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Cannabis Seeds Sale Items


Seed City's Selection of On Sale Cannabis Seeds is always changing, for a full list of all Cannabis Seeds which are currently discounted in Seed City Click Here. For a list of all cannabis seed sale items ordered with the cheapest first Click Here

Cannabis Seed Sale Items

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SALE - + Gold - Seed City Bulk Cannabis Seeds - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

+ Gold was a US invention but migrated to Holland where it survived the War on Drugs. + Gold has a great yield and its propensity for producing large buds with...

You Save:  10.00%

SALE - + Speed - Sweet Seeds - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

3rd generation Autoflowering. Hybrid result of crossing between a Critical Mass strain automatic R & D department of Sweet Seeds....

You Save:  10.00%

SALE - 1024 - Medical Seeds - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

We are proud of this cross. 1024 combines all: taste, production, presence is the perfect plant. It fits perfectly to all cropping systems (organic coconut, hyd...

You Save:  10.00%

SALE - 2 Fast 2 Vast Auto - Heavyweight Seeds - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

The Heavyweight team had a task here how to improve on probably the best autoflowering strain available anywhere at the moment Fast and Vast....

You Save:  10.00%

SALE - 2 Pounder - Kiwi Seeds - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

Add to this more than satisfying yield, vigorous growth, extreme mould resistance, and a great sativa taste and you have the perfect outdoor cropper, that with...

You Save:  10.00%

SALE - 2046 - Medical Seeds - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

Enjoy this flower, having been grown in optimum conditions, can be one of the greatest pleasures for any Cannabis Growers. Its really very energizing power and...

You Save:  10.00%

SALE - 60 Day Lemon Autoflower - DNA Genetics - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

From the beginner to expert these ultra pungent fast flowering plants will have you amazed. No special light or light cycle is needed....

You Save:  10.00%

SALE - 8 Ball Kush - Barneys Farm - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

Some of the very best hashish in the world is found between the mountainous border of Afghanistan & Pakistan. After many years of selectively inbreeding superio...

You Save:  10.00%

SALE - Afghan Kush Special - World of Seeds - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

For this strain our breeders have managed to tweak our quintessentially pure Indica strain, Afghan Kush, from kush strains grown in a small area in Northern Afg...

You Save:  10.00%

SALE - AK 47 - Serious Seeds - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

This easy to grow plant is our most popular, because of her outstanding quality. AK-47 has been often copied or used by other seed companies for crosses....

You Save:  10.00%

SALE - AK 49 Auto - Vision Seeds - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

The AK-49 Auto is the Vision Seeds auto-flowering variant of one of the most powerful strains ever. This cross between the AK-49 and Lowryder has resulted is a...

You Save:  10.00%

SALE - All Kush - Paradise Seeds - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

Queen of Hash… our award winning Allkush is a big yield plant that comes with a high that is dynamic and long lasting thanks to a sativa influence....

You Save:  10.00%

SALE - Amnesia Haze - Royal Queen Seeds - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

After the haze genetics came to Holland and several hybrids were made, an American expat would later combine one of these hybrids with a male derived from old s...

You Save:  10.00%

SALE - Auto Blueberry - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

AutoBlueberry has quickly become the connoisseur choice of AutoFem. It combines authentic Blueberry aroma and flavour thanks to a careful breeding program whic...

You Save:  10.00%

SALE - Auto Mazar - Dutch Passion - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

AutoMazar® is a high performance AutoFem, she is robust and easy to grow. She is also a reliable producer of great quality cannabis whether grown in soil, coco...

You Save:  10.00%

SALE - Auto Tutankhamon - Pyramid Seeds - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

AK-47 selection, this variety has one of the highest percentages of THC in the market (Analyzed in the 2011 Barcelona Energy Spannabis control)....

You Save:  10.00%

SALE - Berry Bomb - Bomb Seeds - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

Berry Bomb is a special cross of a hand selected Blueberry mother with the all powerful Bomb #1 father. The result is outstanding; think Blueberry, but bigger y...

You Save:  10.00%

SALE - Black Widow - Mr Nice Seeds - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

A most infamous strain that since 1994 has won a number of awards, including the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995. She has acquired true acclaim....

You Save:  10.00%

SALE - Blue Auto Mazar - Dutch Passion - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

The effect is strong, happy and sedating on the body. A comfortable and very enjoyable high complements a variety with great yields and numerous blooms which ar...

You Save:  10.00%

SALE - Blueberry - Dutch Passion - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

Dutch Passion Blueberry is the original, a famously classy and enjoyable cannabis combined with fruity flavours and blue colourations in the leaves and buds. Th...

You Save:  10.00%

Cannabis Seed Sale Items

Welcome to Seed City's Updated Discounted Cannabis Seeds Selection for 20th January, We stock the entire range of Discounted Cannabis Seeds at the Best Prices Online!

Seed City ships Discounted Cannabis Seeds Discreetly, Worldwide and with our Famous Seed City Guarantee!

Be Sure to Refine your Discounted Cannabis Seeds Selection further by selecting more options on the Seed Selector to the left! No matter if you are searching for Indoor or Outdoor Discounted Cannabis Seeds this January you will be sure to enjoy the Seed City Seed Selector! You can also Order any list of Cannabis Seeds by Popularity and Single Seed price! So get searching for those High Yielding Discounted Cannabis Seeds!

Order from our Discounted Cannabis Seeds range this January 20th from Seed City and get the Freshest Discounted Cannabis Seeds with the Best Customer Service online!
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