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                                                                                      Ace Seed bank

                                                                                      Ace Seed bank

                                                                                      Ace Seed bank

                                                                                      Ace Seeds are a Cannabis Breeders Association that are passionate and dedicated to the study and preservation of the cannabis plant. In particular, Ace Seeds feel it's vital to preserve the original landrace cannabis varieties and the biodiversity of these cannabis strains.


                                                                                      Ace seeds are champions of medical cannabis use, and are also particularly well known for producing some of the best sativa strains on the market. Ace Seeds also boast an impressive collection of more modern domesticated cannabis hybrids and exotic marijuana strains from Central America, Asia, and multiple African regions.


                                                                                      You can find a huge rage of feminised Ace Seeds, regular Ace Seeds, super strength Ace Seeds, landrace Ace Seeds, and sativa Ace Seeds all here at Seed City - stockist of Ace Seeds. These cannabis seeds are available to buy online at low prices, and delivered with discreet worldwide shipping. 

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                                                                                      Panama combines 3 excellent sativas from Panama. It is one of the most popular, powerful and high yielding sativa in our catalogue....


                                                                                      Ace Mix

                                                                                      In this stunning Pandora’s Box, excellent varieties coming from the most varied places of our planet have been combined....



                                                                                      Classic afghani line developed in northern Europe, where it was selected for its quality, fast flowering and excellent adaptability to the adverse conditions of...



                                                                                      Zamal is an exotic african Landrace sativa from Reunion Island, close to Madagascar, famous for its extreme vigor and legendary psychedelic effect....


                                                                                      Kali China

                                                                                      Kali China is one of the strains that has taken us more time to develop, reaching the top breeding refinement of our China Yunnan hybrids....


                                                                                      Malawi x Panama

                                                                                      Malawi x Panama is a a straight hybrid between the Old Malawi Killer, and the more modern and refined 10th generation Panama....


                                                                                      Golden Tiger

                                                                                      In Golden Tiger feminized we have combined different extremely potent and resinous sativas from Malawi and Thailand....



                                                                                      After years of hard work and intense selections with sativas from all around the world, we can confirm that Malawi is the most powerful and psychedelic landrace...


                                                                                      Bangi Haze

                                                                                      Bangi Haze is one the most stabilized sativa hybrids in our collection. It is a fast flowering and easy to grow sativa that produces dense flowers, full of gene...


                                                                                      Auto Malawi x NL

                                                                                      We present ACE Seeds' first 100% autoflowering strain: Auto Malawi x Northern Lights. Sativa/indica hybrid of excellent vigor and structure, producing a huge ma...



                                                                                      Ethiopian now available in Seed City! Description and images coming soon....



                                                                                      Vigorous and adaptable african/pakistani hybrid, that combines 2 different congolese sativas of exquisite quality and strong uplifting and clean effect, with th...



                                                                                      By pollinating the Old Malawi Killer with a refined F5 fruity and incensey Tikal, we have recreated Guawi: a pure sativa F1 hybrid of great vigor, yield and ver...


                                                                                      Snow Moon

                                                                                      Snow Moon is a vigorous and tasty hashplant hybrid with genetics from Pakistan and China....


                                                                                      Pakistan Chitra Kush

                                                                                      Chitral is widely known in the cannabis world as being producer of one of the best Pakistani hashes. The Pakistan Chitral line we offer you here at ACE Seeds...


                                                                                      Old Timer's Haze

                                                                                      Haze was developed in California in the 1960s and 70s by crossing some of the best tropical sativas which had been imported during that period....


                                                                                      Purple Haze x Malawi

                                                                                      Purple Haze x Malawi is an old school F1 pure sativa hybrid, with strong Purple Haze dominance and improved vigour, yield and potency from our Malawi line....



                                                                                      Honduras' growing structure, flowering time, flower distribution and overall appearance are reminiscent of the old long flowering lowland colombians. On the oth...


                                                                                      Nepalese Jam

                                                                                      The Nepalese sativa is a strong and compact highland sativa with short flowering and excellent resistance against mold and cold. Its dense and resinous flowers...


                                                                                      Tropical Mix

                                                                                      Selection of tropical sativas for warm climates. Haze/Thai genetics: Purple Haze Thai, Green Haze Thai, Double Thai, Oldtimer's Haze and Guatemala....


                                                                                      Haze x Kali China

                                                                                      Although this sativa shows all its potential in tropical/subtropical climates, it has also been grown with very good results even in latitudes 43º. For indoor g...


                                                                                      Green Haze

                                                                                      With this version of the Oldtimers Haze, we are offering you a selection of green phenotypes. Their influence is mainly from Thai and southern Indian sativas or...



                                                                                      Violeta (Purple Malawi x Purple Pakistan Chitral Kush) feminized. Violeta is a new sativa/indica hybrid that matures with intense purple and reddish colors. It...


                                                                                      Bubba Hash

                                                                                      Solid and powerful cross between 2 famous afghan indicas: the modern Bubba Kush and the Hash Plant from the 90s. This hashplant hybrid produces relaxing, very d...



                                                                                      Tikal is a sativa hybrid with Central American genetics, originating from the jungles of Guatemala....


                                                                                      Green Haze x Malawi

                                                                                      Green Haze x Malawi is an old school F1 pure sativa hybrid, with strong Green Haze dominance and improved vigour, yield and potency from our Malawi line....


                                                                                      Congo x Kali China

                                                                                      F1 hybrid between a pure congolese sativa and our selected Kali China F4. The outcome is a sativa dominant hybrid, that takes 10-12 weeks to finish, with a typi...


                                                                                      PCK x Kali China

                                                                                      Cross between our 2 elite Pakistan Chitral Kush and Kali China parental plants. It's a fast flowering indica dominant hybrid, easy to cultivate, with amazing pu...


                                                                                      Orient Express

                                                                                      Orient Express is a potent F1 hybrid that combines the high yield of aromatic and resinous flowers of our selected Vietnam Black mother, with the low height and...


                                                                                      Malawi x PCK

                                                                                      This F1 is Violeta's big 'sister'. In this case, we have pollinated the famous killer Malawi mother with Purple Pakistan Chitral Kush elite genetics to produce...


                                                                                      Thai Chi

                                                                                      Thai Chi is a new sativa/indica (70%/30%) hybrid with a perfect Asian genetic balance. It's a direct cross between a new pure Thai sativa from the northwestern...


                                                                                      Panama Haze

                                                                                      In our quest for the best 'Haze x sativa' hybrid, it was clear that Panama was the perfect match to strengthen the best american sativa Haze traits....


                                                                                      Panama x Bangi Haze

                                                                                      Panama x Bangi Haze combines our best and more balanced parental plants of both strains, already classic and highly worked sativa hybrids in depth by themselves...


                                                                                      Super Malawi Haze

                                                                                      With Super Malawi Haze we continue to explore and expand the best possible genetic combinations between different prime quality Haze lines and the best parental...


                                                                                      Hokkaido Japan

                                                                                      RARE AND UNIQUE JAPANESE HEMP STRAIN FROM THE ISLAND OF HOKKAIDO, VERY FAST FLOWERING WITH LOW LEVELS OF CANNABINOIDS...


                                                                                      Red Sapphire

                                                                                      A hybrid with complex genetic heritage, containing 2 tropical pure sativas (Malawi and Jamaican), a dominant sativa (Nepalese) and a colourful indica hash plant...

                                                                                      You Save:  10.00%

                                                                                      Killer A5 Haze

                                                                                      With Killer A5 Haze our main goal was to create a sativa dominant hybrid that would maintain (and even exceed) the extreme potency, high vigour and high yields...


                                                                                      China Yunnan

                                                                                      Dense, sweet and creamy indica aroma, with woody and spicy Asian sativa touches. Happy and visual at first, then warm, relaxing and pleasant in the end....



                                                                                      Seeds collected from an indigenous village in the heart of the Guatemalan jungle. This is the Central American landrace from which we have developed our Tikal h...


                                                                                      Purple Haze

                                                                                      At last, the mythical tropical Purple Haze of the 70s without being mixed and in all its magnificence is finally available....


                                                                                      Early Bubba Hash

                                                                                      Early Bubba Hash is an even faster and more resistant version of our Bubba Hash, especially designed for outdoor growing in cold and wet climates....



                                                                                      After more than a decade of breeding and intense selections, we have the pleasure to offer you this classic lebanese sativa, a traditional hash plant, famous fo...


                                                                                      Black Domina 98 x ErdPurt

                                                                                      Complex Afghan hybrid bred from the elite Black Domina 98 clone (winner of innumerable cups), crossed with our best ErdPurt parental plants, an outdoor Afghani...


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