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                                                                                      Zambeza Seeds

                                                                                      Zambeza Seeds

                                                                                      Zambeza Seeds

                                                                                      Zambeza Seeds is a cannabis seed bank from the Netherlands that proudly produces some of the best feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds on the market. With a great deal of experience in crossing and selecting feminized cannabis seeds that are specially grown to rule out any male chromosomes, Zambeza Seeds can guarantee the impressive quality that they have already come to be known for.


                                                                                      Zambeza Seeds' catalogue of feminized cannabis seeds includes many popular varieties such as OG Bubble Gum, Blue Brilliant, Lemon Kush, and Amnesia Haze. And since you're at Seed City, you'll be benefiting from our low price guarantee - congrats!

                                                                                      Zambeza Seeds Quick Links

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                                                                                      OG Bubble Gum Auto - Zambeza Seeds

                                                                                      Globalization has its benefits when thinking about the wide range of genetics that skilful breeders have developed in different parts of the world. Especially s...


                                                                                      Lemon Kush - Zambeza Seeds

                                                                                      Zambeza Seeds only used genetics that are known for their excellent growing traits, and exceptional taste, for this hybrid. It’s a crossing of Chemdawg, Lemon T...


                                                                                      OG Bubble Gum - Zambeza Seeds

                                                                                      The skilful breeders of Zambeza Seeds did an excellent job on this one. Carefully hand-selecting the fruitiest, and best performing phenotypes of Bubble Gum was...


                                                                                      Super Silver Haze - Zambeza Seeds

                                                                                      Genetics of Super Silver Haze managed to win three High Times Cannabis Cups in a row, in the late 90’s. Today, it’s still very likely to find this strain on the...


                                                                                      Candy Caramelo Fast Flowering - Zambeza Seeds

                                                                                      Candy Caramelo Fast Flowering is a sophisticated 3-way crossing of Maple Leaf Indica x White Rhino x Blueblack. This strain is indica-dominant, relatively short...


                                                                                      Little Dwarf - Zambeza Seeds

                                                                                      Zambeza Seeds used genetics of Skunk and Ruderalis to create a bonsai-like and sturdy strain that can be grown in many different ways and environments. Little D...


                                                                                      Vanilla Ice - Zambeza Seeds

                                                                                      Zambeza Seeds crossed three top-performing Indicas to create Vanilla Ice: Northern Light, Skunk, and Afghani. These reliable genetics literally produced tons of...


                                                                                      Blueberry Auto - Zambeza Seeds

                                                                                      The genetic history of Blueberry can be traced back to the 1970’s, when US breeder DJ Short worked with different exotic landraces to lay the foundation for thi...


                                                                                      Jack the Ripper Auto - Zambeza Seeds

                                                                                      Jack the Ripper is commonly known for a shocking series of murders. Jack the Ripper Autoflowering lives up to the legend, provides horrifying Sativa effects, an...


                                                                                      White Widow XL - Zambeza Seeds

                                                                                      White Widow is the biggest commercial success in the cannabis world since 1994. This undefeated champion is still being used for many hybrids of today. The gene...


                                                                                      Power Kush Auto - Zambeza Seeds

                                                                                      Releasing an autoflowering version of Power Kush felt natural for Zambeza after seeing the full potential of the feminized version. It would be a waste of valua...


                                                                                      Choco Candy - Zambeza Seeds

                                                                                      The skilful breeders of Zambeza really challenged themselves on this one. With having the goal of creating one of the most intense chocolate strains on the mark...


                                                                                      Big Bud XXL Auto - Zambeza Seeds

                                                                                      The majority of our feminized autoflowering strains are very easy to grow. But Big Bud XXL is our autoflowering strain that is the easiest to grow. Just like o...


                                                                                      Power Plant XL Auto - Zambeza Seeds

                                                                                      Power Plant XL Autoflowering is a crossing of Zambeza’s feminized Power Plant XL and Ruderalis. The genetics of Power Plant are known for high yields, uplifting...


                                                                                      Power Kush - Zambeza Seeds

                                                                                      If you cross two successful strains like Critical and OG Kush, the result is most likely to be very powerful in growth, high yielding, and incredibly potent. Th...


                                                                                      Power Plant XL - Zambeza Seeds

                                                                                      Genetics for the famous Power Plant were captured by a group of Dutch growers on a trip to South Africa, back in the 90’s. They managed to breed a strain that w...


                                                                                      Northern Light XL Auto - Zambeza Seeds

                                                                                      According to the legend, Northern Lights was originally created from 11 different seeds, by a group of West Coast breeders who later exported this genetic mirac...


                                                                                      NYC Diesel Auto - Zambeza Seeds

                                                                                      New York City Diesel is famous for a strong cerebral effect that slowly evolves into a pleasant state of relaxation. Zambeza Seeds had no option than to breed t...


                                                                                      White Widow XL Auto - Zambeza Seeds

                                                                                      White Widow has always been a reliable producer of excellent quality cannabis. It’s hard to estimate the total amount of White Widow that has been successfully...


                                                                                      Blue Brilliant - Zambeza Seeds

                                                                                      Growers and smokers who like to visit the coffee shops of the Netherlands have most likely already experienced the potency and quality of one of the best perfor...


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