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                                                                                      Sumo Seeds

                                                                                      Sumo Seeds

                                                                                      Sumo Seeds

                                                                                      Sumo Seeds is a world-renowned marijuana genetics company and cannabis seedbank from the Netherlands that has a reputation for high quality cannabis seeds at great affordable prices. Sumo Seeds began in Holland, and after years of experimentation, a hugely diverse range of cannabis seeds were collected. Sumo Seeds have been on numerous trips all over the world searching for indigenous marijuana strains, making them one step ahead of the competition!


                                                                                      Sumo Seeds offer a wide range of feminised and auto-flowering cannabis seeds. They have such classic marijuana strains as White Widow Original and Sumo's Big Bud but also have strains for the real conoisseur like OG Kush, Goji Haze and White Caramel Cookie!Sumo Seeds also offer regular pot seeds at very competitive prices, and Seed City are very proud to be retailing the full range of Sumo Seeds to you for the best prices online!

                                                                                      Sumo Seeds Quick Links

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                                                                                      CBD Kong's Kush - Sumo Seeds

                                                                                      Now King Kong has its own cannabis strain named after him. This 100-120cm friendly monster has shiny buds covered in crystals. As an experiment we crossed an Ol...


                                                                                      Aurora Green Auto - Sumo Seeds

                                                                                      Aurora Green Auto is our answer for outdoor growers who live in colder climates like Czech Republic, Poland, Scandinavia and Russia. We worked hard to bring our...


                                                                                      Amnesia Ganja Haze - Sumo Seeds

                                                                                      Amnesia Haze is probably one of the most known and famous haze strain in Europe. The original Amnesia Haze has its roots in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Winning...


                                                                                      Green Mango - Sumo Seeds

                                                                                      Green mango is not only a popular fruit in Asia but it is also one of our most tasteful feminized cannabis strain. With sweet hints of mango aroma, she is a ver...


                                                                                      Strawberry Cream - Sumo Seeds

                                                                                      We decided to further develop our Goji Haze and crossed it with a Strawberry Haze. We wanted to create an ultimate sweet tasting cannabis strain for the real sw...


                                                                                      CBD Cherry Kush - Sumo Seeds

                                                                                      A great tasting CBD strain. The CBD cherry Kush makes up her name with a high level CBD and a sweet cherry like aroma. We received a very potent Sour Tsunami (...


                                                                                      Cinderella 99 - Sumo Seeds

                                                                                      The Cinderella 99 is a small power packed Sativa dominant strain. It’s a potent Sativa with Indica characteristics in flowering time and harvest and length. We...


                                                                                      Auto AK Full - Sumo Seeds

                                                                                      Type: 50% indica 40% sativa 10% Ruderalis Genetic Background: Ultimate AK X Ruderalis Flowering time: 7 weeks Harvest month: 7 weeks Zone outdoor: A,B,C He...


                                                                                      Auto Santa Maria - Sumo Seeds

                                                                                      Type: 50% indica 35% sativa 15% ruderalis Genetic Background: Santa Maria X Ruderalis Flowering time: 6 weeks Harvest month: 6 weeks Zone outdoor: A,B,C...


                                                                                      Auto White Cheese - Sumo Seeds

                                                                                      Type: 20% indica 50% sativa 30% Ruderalis Genetic Background: White Cheese x Ruderalis Flowering time: 7 weeks Harvest month: 7 weeks Zone outdoor: A,B,C...


                                                                                      Auto Deep Purple Haze - Sumo Seeds

                                                                                      Type: 15% indica 60% sativa 25% Ruderalis Genetic Background: Deep purple Haze X Ruderalis Flowering time: 8 weeks Harvest month: 8 weeks Zone outdoor: A,...


                                                                                      Canadian Sour - Sumo Seeds

                                                                                      Canadian Sour is an amazing cross between a BC Skunk and our cup winning Amnesia Ganja Haze. A great tasteful strain. BC Skunk has his heritage in Canada and co...


                                                                                      Appleberry - Sumo Seeds

                                                                                      We happy and proud to announce our high yielding Appleberry cannabis strain. With monstrous yields and fruity buds makes it a popular cannabis strain for Indica...


                                                                                      Cold Thunder - Sumo Seeds

                                                                                      Cold Thunder is the answer for all outdoor growers in colder climates. The genetics of the Cold Thunder contains a crossbred of The Tetouan Sativa and a stable...


                                                                                      Maya Gold - Sumo Seeds

                                                                                      Maya gold is one of our outdoor cannabis strains. She can be grown in almost every climate because of her resistance against mold and colder climates. She will...


                                                                                      Blue Nitro Haze - Sumo Seeds

                                                                                      Outdoor cultivation in colder environments is no longer a problem with our Blue Nitro Haze. She is specially created to withstand cold and rainy climates. We cr...


                                                                                      Auto Sumo's OG Kush - Sumo Seeds

                                                                                      Type: 70% indica 20% sativa 10% Ruderalis Genetic Background: Sumo’s OG Kush X Ruderalis Flowering time: 6 weeks Harvest month: 6 weeks Zone outdoor: A,B...


                                                                                      Grand Master Kush - Sumo Seeds

                                                                                      Type: 85% Indica 15% sativa Genetic Background: Super Hindu Kush X Master Skunk Flowering time: 7/8 weeks Harvest month: march-October Zone outdoor: A,B,C...


                                                                                      Frozen Tangie - Sumo Seeds

                                                                                      Frozen Tangie is one of our new strains which we are really fond of. A beautiful plant loaded with shiny frosted trichomes. We decided to bring back our Lazy Ic...


                                                                                      Pommelo Pine - Sumo Seeds

                                                                                      Pommelo Pine a newcomer in our Sumo Seeds collection. We received a grapefruit clone and decided to cross it with our cup winning White Widow Original. With hin...


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