit her with the Famous CrinkleLegend. She will be the Stanky and Rank...



                                                                                      MOSCA SEEDS has taken the infamous Stinky Le Pew female and united her with Mosca Seeds proven Old Time Moonshine. Ripple is an extremely high producer with won...


                                                                                      Pink Gorilla

                                                                                      It's all about the terps and the phat and greasy GG#4 is the perfect match for the Starfighter inspired Pink male#6. Look out-- she will big deliver a strong, m...


                                                                                      Pineapple Mayhem

                                                                                      We have combined our most Ripe Pineapple flavored Sonic Fly with our powerful Pink male to produce a piney pineapple sensation! A medium sized plant that is eas...


                                                                                      Raspberry Boogie

                                                                                      The smell is very rich and fruity, having a light note of leather in addition to the sweet bouquet. The smell is Cap'n Crunch with a piney taste on the exhale....


                                                                                      White Widow - Limited edition

                                                                                      Mosca Seeds have taken the Texas Resin Company's(TRC) White Widow and had their Legend OGK have her way! Expect a fast finishing gal with the famous White Widow...


                                                                                      Pinky Blinders

                                                                                      Untested Breeder's Pack of 20 seeds. Only a Limited number of packs will be released....


                                                                                      Rage OGK

                                                                                      Mosca standout mum, Sour Kush, has been combined with the Famous Legend OGK RVSD to produce a high yielding, sour, knockout plant you will be proud to have in y...


                                                                                      Old Time Indiana Bubble Gum

                                                                                      Mosca Seeds have taken the famous Indiana Bubble Gum female clone and crossed her with the Sativa dominant Old Time Moonshine male....


                                                                                      Mountain Dew Baja Blast

                                                                                      We have waited five years before finally finding a male worthy enough to breed this special Kush lady with. The inhale on this special gal is piney with an almo...


                                                                                      Pink Bubble Gum

                                                                                      We have bred one of our favorite mothers-- The Indiana Bubble Gum to our special male to create a bubble gum explosion that must be experienced! The terps will...


                                                                                      Cherry Razz

                                                                                      Cherry Razz is one of our latest hybrids that combines our extremely tasty and potent Raspberry Moonshine mother and hit her with pollen of a Cherry Sunshine fr...


                                                                                      Cherry White

                                                                                      Cherry White is the marriage of our prized Berry White mother and her mate Cherry Sunshine. The mother is named for good reason. You can expect to see solid den...


                                                                                      Pink Lemon-Aid

                                                                                      Already a smash hit with Growers "In the know". The combination of the the famous Lemon G and the Pink male#6 is a legend in the making… The aroma and taste is...


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