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                                                                                      ChemDawg Cannabis Seeds For Sale

                                                                                      Thursday, 12 December 2019 18:08

                                                                                      ChemDawg Cannabis Plant

                                                                                      Looking for ChemDawg seeds for sale? We have this sought after marijuana strain seeds. ChemDawg seeds produce world-class plants that are easily identifiable by their pungent smell. Shrouded in mystery and reverence, ChemDawg is a unique strain and has remained a firm favorite in the cannabis community for years. The ChemDawg strain takes credit for the birth of many other well-loved strains, including OG Kush and Sour Diesel. It was important to secure ChemDawg Cannabis seeds in our seed bank.

                                                                                      What’s ChemDawg Lineage?

                                                                                      There are some strains that boast a clear genetic history, and others that are shrouded with uncertainty and stories. Chemdawg strain is one of the latter varieties, with stories ranging from a Grateful Dead concert seed exchange to a Colorado cross with a lesser-known strain called Dog Bud.
                                                                                      Whatever its story, the ChemDawg strain is believed to stem from two landrace strains, one Thai and one Nepalese. We found a ChemDawg lab test showing this strain testing for 27% THC. This was another reason we had to get these ChemDawg cannabis seeds, because of its potency.

                                                                                      Despite having a flimsy genetic history, the ChemDawg weed strain has earned its place in the USA's favorite cannabis strains with its blend of upbeat buzz, and distinctive taste and aroma.

                                                                                      Buy ChemDawg Marijuana Seeds

                                                                                      We have high-quality ChemDawg seeds for sale in our extensive inventory. Buy Chemdawg cannabis seeds and experience the uplifting and energizing high that comes with this potent plant. Take a look through our inventory and choose your ChemDawg seeds today.

                                                                                      What does ChemDawg Weed Look Like?

                                                                                      Chemdawg Marijuana

                                                                                      ChemDawg seeds grow into average-sized buds that do not look like your typical indica plants, or hybrid for that matter. Their leaves are long and slender and are rather aesthetically pleasing with their tapering leaves. Once the ChemDawg seeds have grown into flowers, the fresh green leaves are wispy and loose. They are usually coated with white trichomes, leaving the buds with a whimsical, silvery appearance. Add to this their red and orange pistils, and you have yourself one of the most attractive cannabis strains around.

                                                                                      Because of the loosely structured buds and heavy resin, the ChemDawg nuggets are not easy to break up with your hands, and will surely leave your fingers sticky and full of resin. Therefore, it is best to break up these buds with a grinder.

                                                                                      What does ChemDawg Cannabis Strain Taste Like?

                                                                                      As you can probably tell by the name, ChemDawg has a diesel and fuel smell. But the aroma and taste do not stop there; the multi-dimensional flavors extend to smells of pine and musk as well. This taste and smell, however, is dependant on the way the flowers are cured. If the ChemDawg seeds are grown and cured correctly, then you will have on your hands a smooth smoke that brings a hint of sourness to your palate on the inhalation, with the characteristic diesel aroma tickling the top of the palette on the exhalation.

                                                                                      Is ChemDawg Indica or Sativa?

                                                                                      All ChemDawg seed strains are typically a 55% hybrid.This means that the ChemDawg strain is well balanced and well rounded, and has proved to become a popular strain over the years for both its unique taste and uplifting effects.

                                                                                      What Effect does ChemDawg Give?

                                                                                      Before you even have a chance to taste the smokey diesel, you will be hit with a high the way only ChemDawg can. Most people familiar with the ChemDawg strain describe it as fast-hitting, chiseling the senses from the get-go. Aside from sharpened senses, you can expect a heightened sense of your surroundings that many people describe as slightly disorientating. However, don’t let this dissuade you as the disorientation can morph into a creative stimulant, exciting your cerebral senses, and a sense of introspective, provided you are in the right setting for it.

                                                                                      If you are in good company, you might find that the ChemDawg strain lends itself to stimulating conversation, and the increased sensory awareness helps to stimulate introspective communication and productive creativity.

                                                                                      The heady high from ChemDawg leaves you wondering what the effect will be on the physical body. Many users suggest that after the initial cerebral high, the physical body eases with a gentle relaxation. This relaxation is a far cry from the couchlock many Indica heavy strains offer. However, the relaxation does speak for ChemDawg’s indica genetics.

                                                                                      Many medicinal users enjoy ChemDawg as a valuable treatment for a variety of conditions, including PTSD, anxiety, and stress. Others use ChemDawg to provide pain relief, including migraines and chronic pain. Those who are prone to paranoia and who are sensitive to THC should dose ChemDawg carefully. This is because of its potency and mental stimulation, which could lead to recursive thoughts, anxiety, and paranoia if not taken in moderate doses.

                                                                                      Chemdawg Cannabis seeds

                                                                                      How easy is ChemDawg Weed to Grow?

                                                                                      ChemDawg is not the ideal strain for beginners. Cultivating ChemDawg seeds into yielding plants takes knowledge, insight, and experience. Many people are interested in growing the ChemDawg strain from clones; however, with excellent ChemDawg seeds for sale, you can grow the ChemDawg strain from seed with the right knowledge and technique. Because the plant is notoriously fussy, many growers choose to grow it indoors instead of outdoors, although it is still by no means an easy strain to grow.

                                                                                      When growing ChemDawg indoors, there are few considerations to bear in mind. It needs consistent tending to keep it mold and mildew free.The sativa genetics ensure that the plants can reach up to 5 feet and require pruning in the early stages of growth; otherwise, they could reach heights unsuitable for indoor cultivation.

                                                                                      In indoor cultivations, plants from the ChemDawg strain variety tend to flower during the ninth and tenth week. Once flowered, you can expect a high yield. Most cultivators are happy to report that the yield is between approximately 65 and 75 grams per square feet.

                                                                                      Some tips for growing ChemDawg strain:

                                                                                      As you can see from the above description, the ChemDawg cannabis strain can reach tall heights and deliver an abundant yield. While this may be music to a grower’s ears, this size and scale will could cause the branches to sag. Therefore, growers should provide support such as wooden dowels, which help to keep the plants sturdy.

                                                                                      ChemDawg is a strain that will take work to grow, but it is undoubtedly a rewarding one. Get the best ChemDawg seeds today. We strive to have the best cannabis seeds for sale online.

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