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                                                                                      Cream of the Crop

                                                                                      Cream of the Crop

                                                                                      Cream of the Crop

                                                                                      The Cream of the Crop cannabis seed bank have spent 5 years researching marijuana seeds and have now, finally the time is right to unleash their genetics onto the market! The Cream of the Crop cannabis seed range comprises of 11 different cannabis seed strains. All Cream of the Crop strains are exclusively feminised and contain a THC percentage of between 15% and 22%. The Cream of the Crop cannabis seeds range are available in packs of 1 cannabis seed, 3 cannabis seeds, 5 cannabis seeds and 10 cannabis seeds.


                                                                                      All 12/12 Cream of the Crop cannabis seeds, autoflowering Cream of the Crop cannabis seeds, high yielding Cream of the Crop cannabis seeds, super strength Cream of the Crop cannabis seeds, and fast flowering Cream of the Crop cannabis seeds are provided by Seed City - and guess what, there are Cream of the Crop Seeds multi-pack discounts available, as with all cannabis strains offered by Seed City!

                                                                                      Cream of the Crop Quick Links

                                                                                      View all Cream of the Crop Seeds Cannabis Seeds

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                                                                                      Sour Turbo Diesel - Cream of the Crop

                                                                                      Her bud is sticky due to copious resin production and her Sour Diesel side adds a mouth-watering tang to the devastating Black Domina high....


                                                                                      Amphetamine Auto - Cream of the Crop

                                                                                      This is nature on SPEED!!! Mega quick from seed to fruit, this girl doesn’t hang about and will get your pulse racing and your heart pumping!...


                                                                                      Narcotherapy Auto - Cream of the Crop

                                                                                      “Narcotherapy, by definition, is a form of therapy originating in China that disables the body, or one part of the body, temporarily by drugs or acupuncture”. I...


                                                                                      Hybrid X - Cream of the Crop

                                                                                      A secret, unique project kept separate from all other work at COTC until now!! After much isolation and backcrossing the “non-smelly” pheno in a mother and fath...


                                                                                      Narcotic Kush Auto - Cream of the Crop

                                                                                      This plants pure Afghan roots mean she’s quick, easy growing, and highly narcotic. With a high tolerance to mould and pests....


                                                                                      Psychofruit Auto - Cream of the Crop

                                                                                      She has a soft, fruity side with an intense Blueberry/Skunk taste, but does have another personality that is dark, uncompromising and very powerful....


                                                                                      Purple Paralysis - Cream of the Crop

                                                                                      This little shockers Power Plant genes will have a debilitating effect on even the most veteran of smokers! Enormous yields!...


                                                                                      Black Gold Auto - Cream of the Crop

                                                                                      A plant that focuses on oil production in abundance as its number one job! We took Maple leaf – a prestigious, pure Indica strain hailing from vintage Afghanica...


                                                                                      Crop Circle Auto - Cream of the Crop

                                                                                      Crop Circle is a combination of colour and flavour not of this world. A compact and powerful, visually mesmerising, auto hybrid- displaying immense clusters of...


                                                                                      Robocrop - Cream of the Crop

                                                                                      Robocrop is a real machine. She produces layer upon layer of shimmering, mind altering frost and she looks almost armour-plated when grown in optimum conditions...


                                                                                      Bruce The Russian - Cream of the Crop

                                                                                      This new monster THC rich strain has been achieved by crossing Bruce Banner (Strawberry Diesel & OG Kush) and the legendary White Russian (White Widow x AK47)....


                                                                                      Sticky Zkittles Glue - Cream of the Crop

                                                                                      That sticky-icke, super-sweet tasting Sticky Zkittlez Glue!...


                                                                                      Crop Doctor - Cream of the Crop

                                                                                      With a 1:1.5 CBD ratio our Crop Doctor is sure to lend a healing hand to those seeking relief without the intense high. That said, this strains narcotic side ca...


                                                                                      Cream Cheese - Cream of the Crop

                                                                                      Our Cream Cheese has that heavy, old School flavour but with a rich, nutty undertone making this the gourmet's choice....


                                                                                      Custard Cream - Cream of the Crop

                                                                                      This girl is a real treat and goes perfect with a cuppa tea!! Her buds develop into huge, pungent colas that harbour an ultra sugary sweet, vanilla taste....


                                                                                      KO Crop Auto - Cream of the Crop

                                                                                      A one punch knockout that will leave you dazed and seeing stars, this heavyweight C.O.T.C strain is notoriously easy to grow and has a very STRONG odour and eff...


                                                                                      Cash Crop Auto - Cream of the Crop

                                                                                      To create this “auto money-maker” the N.L male that fathered Pretty Lights was crossed with an auto Big Bud that displayed and maintained the biggest yielding p...


                                                                                      Cropical Fruit Auto - Cream of the Crop

                                                                                      Possibly one of the most exotic auto strains ever produced, this 5 way cross is a mouth watering, eye-reddening cocktail of Caribbean flavour. Fresh Mango, Papa...


                                                                                      Narco Purps Auto - Cream of the Crop

                                                                                      Narco Purps is another successfully re-worked version of our original Narcotic Kush – a pure Indica autoflowering strain with powerfully high THC & CBD ratios....


                                                                                      Lemon Venom - Cream of the Crop

                                                                                      Pure citrus venom delivered straight to where it matters…. all the yield and power of Big Bud with a face contorting lemony twang coming from a sharp Sensi Star...


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