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                                                                                      R-Kiem Seeds

                                                                                      R-Kiem Seeds

                                                                                      R-Kiem Seeds

                                                                                      R-Kiem Seeds was established in 1998 in Barcelona, Spain. This seed bank is known for its unique and tantalizing terpene profiles, producing strains that deliver mouthwatering flavors and potent effects. Over the years, R-Kiem Seeds has attracted attention for their exceptional Kush hybrids and award-winning strains, securing accolades at the Spanish Cannabis Cup​​.

                                                                                      Their portfolio showcases a devotion to the fantastic, with a selection that emphasizes organic cultivation methods. Every seed from R-Kiem Seeds comes from a fully organic setup, ensuring no artificial fertilizers or chemicals are used. These natural cultivation practices show their respect for the cannabis plant and its origins, ensuring that growers receive seeds that have been developed under the strictest temperature and humidity controls​​.

                                                                                      Among their notable strains are Harybo, an Indica-dominant variety known for its jelly-like fruit flavors and shades of deep purple, and R-Kiem, a potent strain derived from Canadian OG Kush and M8, recognized for its robust and resilient nature. Another highlight from their collection is Icer, celebrated for its quick flowering times and abundant frosty crystals​​​​.

                                                                                      R-Kiem Seeds operates with a philosophy that values quality over quantity, offering a small selection of strains that meet the highest standards of cannabis genetics. This approach has allowed them to maintain a legacy of producing premium cannabis seeds, recognized both locally and internationally for their excellence​​.


                                                                                      R-Kiem Seeds Website:

                                                                                      R-Kiem Seeds Instagram:

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                                                                                      R-Kiem Seeds

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                                                                                      0 Stars

                                                                                      FATNESS! Is caracteristic of this strain the widht of the resin glands “sandy” ,one of ours best Sativas with a short flowering time....


                                                                                      Condor Auto

                                                                                      0 Stars

                                                                                      Sativa dominant hybrid with Jack Herer x Exodus Cheese genetics. Flowering in 65 days, 120-150 cm tall, 500g/m2 yield, THC up to 18%.



                                                                                      0 Stars

                                                                                      Fast-growing strain with Haze flavors and a citric touch. Predominantly Sativa with high yields. Award-winning from R-kiem Seeds.



                                                                                      0 Stars

                                                                                      High resin production, intense flavor, great harvests. Versatile for all growers, fruity and Kush taste.


                                                                                      SALE - Thunderstorm Auto - R-Kiem Seeds

                                                                                      0 Stars

                                                                                      Stabilized strain reaching 1m with 100-125 gr yield. Balanced effect, up to 16% THC. Classic auto format for all growers.

                                                                                      You Save:  40.00%

                                                                                      Thunderstorm Auto

                                                                                      0 Stars

                                                                                      Stabilized strain reaching 1m with 100-125 gr yield. Balanced effect, up to 16% THC. Classic auto format for all growers.


                                                                                      Dark Kush Auto

                                                                                      0 Stars

                                                                                      Created by R-Kiemseeds, hybrid of San Fernando Valley OG Kush and Bubba Kush. Average height, high production, relaxing Indica effect, THC levels around 15%.


                                                                                      Dead Cheese

                                                                                      0 Stars

                                                                                      Dense buds with resin production admired by "waterhash" lovers. Resistant to stress, quick results, sedative effect, sweet kush flavor.



                                                                                      0 Stars

                                                                                      Snowy resinous cross with fruity taste. Adaptable for all growers, strong stretch in flowering. Indoor harvest in 9 weeks, outdoor in mid-October.



                                                                                      0 Stars

                                                                                      Resistant plant with strong impact in USA and Canada. Short interodal distance, high resin production, suitable for all growers. Awards for quality and potency.



                                                                                      0 Stars

                                                                                      Adaptable strain with thick branches, dense flowers, vigor, and short internodal distance. Awards for quality and production.



                                                                                      0 Stars

                                                                                      High-yielding sativa genetics with adaptable growth, strong structure, early resin production, and resistance to fungi. Tangerine/haze taste, 600 gr/sqm yield.



                                                                                      0 Stars

                                                                                      High-yielding strain with thick branches and sticky floral clusters. Indoors: 2 weeks veg + 8 weeks flower. Outdoors: Early October harvest. Indica dominance.



                                                                                      0 Stars

                                                                                      Popular 2y2 seeds from R-Kiem Seeds offer sweet taste, potent genetics from California strains. Sustainable, organic seed bank with worldwide delivery.


                                                                                      Amazon Haze Auto

                                                                                      0 Stars

                                                                                      Potent hybrid with high THC levels, uplifting effects, and citrus aroma. Sativa-leaning strain with refined terpene profile.



                                                                                      0 Stars

                                                                                      Strong Indica strain with fruity flavors and high THC levels. Ideal for muscle aches, stress, vomiting, and insomnia.



                                                                                      0 Stars

                                                                                      High resin and terpene content, Kush and pineapple flavors, strong branches, tropical scents, 9-10 week flowering, 500-600 gr/m2 yield.


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