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                                                                                      Short Stuff Seeds

                                                                                      Short Stuff Seeds

                                                                                      Short Stuff Seeds

                                                                                      Short Stuff Seeds are a relatively new and fresh upcoming cannabis seedbank on the marijuana breeding scene. Created 4 years ago by a group of like-minded seed breeders with an enthusiasm for cannabis growing and a wealth of experience in autoflowering seeds, Short Stuff Seeds has made it a priority to produce autoflowering cannabis seeds of the same or higher quality than other seed banks but at a much lower price. This emphasis on providing great value for money has led to them growing extremely quickly in the cannabis seed Short Stuff Seeds have a range of regular and feminized seeds which they are always adding to.


                                                                                      Short Stuff Seeds have produced some great cannabis seeds and their most popular are Snowryder, Blue Himalaya and Auto Assassin. With Short Stuff cannabis seeds, you know you are getting great cannabis genetics for a great price, especially when you buy through Seed City, thanks to our lowest price guarantee!

                                                                                      Short Stuff Seeds Website:

                                                                                      Short Stuff Seeds Instagram:

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                                                                                      Blue Himalaya

                                                                                      Shortstuff seeds Blue Himalaya is an indica dominant auto which is the result of crossing the fattest, most resinous Nepalese kush plant we could find with our...


                                                                                      Short Stuff Mix Reg

                                                                                      Get a real bargain with our 20 seed mix pack which includes of all of our great auto flowering strains plus some experimental surprises....



                                                                                      A new creation from the Autoflowering seed breeder 'STITCH' who says "Mi5 stands for My Indoor number 5 which is the highest selection of an AK47 cross borne af...


                                                                                      Himalayann Blue Diesel

                                                                                      Our auto himalaya blue diesel is a hybrid of the ever popular blueberry and an automatic kush strain from nepal and NYC Diesel....



                                                                                      This strain is another special cross from breeder 'STITCH' who tells us About the Onyx plant "well this is a secret stabilized plant which includes AK47 x White...


                                                                                      Auto Yeti

                                                                                      The Yeti is a huge beast with ferocious strength which wanders the frozen tundra in its thick white coat terrifying its prey....


                                                                                      Auto Gorilla OG

                                                                                      Auto Gorilla OG is possibly the most exciting strain we have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is tall, incredibly vigourous, smells delicious and has...


                                                                                      Super Stinky

                                                                                      Stitch took some particulary 'Hazy' phenos and crossed them with a really stinky skunk strain....


                                                                                      Auto Pink Grapefruit

                                                                                      Auto Pink Grapefruit is the fruitiest lady in our auto collection with an amazing aroma and incredible production levels....


                                                                                      Auto Assassin

                                                                                      Some say the word assassin is derived from the Arabic word Hashshashin or ‘hashish user’ and Auto Assassin is certainly a deadly strain that provides a killer b...


                                                                                      Auto Jedi Kush

                                                                                      Auto Jedi kush is a fantastic new strain we have been working on for some time and is the result of a cross between Skywalker and our favourite Auto OG kush. Th...



                                                                                      Sharkbite is a excellent new ‘white’ strain we have created by crossing great white shark with our autoflowering line. Sharkbite keeps the powerful stone and ta...


                                                                                      Auto Purple Gorilla

                                                                                      Auto Purple Amnesia broke all records when 1 plant produced a massive 681g in independent test conditions and Auto gorilla OG has been wowing growers since its...



                                                                                      The taste and smell of this strain is very similar to Snow white / White widow so is sure to please. Yield is Avarage (15g - 25g under flouros per 6" pot)....


                                                                                      Dr Feelgood

                                                                                      Dr.Feelgood is a pure medical strain that is a true autoflowering indica. It was created by crossing our auto line with an old skool afghan kush....


                                                                                      Auto Purple Amnesia

                                                                                      The taste of the smoke is zesty and peppery and will make your mouth water while you experience a creative, hard hitting effect that comes on strongly and prog...


                                                                                      Russian Rocket Fuel

                                                                                      Our russian rocket fuel strain is the result of crossing a heavy indica strain with very dense resinous buds with automatic NYC diesel which adds an exotic high...


                                                                                      Auto Bud Cannon

                                                                                      If you are looking for a big production heavy hitting auto-flower strain then look no further than Auto Bud Canon....


                                                                                      Tha Shiznit

                                                                                      Tha Shiznit is a complex hybrid of Amnesia kush, Diesel, Master Kush and Jack Herer so you have some serious genetic quality in the mix....


                                                                                      Auto Gorilla Shizzle

                                                                                      Tha Shiznit has been one of our bestselling strains for the last couple of years thanks to the fact that it has THC levels of over 20% and that in 1 test grow a...


                                                                                      Himalayan Orange Diesel

                                                                                      Himalaya Orange Diesel (HOD) is a new strain from shortstuff seeds which uses classic Kush genetics from the Himalaya’s and combines them with an incredible Sou...


                                                                                      Super Cali-Haze

                                                                                      This strain is the holy grail of auto flowering growers, a true and pure auto-Sativa and one which has been described as a SUPER AUTO by its breeder stitch....


                                                                                      Short Stuff #1

                                                                                      Shortstuff #1 was our first autoflowering strain developed by our growers in Spain and was created by a long and careful selection process using the original lo...


                                                                                      Auto Spanish Diesel

                                                                                      Auto Spanish diesel is based on a unique strain which evolved in the Valencia area of Spain. Its origins are not fully known but it is believed to be a cross of...


                                                                                      Auto Big Gun

                                                                                      Auto Big Gun is a double Auto AK47 hybrid which has been inbred over multiple generations to create the ultimate in autoflowering potency. Big gun starts fa...


                                                                                      Short Stuff Mix Fem

                                                                                      Short Stuff Seeds short stuff Mix feminised is a mix of female autoflowering cannabis seeds from the shortstuff seeds collection....


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