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                                                                                      Archive Seeds

                                                                                      Archive Seeds

                                                                                      Archive Seeds

                                                                                      Launched in 2006, the ground-breaking seed bank Archive Seeds have been working to consitently to create the the best, most potent cannabis seed strains, including heirloom and verified original cannabis clones and marijuana seed lines. And it looks like that hard work is paying off, since ThaDocta has been winning awards recently for the quality of Archive Seed's fine genetics. Naturest oldest and most effective remedy for ailments, medical marijuana, is what drives Archive Seeds philosophy and strive for excellence.


                                                                                      Recreational as well as medical Archive Seeds strains are available here at Seed City. Whether its super strength Archive Seeds, high yielding Archive Seeds, Indica Archive Seeds, Sativa Archive Seeds, or Outdoor Archive Seeds you're looking for, you'll find them here for great low prices and with discreet, worldwide shipping available. 

                                                                                      Archive Seeds Website:

                                                                                      Archive Seeds Instagram:

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                                                                                      Designer OG

                                                                                      Before all the named OG Kush clones, OG really only went by a few original monikers. One of those monikers was Pure Kush. Harkening back to before the Kush even...


                                                                                      Face On Fire

                                                                                      The popular Wifi43 clone found by the Jungle Boyz was used in this hybrid. Expect higher than average yields of dank OG buds with a more rounded top bud shape t...


                                                                                      King's Stash

                                                                                      The quintessential Cookie and Kush hybrid. Displaying a phenotype range right where you would expect. A sublime mix of skunky earthy dank OG Kush aromas and swe...


                                                                                      Scooby Snacks

                                                                                      Platinum Girl Scout Cookies x Face Off OG bx1Breeder Archive Seeds Genetics Platinum Girl Scout Cookies x Face Off OG bx1 Pack Size 12 Seeds Flowering Ty...


                                                                                      Stink Bomb

                                                                                      A very stout short indica plant with a very robust stature, the Cat Piss is a hardy plant. Crossed with more viney growth of the Face Off OG, it's a match made...


                                                                                      Elevated OG

                                                                                      A popular OG clone from Southern California, the BTY gained its legendary status through its moniker and acronym “Better Than Yours” aka BTY. The BTY embodies e...


                                                                                      Heavenly OG

                                                                                      The second in Archive Seeds series of Lake Tahoe inspired OG Kush varieties, the Heavenly, is exactly as its name implies. The Tahoe OG and Face Off are a match...


                                                                                      Casper OG

                                                                                      Quite possibly one of the more original OG Kush cuttings out there due to it's traceable and documented history. An extremely complex OG Kush that carries all t...


                                                                                      Face Off OG BX2

                                                                                      In the late 90's in Southern California, some particularly excellent batches of OG Kush circulated the underground market as Face/Off OG Kush. A well-connected...


                                                                                      HazMat OG

                                                                                      There will never be an equivalent for the often imitated, but never duplicated, clone mother to the worldwide Chem/Dawg and Diesel phenomenon. Archive Seeds ver...


                                                                                      KirkWood OG

                                                                                      The mother plant, the F-Cut OG Kush, was brought onto the scene by member DankiestOG. Having posted some of the arguably, dankest looking pictures of...



                                                                                      The very unique and widespread, with good reason, Colorado Flo clone crossed with our studly Face/Off OG bx1 dad has produced some extraordinarily unique smelli...


                                                                                      Race Fuel

                                                                                      The High Octane is a highly sought after extremely dank fuely phenotype of OG Kush made famous in the San Fernando Valley. Coupled with the Face Off OG, you're...


                                                                                      Rudeboi OG

                                                                                      From the original source Rudeboi/Grohard, and named after him. An awesomely potent mix of all things OG and Kush from the legendary Socal palate of lip-smacking...


                                                                                      Shark Bite

                                                                                      Big fat sticky colas of resinated fruity and dank tasting herbs in 65 days or less. This GWS pheno will display beautiful bud and growth structure that makes th...


                                                                                      Valley Girl

                                                                                      Our Old School OG Original "Kush" cutting from people that have been growing it in the San Fernando Valley since 1999. A true verified original cut. Likely One...


                                                                                      Cluster Bomb

                                                                                      Bomb Threat x Face Off OG bx1 Additional Information Breeder Archive Seeds Genetics Bomb Threat x Face Off OG bx1 Pack Size 12 Seeds Variety Mostly Indica...


                                                                                      Polynesian Thin Mints

                                                                                      "Polynesian" Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies x Face Off OG Bx1Breeder Archive Seeds Genetics "Polynesian" Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies x Face Off OG Bx1 Pa...



                                                                                      "Forum" Girl Scout Cookies x Face/Off OG bx1 Breeder Archive Seeds Genetics Girl Scout Cookies x Face/Off OG bx1 Pack Size 12 Seeds Variety Indica / Sativa...


                                                                                      Malawi/NL/Haze x Memory Loss

                                                                                      Archive Seeds - Malawi/NL/Haze x Memory Loss now available in Seed City! Information and images coming soon!...


                                                                                      Schrom x Memory Loss

                                                                                      Archive Seeds - Schrom x Memory Loss now available in Seed City! Information and images coming soon!...


                                                                                      Clearwater Kush

                                                                                      The Classic OG Flavor encapsulated by the Bay Area growers, the Floridah OG is that creamy marshmallow dank kushy OG that leaves a wonderful smell and flavor on...


                                                                                      French Bread

                                                                                      The Perris OG hails from the semi-rural Orange County town of Perris CA. A long time stronghold for SoCal Growers wanting to be close to the action, yet far eno...


                                                                                      Larry Faced

                                                                                      The Larry OG was one of the first “named” OG clones to come out of SoCal in the OG hype craze that started around 2006/7 when everyone started renaming or namin...


                                                                                      Louis Faced

                                                                                      The Louis XIII OG. One of the more infamous yet unknown OG’s that were extremely popular between 2006-2012. The buzz has since somewhat faded on this “King” of...


                                                                                      Sour Face

                                                                                      The Original Sour Diesel Archive Seeds received for the first time in 2004/5. At the time, there were no “named” cuts of Sour. Just one, the original. As was th...


                                                                                      Space Face

                                                                                      One of the first named “OG Kush” plants after the initial storm was the Skywalker OG. Highly popularized by the legendary, infamous SoCal club CALM at Malibu. O...


                                                                                      True Colours

                                                                                      Winner of Multiple Cannabis Cups, the True OG clone is one of the best in the biz. Originally popularized by Elemental Wellness in San Jose, CA, her legendary s...


                                                                                      Zero G

                                                                                      The extra strong laughable effect of the Legend mixed with raw knockout power of the Face Off will leave you wondering why you ever leave the sofa. Potency push...


                                                                                      Diesel Dough

                                                                                      The original Sour Diesel Clone acquired in 2005, when there weren’t any “which cut” did you use stories going around. There was the one and only, and it was unm...


                                                                                      Dosidos #18 F2

                                                                                      The heaviest most Kush Dominant of the Dosidos F2 lines. Huge thick sparkling resin glands and a mostly OG Kush nose but with better looks and heavy resin. F2 l...


                                                                                      Dosidos #22 F2

                                                                                      The Most OGKB dominant of the Dosidos F2 lines. Purple incensey grapy funk that transfers beautifully to flavour. The water hash from this is sublime. Insane gr...


                                                                                      Flavor Country

                                                                                      Another wonderful tall cross of RudeBoi by Archive seeds and Dosidos. Ready in 70 days. RudeBoi came from the original source of Rudeboi/Grohard, and named afte...



                                                                                      The “F cut” OG, short for “Faux”, was a nickname given to an OG Kush clone sourced out of Lake Tahoe by ICmag member Dankiest OG. These plants tend to stay gree...


                                                                                      Grape Vine

                                                                                      The legendary NorCal Grape Ape and Dosidos combined on the vine. Ultra grapy urkle-esque odors mixed with the legendary dank OG cookie funk the Dosidos is ever...


                                                                                      Holy Roller

                                                                                      A central California coast classic Sativa world renowned by the old school growers that love a good haze hybrid, pre dutch infusion. The Old school hazes are ra...


                                                                                      Island Girl

                                                                                      Several Generations of in house hybridization over 10 years led Archive Seeds to the mother of this hybrid. A unique mix of landrace African, Dutch Haze, and Ha...


                                                                                      Junior Mints

                                                                                      The infamous “Animal Cookies” aka 09 Cookies was one of the original cookie clones to hit the scene. A bit of a better yielder than the Forum cut with a spear s...


                                                                                      Land Mine

                                                                                      A seriously explosive hybrid of a PNW heirloom classic dating back to Portland, OR in 1994, the “Dog Shit” aka “Electric Boogaloo”, and Archive Seeds beautifull...


                                                                                      Lost Cause

                                                                                      The Amnesia Haze is the archetype and pinnacle of dutch breeding. All the wonderful characteristics of a proper dutch bubblegummy haze but on a strong framed pl...


                                                                                      Moon Drops

                                                                                      Purp Skurp purpley purple. What more needs to be said. The no questions asked historical mother to the northern California purple craze, the Humboldt County ori...


                                                                                      Pudding Pop

                                                                                      The first widely distributed cookie clone and now the de facto representation of cookies, the Forum cut. A lower yielder, but with resin of epic proportions. Th...


                                                                                      Show Time

                                                                                      A truly unique original hybrid. The Norcal Piss has stood the test of time one of the historical building block indicas of the early Northern California breedin...


                                                                                      Straight Sauce

                                                                                      Astringent lime mint mountain fresh air scents from the Schrom and succulent purple incensed aromas combine for a match made in heaven. Expect tall unique plant...


                                                                                      The Sweeties

                                                                                      Archieve Seeds Collaboration Release with their good friend and breeder @Kush4Breakfast from Instagram. His Cookies Hybrids have taken over the Pacific Northwes...


                                                                                      Tire Fire

                                                                                      The High Octane cut of OG from the San Fernando Valley has become known worldwide due to it’s extreme dank gassy flavor and better than average yield for an OG...


                                                                                      Rocket Fuel

                                                                                      Jet Fuel OG, what more needs to be said that the name doesn’t imply? A relatively recent variety coming through southern California has taken the market by stor...


                                                                                      The Potion

                                                                                      Archive’s very first hybrid made in 2004 was a sativa slammer, the Malawi Gold x 95’ NL5 x Haze F2, from the days when Sativas ruled the connoisseur market. Met...


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