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                                                                                      Best CBD seeds for sale in 2024

                                                                                      Thursday, 25 February 2021 18:24

                                                                                      CBD Seeds

                                                                                      Among the numerous phytocannabinoids present in the cannabis plant family, cannabidiol (CBD) stands out. Securing top-quality high CBD seeds from trusted breeders online is a seamless process through our seed bank. As one of the largest online marijuana seed banks, we have established partnerships with premier breeders worldwide, ensuring access to the finest selections.

                                                                                      Also known by its more formal name, cannabidiol, CBD is predominantly found in hemp strains and has taken center stage in recent years. Although it is the focus of many research teams, CBD is not studied for its psychoactive nature. Rather, it is studied for the lack of intoxicating effects and its potential for therapeutic value. CBD strains have since become popular in most cannabis communities, and there are many CBD seeds for sale online that should become a part of any collector's collection. CBD is associated with clear effects, unlike the cognitive-affecting THC cannabinoid.

                                                                                      What are High CBD Seeds?

                                                                                      So, CBD strains have taken center stage in recent years. This means that with this increased demand, there are more cultivators dedicated to crafting delectable High CBD strains. Many popular strains have also been genetically adapted (through organic craftsmanship) to be CBD versions of the strain. These are sometimes referred to as Hemp strains, and this distinction would depend on the grower and the genetic specifics.

                                                                                      Buying CBD Seeds Online

                                                                                      When buying CBD seeds, remember that the best way to ensure a good buy is to ensure that the seeds you purchase are premium quality seeds. But this does not mean you have to break the bank for the best CBD seeds. Seed City offers competitive pricing on top-class CBD seeds. Trusting an online dispensary may seem counterintuitive, but online dispensaries are committed to a healthy and sustainable cannabis industry. And that starts with quality seeds and quality customer service. Here at Seed City, we offer you both. What's more, we have done the legwork for you and gathered the best CBD seeds in one place.

                                                                                      What are the Benefits of High CBD Seeds?

                                                                                      As previously stated, the popularity of high CBD strain seeds has grown substantially in recent years, even becoming somewhat of a trend. This surge in popularity makes CBD strains a valuable inclusion in any seed collection. While ongoing research continues to uncover the benefits of CBD, our Seed City dispensary proudly offers a wide variety of top-notch CBD seed strains online.

                                                                                      If you're uncertain about which strain to choose, don't worry! We're here to help. In the following section, we'll highlight some of our personal favorites and provide insight into the most sought-after CBD seeds.

                                                                                      All About CBD Strain Seeds: Frequently Asked Questions

                                                                                      We understand that there are many questions around the once mysterious CBD cannabinoid, but with more scientific research the public is learning more about it. Below you can find the most frequently asked questions about cannabidiol.

                                                                                      Do CBD flowers make you high?

                                                                                      Many people are curious about CBD because they have heard of THC's intoxicating effects and simply expect all cannabis flowers or buds to have that effect. If you smoke hemp with virtually no THC and high in CBD is only when you can avoid the psychoactive feeling.

                                                                                      A significant differentiation exists between CBD and THC. THC induces hallucinogenic and intoxicating effects, while CBD remains non-intoxicating and does not impede cognitive function. Research into the potential health advantages of CBD is ongoing, although substantial clinical trials are necessary before any medical assertions can be confidently established.

                                                                                      The important bit is that CBD has been declared safe with no cause for dependency, according to the World Health Organisation.

                                                                                      Can you order CBD through the mail?

                                                                                      Purchasing CBD seeds are simple and easy, especially with Seed City. Simply browse our CBD seeds available online and pick your favorites. Then, add it to your cart, add your delivery information and let us take care of the rest. You'll have your seeds at your door in no time at all.

                                                                                      Do hemp seeds contain CBD?

                                                                                      High CBD Seeds

                                                                                      One frequently asked question is whether or not hemp seeds contain any CBD. Although hemp seeds do indeed come from the cannabis plant, the cannabis sativa variety, in particular, hemp seeds, do not contain CBD. What they do have is a rich array of nutrients and fatty acids. But CBD? Nope. If you are looking for CBD in your seeds, leave the hemp seeds for the protein buffs and find your CBD seeds online from our dispensary.

                                                                                      Best High CBD Low THC Strains For Sale In Our Seed Bank

                                                                                      High CBD Low THC Seeds

                                                                                      It's not typical to find a pure cbd strain without it having some THC. However, if you switch from cannabis seeds to hemp seeds you can grow pure cbd strains with virtually no THC. Below you can find a list of our high CBD seeds for sale and from talented breeders. We have many high CBD low THC seeds available from well known strains that have been crossed to produce hybrids.

                                                                                      Tatanka Pure CBD

                                                                                      The Tatanka Pure CBD strain is a favorite amongst the medical marijuana community. This strain is named after a legendary medicine man from the Hunkpapa Sioux council fire of the Lakota Tribe. The medicine man, called Sitting Bull, or Tatanka Iyotake, became famous for his resistance against European invaders. To his tribe, Tatanka was a powerful medicine man capable of crafting potent medicines. The Tatanka Pure CBD strain pays homage to this historical medical man, and hopefully, the strain can honor his legacy with potent therapeutic effects.

                                                                                      Tatanka Pure is the result of crossbreeding two well-known medicinal strains, Medical CBD and Elixir Vitae. With both parent strains boasting high CBD levels, Tatanka Pure undoubtedly elevates CBD content to unprecedented levels. Characterized by its resin-rich buds, this strain typically contains CBD levels ranging from 9% to 14%, while THC levels remain comfortably below 0.25%.

                                                                                      Tatanka Pure CBD is a 70% indica dominant hybrid and can be purchased right here at Seed City.

                                                                                      Super Lemon Haze CBD

                                                                                      CBD Cannabis Seeds

                                                                                      It is highly unlikely that you have not heard of the Super Lemon Haze cannabis strain. And thanks to brilliant geneticists, if you are looking for a strain high in CBD, you can enjoy the Super Lemon Haze strain in a high CBD form. Super Lemon Haze CBD was crafted using genetics from the original Super Lemon HAze strain and an undisclosed CBD rich male plant. By crossbreeding the two, breeders were able to isolate this excellent CBD rich strain. The Super Lemon Haze CBD still contains THC levels as it has a 1:1 CBD: THC ratio.

                                                                                      This strain typically takes a prolonged period to mature, approximately 10 weeks, but she yields hefty yields to make up for it. The Super Lemon Haze CBD strain typically contains between 9 and 10% CBD and 9 -12% THC.

                                                                                      OG Kush Seeds High In CBD

                                                                                      We have a high in CBD OG Kush strain that will be a wonderful addition to anyone's collection of seeds. It's a familiar strain to any weed smoker from California, these are not easy to come by so get them before they sell out!

                                                                                      BlackJack CBD

                                                                                      BlackJack CBD is, as the name suggests, the CBD rich version of the popular strain by the same name. By crossing Black Jack and an unspecified Diesel-related high CBD strain. This is another high CBD strain that has a ratio that varies between 1:1 and 1:5. Therefore, the Black Jack CBD strain has ideal CBD content for those looking for a CBD specific strain.

                                                                                      This is a balanced hybrid strain with physical characteristics of both the sturdy indica and the long sativa branches.

                                                                                      CBD Harlequin

                                                                                      The CBD Harlequin is available as feminized seeds that produce hybrid plants with a 75% sativa and 25% indica ratio. CBD Harlequin was created by crossing Harlequin with the CHD rich Black Domina. What resulted is a CBD rich (15-17%) hybrid that carries minimum THC levels (typically tested at 0.2 - 0.5%).

                                                                                      Harlequin inherits its lineage from a range of notable strains. Its genetic background includes landrace strains from Switzerland, Thailand, and Nepal, as well as the renowned Colombian Gold. If you're considering the Harlequin CBD strain, rest assured that it's a solid choice. Secure yours today.

                                                                                      Charlotte's Web

                                                                                      CBD Cannabis Seeds

                                                                                      Charlotte's Web is one of the most famous CBD strains, but did you know that its original name is "Hippies Disappointment?" The strain was the first official CBD only strain, and this lack of THC seemed a steep disappointment for those seeking out the trippy effects of THC, hence the name. But that name, or more likely nickname, didn't stick. And now, the famous Charlotte's Web is the most popular CBD strain of all time. Charlotte's Web contains trace levels of THC that are barely even recorded.

                                                                                      But the strain is high in CBD, having an average of approximately 13% CBD. The strain shot to fame after the public saw it on a CNN feature for how the strain was used to treat a young girl named Charlotte Figi.

                                                                                      We can argue Charlotte's Web to be the strain that truly placed CBD on researcher's radars. According to the young girl's family and doctors, the strain assisted with reducing epileptic seizures. In 2013, CNN featured Charlotte Figi's story and the journey with Charlotte's Web on a documentary film titled "Weed." This was one of the first mainstream channels opening the conversation of cannabis being used in the medical capacity. Charlotte's Web is a strain rich in history and story, making it the ultimate CBD addition to any cannabis enthusiast's collection.

                                                                                      Lesser-known favorites include Cannafuel CBD+, Kali, and CBD therapy. All of these strains are available through the Seed City online store.

                                                                                      The CBD seeds for sale listed above are just the tip of the iceberg. Browse our selection of CBD seeds to find your favorite.

                                                                                      But before you go, you might have one more question about CBD seeds. CBD and THC seem to be the most well-known cannabinoids, but THC's reputation is infamous, and you might be wondering if there is THC in CBD rich seeds.

                                                                                      Is there THC in CBD Seeds?

                                                                                      Please keep in mind that while many CBD-rich strains are THC-free, there are some strains that may contain THC. If you're seeking a CBD-only strain, you can easily confirm by reviewing the strain's cannabinoid profile. In our store, all CBD-rich strains come with a verified cannabinoid content description, simplifying the process of choosing the perfect strain for your needs.
                                                                                      Last Updated on Thursday, 08 February 2024 16:43
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