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                                                                                      Female Seeds

                                                                                      Female Seeds

                                                                                      Female Seeds

                                                                                      Female Seeds are a Dutch cannabis seed bank that believe in the benefits of feminised cannabis seeds when the marijuana strains used are high quality and are bred to be reliable. Female Seeds have a wide range of Indoor cannabis seeds as well as a good selection of outdoor cannabis seeds - including an outdoor suited Cinderella 99 or C99 as Female Seeds call it. Female Seeds also now have a great range of auto cannabis seeds. Alongside these ‘permanent’ marijuana seed strains Female Seeds also has a limited edition seed range that is constantly changing, known as the X-Line.


                                                                                      Female Seeds' cannabis seed range includes strains such as C99, Outdoor C99, Bubblegummer, Easy Sativa, Grapefruit, Ice, Lemon kush, Maroc, Nevilles Haze, Black Sugar, Outdoor Grapefruit, Pure AK, Purple Maroc, Purple Power, Skunk Special, White Widow, and White Widow x Big Bud, amongst others. All Female Seeds cannabis seeds in the range are available to buy from Seed City at the lowest prices on the online market - guaranteed! Don't forget, wherever you are in the world, we can ship them to your door - discreetly.

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                                                                                      This new enhanced strain of a fruity white sativa is great for losing inhibitions, maintaining a high energy level and getting creative with a willing partner!...


                                                                                      Easy Sativa

                                                                                      Its all in the name, an easy new-style sativa variety for in the greenhouse and outdoors. One of the best outdoor bud producers in Holland! Most of them flower...



                                                                                      For those who like it sweet ! Developed out of a Cindy 99 cannabis, then bred with a fast flowering Sativa for some generations, it has been selected on its str...


                                                                                      Iced Grapefruit

                                                                                      This is a most interesting cross with the Grapefruit being the perfect mental painkiller. Making people high and happy, just like the good old Sativa. Where pha...


                                                                                      White Widow x Big Bud

                                                                                      First a strain from our X-line in 2010, this very popular cannabis strain then moved to our permanent catalogue due to its popularity....


                                                                                      Auto AK

                                                                                      This is an automatic cannabis version of the AK47. Created by crossing the AK cannabis with the Lowryder, stabilising it while maintaining the original AK47 cha...


                                                                                      Auto Bubble

                                                                                      An autoflowering cannabis version of the Bubble Gum. Originally the Bubble Gum was developed by growers in Indiana, USA. From there the genetics moved to New En...


                                                                                      Auto White Widow x Big Bud

                                                                                      Time has finally come to have an automatic flowering version of our world best seller White Widow x Big Bud....



                                                                                      The ICE cannabis is a selected phenotype out of a Skunk Special X White Widow cross. She was selected out of 500 females, because she had the best of both sides...


                                                                                      Dream Berry

                                                                                      Female Seeds’ motto is “so easy”, and it is once again when you grow this new Sativa Dominant hybrid, the Dream Berry. We stabilized a Blue Dream clone mom with...


                                                                                      Indoor Mix

                                                                                      The Indoor Cannabis Mix is a mix of all kinds of hybrids of our cannabis strains (breeding stock) and our strains crossed with other top strains. Be surprised!...


                                                                                      Auto NL

                                                                                      Very potent, it can be grown perfectly in the most northern places, like Scandinavia, Poland, Siberia. In this regions of the world it also grows very well in t...


                                                                                      Auto Speed Bud

                                                                                      A selected strain on speed and resinous buds out of all the automatic strains on the market today. Low leaf production, with more flowers than leaves. Average s...



                                                                                      The C’99 is the holy grail of the cannabis strains, as she resembles the high and taste of an exceptionally sweet landrace sativa. This one takes normally half...


                                                                                      Lemon Kush

                                                                                      A chitral kush from the Hindu Kush mountain range in Afghanistan and Pakistan. She is mostly indica with a little stretch towards the end. She produces very whi...


                                                                                      Chem OG

                                                                                      This exciting American OG strain is the result of crossing an OG Kush mother with a highly potent original Chemdawg father. She is a strong, resistant and sturd...



                                                                                      She grows vigorously and finishes flowering in about 8 weeks. Highly resinous and extra sweet. Certain individuals actually display that distinct pink chewing g...


                                                                                      Purple Maroc

                                                                                      While the mother has been selected on weight and taste, she adds power and resin production to the Purple Power. Both cannabis strains are super early and the f...


                                                                                      Auto Kush

                                                                                      An automatic version of the Hindu Kush cannabis. Kush cannabis plants come from Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan and Northern India. The name refers to the Hindu Kus...


                                                                                      Outdoor Grapefruit

                                                                                      Here we have a small batch of an Grapefruit inbred with Easy Sativa. An 80% Grapefruit selected on early and fast flowering for several generations....


                                                                                      Skunk Special

                                                                                      Back due to popular demand! We have brought back the Skunk Special because it is still a great choice after all these years....


                                                                                      Blueberry Cheesecake

                                                                                      Our Blueberry Cheesecake is selected from an extremely strong, smelly mother - you will be able to smell it straight through the bag!...



                                                                                      This pure cannabis strain is very underestimated! It has its ancestors in the Ketama region and was subject to an intense breeding program, which resulted in a...


                                                                                      Red Purps

                                                                                      Taste wise it is the perfect substitute for the Purple Power cannabis seeds (Haze x Skunk). Red Purps performs almost the same as the Purple Power in growth, al...


                                                                                      Critical Sour

                                                                                      The Critical Sour can be considered the next generation of hybrids from Female Seeds. Our goal was to create a very early maturing outdoor strain. Depending on...


                                                                                      Pure AK

                                                                                      Our Pure AK has increased its popularity as one of the strongest early finishing strains available anywhere. Pure AK produces hard buds with an exceptional pene...


                                                                                      White Grapefruit

                                                                                      After years of selecting we found a stable white pheno of the Grapefruit. Besides the fact that it’s snow white of all the glands, it has an extreme aroma. A re...


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