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Special Cannabis seed offers


Seed City is currently having a 15% off Sale on Buddha Seeds, CBD Seeds, Medical Seeds, Resin Seeds and Royal Queen Seeds as well as a 25% Sale on all Sweet Seeds this October!!! Make sure to check below for more great Special Offers :-)


Otherworldly October Other Offers:


1.) Holy Smoke Seeds - Receive Free Seeds of Holy Smoke Seeds with Every Full Pack (Not Singles) of Holy Smoke Seeds Purchased!!!!

2.) Paradise Seeds - Receive 1 Free Seed of Pandora FEM with Every Full Pack (Not Singles) of Paradise Seeds Purchased!!!!!

3.) TH Seeds - Receive 2 Free FEM Sage n Sour Seeds with Every Full Pack of TH Seeds Purchased (Not Singles)!!!!!!

4.) Elemental Seeds - Receive 12 Free REG Huckleberry Seeds with Every Full Pack of Elemental Seeds Purchased (Not Singles)!!!!!!!!

5.) Ace Seeds - Receive 2 Free FEM Seeds of Kali China with Every Full 5 FEM or 10 REG Pack Purchased (Not Singles)!!!!!!!!!!

6.) Devil's Harvest Seeds - Receive 1 Free FEM Shoreline Seed with Every Full 5 FEM or 10 REG Pack Purchased (Not Singles) and Receive 2 Free FEM Shoreline Seeds with Every Full 10 FEM Pack Purchased (Not Singles)!!!!!!!!!!!

7.) Rare Dankness Seeds - Receive 3 Free REG Lee Roy Seeds with Every Full Pack Purchased (Not Singles)!!!!!!!!!!!

8.) DNA Genetics - Receive 2 Free FEM LA Confidential Seeds with Every Full Pack Purchased (Not Singles)!!!!!!!!!!!

9.) Brothers Grimm Seeds - Receive 4 Free REG Queen of Soul Seeds with Every Full Pack Purchased (Not Singles)!!!!!!!!!!!

10.) Royal Queen Seeds - Receive 1 Free Critical or Northern Light Automatic Seeds with Every Full 3 Pack of Royal Queen Seeds Purchased (Not Singles), Receive 2 Free Seeds with Every Full 5 Pack Purchased and Receive 3 Free Seeds with Every Full 10 Pack Purchased!!!!!!!!!!!


Royal Queen Seeds Offer



Make Sure to Visit Seed City's New Free Cannabis Seed Giveaway Center as we are Running Non-Stop Cannabis Seed Giveaways!


Seed City always has a great deal of Special Cannabis Seed Offers on! For instance, asides from the seeds in the Sale Section and the Bundle Section we are also offering Free Cannabis Seeds to every customer! Simply spend over £25 and you will find at least one bonus seed in your cart. Here at Seed City we believe in giving the customer the greatest choice possible and so you can choose your own free seed! You can also vote in the Your Choice section to affect next month's free seed choices. If there is a particular bank you would like to see in a sale please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Seed City team. Don't forget to check out our Facebook Page for a chance to win Free Seeds Every Day!


Seed City also offers our Fantastic Price-Match Guarantee!






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