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                                                                                      Cheese Strains Cannabis Seeds

                                                                                      First cultivated in the UK, Cheese continues to grow in popularity as the nation's most loved cannabis strain every single year! Cheese marijuana strains and cheese seeds are some of the most popular cannabis seeds we sell here at Seed City! Popular cheese strains include Canadian Stilton seeds, Big Buddha Cheese seeds, GH Cheese seeds, and Spliff Stilton seeds.

                                                                                      Add extra filters with our seed selector to look for feminized cheese seeds or regular cheese seeds, Indica cheese seeds or Sativa cheese seeds, and many more options including strength, yield, and environment.

                                                                                      Cheese cannabis seeds from Seed City won't be found at better prices anywhere online, and we'll guarantee that! You can also rely on us to ensure that your cheese strain seeds are delivered securely and discreetly to your door, no matter where you live.

                                                                                      View all Cheese Strains Cannabis Seeds

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                                                                                      Auto Blue Cheese - Barneys Farm Seeds

                                                                                      Very easy to grow and highly productive autoflowering version of our classic Blue Cheese™. This ground breaking Blue Cheese™e autoflowering version is the end p...


                                                                                      Blue Cheese - Barneys Farm Seeds

                                                                                      This strain of BLUE CHEESE™ is one of the best and strongest on the market, and is guaranteed to knock your head off. This is an easy to grow strain, which crea...


                                                                                      BC Cheese - BC Bud Depot

                                                                                      The UK Cheese clone was gifted to us from a friend in the UK just as the Cheese strain was starting to gain worldwide recognition....


                                                                                      Champion - Heavyweight Seeds

                                                                                      Heavyweight have dedicated much time and effort into cultivating the ultimate Cheese strain, Champion!...


                                                                                      Big Buddha Cheese - Big Buddha Seeds

                                                                                      The Original Big Buddha Cheese from Big Buddha! This Cheese is the UK's #1 strain, which we crossed with our pure Afghani male....


                                                                                      Cream & Cheese CBD - Seedsman Seeds

                                                                                      Cream & Cheese CBD is a relaxing medicinal strain that was bred by crossing Seedsman CBD with UK Cheese. The THC:CBD ratio is approximately 1:1 with the Seedsma...


                                                                                      Franco's Lemon Cheese - Green House Seeds

                                                                                      After the tragic loss of Franco Loja beginning of 2017 the world has been waiting for a strain dedicated to Franco....

                                                                                      You Save:  20.00%

                                                                                      Auto Stilton - Seed City Bulk Cannabis Seeds

                                                                                      The infamous Stilton in auto flowering format. The Stilton is a great selection of a skunk phenotype, that came out of the UK Exodus community. The Stilton has...


                                                                                      Sweet Stilton - 710 Genetics

                                                                                      Two high grade cannabis strains has been crossed to create this mouth watering variety. 710 cheese (a cut of the Exodus Cheese from the UK) is blended with the...


                                                                                      Freedom Squeeze - Freedom Seeds

                                                                                      Like a chameleon, the strain formerly known as ‘Freedom Cheese’ changes its coat and now has the tag ‘Squeeze’. Apart from the name this best-selling strain rem...


                                                                                      Triple Cheese - Barneys Farm Seeds

                                                                                      TRIPLE CHEESE™ is the crossing of our BLUE CHEESE™ with the powerful Original Cheese (Skunk#1 phenotype), created over many generations of selections and back c...


                                                                                      Auto Stilton CBD - Philosopher Seeds

                                                                                      Philosopher Seeds - Auto Stilton CBD now available in Seed City! Pictures and images coming soon!...


                                                                                      GH Cheese - Green House Seeds

                                                                                      Very stoned, long lasting. It is a slow creeper but very intense. Medicinally effective in pain therapy, appetite stimulation and against insomnia....

                                                                                      You Save:  20.00%

                                                                                      Canadian Stilton - Seed City Bulk Cannabis Seeds

                                                                                      Canadian Cheese is a feminised version of cheese. This seed is available in a bulk seed pack at discounted prices....


                                                                                      Bob's Cheese - Kaliman Seeds

                                                                                      This is an inbred f2 generation of Cheese Tease. Due to the magic of the f2 gene recombination, this strain has many different phenotypes with varying chemotype...


                                                                                      Cheese Tease - Kaliman Seeds

                                                                                      This is a 1989 Exodus Cheese clone x Skunk#1 f1 hybrid. This is not a full on cheese taste strain but one in which Skunk #1 dominates in the flavour department...


                                                                                      OO Hashchis - OO Seeds

                                                                                      OO Cheese now available at Seed City! Strain description coming soon!...


                                                                                      Exodus Cheese Auto - Green House Seeds

                                                                                      Very similar to Exodus Cheese, with the distinctive stoned effect and the classic flavour....

                                                                                      You Save:  20.00%

                                                                                      Deep Shag - Feminised Seeds Company

                                                                                      Deep Shag will keep you grinning all night long - Real cheese flavours you'd come to expect form a strain named 'Deep Shag' - described as overwhelmingly pungen...


                                                                                      Txees Bilbo - Genehtik Seeds

                                                                                      Feminized version of the famous "cheese" variety developed and stabilized in England from a skunk and Afghan cross....


                                                                                      Badazz Cheese - Big Buddha Seeds

                                                                                      PARENTS: BADAZZ O.G KUSH X BIG BUDDHA CHEESE ®™ GENETICS: FEMINISED / 90% INDICA / 10% SATIVA FLOWERING TIME: INDOORS 8 TO 10 WEEKS / OUTDOORS END OF...


                                                                                      Homegrown CH.1 Auto - Homegrown Fantaseeds

                                                                                      It was 2004 when Homegrown Fantasy won a Cannabis Cup for this “instantly famous” strain that originated in the UK. It was an instant hit when first released th...


                                                                                      Cookies & Cream Cheese - Big Buddha Seeds

                                                                                      PARENTS: GIRL SCOUT COOKIES (THIN MINT CUT) X BIG BUDDHA CHEESE REVERSED ™ GENETICS: FEMINISED / 80% INDICA / 20% SATIVA FLOWERING TIME: INDOORS 8 TO 10 WEEKS /...


                                                                                      NorthernCheese - Dready Seeds

                                                                                      Keeping the original Uk cheese alive in this cross we have taken our original DreadyCheese and crossed it with an all time favourite and building block to many ...


                                                                                      Love Peace - VIP Seeds

                                                                                      Our Cheese is a reliable and succulent plant, created from the original clone of the English collective, Exodus, which is known worldwide for its pungent flavou...


                                                                                      Suicide Blonde - Kaliman Seeds

                                                                                      This strain is probably the most intense cheese strain out there as the Suicide cut is stronger in taste and flavour than the original Exodus and resin producti...


                                                                                      Parmesan - Victory Seeds

                                                                                      Intense musky earthy flavour, very dominant. Strong body stoned, with bursts of mental energy....


                                                                                      CH.1 - Homegrown Fantaseeds

                                                                                      It was 2004 when Homegrown Fantasy won a Cannabis Cup for this “instantly famous” strain that originated in the UK....


                                                                                      Cheese - Dinafem Seeds

                                                                                      Dinafem Cheese: Choice of legend created in the UK. The history of this variety Dinafem is simple genetics is best known in this country, for many good reasons,...


                                                                                      Marleys Cheese - Kaliman Seeds

                                                                                      This is an inbred f2 generation of Cheese Tease. Due to the magic of the f2 gene recombination, this strain has many different phenotypes with varying chemotype...


                                                                                      UK Cheese Auto - Humboldt Seed Organisation

                                                                                      The most iconic European flavor, bred from the original Exodus Cheese. It has good vegetative growth, and its Skunk lineage provides a long terminal cola with s...


                                                                                      Exodus - Seedism Seeds

                                                                                      Exodus Female Cannabis Seeds by Seedism, Amsterdam. The folks at Seedism are some of the most innovative marijuana breeders in the world. Much of their knowle...


                                                                                      Auto Stilton - Philosopher Seeds

                                                                                      Auto Stilton has been created to satisfy all those growers seduced by classical marijuana strains and decided to grow autoflowering cannabis. After several gene...


                                                                                      Cheese - Seedsman Seeds

                                                                                      Cheese originated in the UK's underground cannabis scene where it was derived from a particularly pungent Skunk #1 phenotype. It has a very distinctive sour, la...


                                                                                      Cheese # 1 - Kaliman Seeds

                                                                                      This is Kaliman Seeds's flagship baby and is the first and only cheese strain that totally does what it says on the tin, namely, that it is indistinguishable fr...


                                                                                      Original Cheese (IBL) - Paradise Seeds

                                                                                      Plants are giving high yields of very hardy & large chunky buds with the distinctive Cheese smell and flavour....


                                                                                      Blue Funk Auto - Expert Seeds

                                                                                      Blue Funk Auto is a great marijuana strain that owes its origins to multiple recrossing of Cheese and Blueberry genetics. Winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup...


                                                                                      Stilton Special - Mephisto Genetics

                                                                                      Stilton Special from Mephisto Genetics now available in Seed City! Description and pictures coming soon....


                                                                                      Cheese Quattro - Kaliman Seeds

                                                                                      pure unhybridised Exodus genetics, Rockster’s Cheese which is full on cheese and citrus flavour, Cheese Tease with hints of fromage rather than the off the gaug...


                                                                                      Rocksters Cheese - Kaliman Seeds

                                                                                      This is a cross of the 1989 Exodus Cheese clone with a Skunk #1. It was then back crossed three times with the Exodus clone mother. This has resulted in a plea...


                                                                                      Cheese Automatic - Big Buddha Seeds

                                                                                      The Big Buddha Cheese Automatic is a spectacular plant with its’ famous old skool skunk flavour and the comforting taste of the cheese; truly a real dank lovers...


                                                                                      SuperCheese - Positronic Seeds

                                                                                      The results are great: strong remarkable flavour cheesy like, with a strong and nice aftertaste and a very big crop....


                                                                                      Cheese Autoflowering - Dinafem Seeds

                                                                                      Cheese autoflowering hybrid is the cross of our best Critical+ autoflowering male with the original Cheese clone.We managed to fix the long lasting Cheese t...


                                                                                      Auto UK Cheese - Seedsman Seeds

                                                                                      Auto UK Cheese is an auto-flowering version of the world-famous Skunk #1 phenotype Cheese. Originally discovered in a commune just outside London Cheese is reno...


                                                                                      Head Cheese - Big Buddha Seeds

                                                                                      PARENTS: 818 HEADBAND X BIG BUDDHA CHEESE ™ GENETICS: FEMINISED / 75% INDICA / 25% SATIVA FLOWERING TIME: INDOORS 9 TO 11 WEEKS / OUTDOORS END OF OCTOBER SENSOR...


                                                                                      California Orange Cheese - Big Buddha Seeds

                                                                                      California Orange Cheese™: CALIFORNIA ORANGE X Big Buddha Cheese™...


                                                                                      Chunky Skunk - Sagarmatha Seeds

                                                                                      This girl grows up to be the perfect Christmass tree, frosting with sticky crystal balls of glissling THC trichromes....


                                                                                      Little Stilton Auto - Freedom of Seeds

                                                                                      Little Stilton Auto is another very tasty addition to the wonderful English family of strains....


                                                                                      Mozzarella - G13 Labs Seeds

                                                                                      Crossing of UK Skunk and Afghan resulted in Indica dominant strain which easily will satisfy even the most experienced and fussy cultivators. This low maintenan...


                                                                                      Kabrales - BlimBurn Seeds

                                                                                      Details Kabrales is skunk variety related from inbreeding the Cheese phenotype. It is strong, durable and easy to grow both indoors and outdoors. It has a good...


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