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                                                                                      Dankonomics Genetics

                                                                                      Dankonomics Genetics

                                                                                      Dankonomics Genetics

                                                                                      As a cannabis seedbank that has been around for over 20 years, Dankonomics Genetics have a whole lot of experience in cannabis breeding techniques. With a focus on ensuring vigour, potency, and quality, Dankonomic Genetics take thorough testing very seriously. A main aim of Dankonomics Genetics is to develop premium quality medical cannabis seeds.


                                                                                      The most popular Dankonomics Genetics marijuana strains are Banana Kush and Stardawg hybrids. Dankonomic Genetics would also highly recommend the Whitefire Funk cannabis seed strain, which has the funk and flavor of the 91 chem but the power of the 1988 G13! Dankonomics are always in the lab testing out new strains and you can be sure to see any additions to their range welcomed here at Seed City.


                                                                                      Whether your thing is regular, feminised, indica, sativa, or super strength seeds, make sure to come to Seed City for your Dankonomics Genetics - here you'll be sure to find the best prices available online, shipped discreetly around the world!

                                                                                      Dankonomics Genetics Website:

                                                                                      Dankonomics Genetics Instagram:

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                                                                                      Triangle Tooth

                                                                                      The Florida Triangle Kush meets Sweet Tooth. A combo of fuel, cologne, and candied blueberry grapefruit. Very fast finish outside, with long chunky spears of in...


                                                                                      Chocolate Tooth

                                                                                      The unknown Gorilla Glue clone meets Sweet Tooth. A heavy chocolate piney tennis ball funk meets the candied blueberry grapefruit sweet tooth indica. Very heavy...


                                                                                      Al Capone OG

                                                                                      The Ghost OG aka the Josh D OG aka 1992 Florida OG, the original OG Kush that spawned all the others that are still very popular all over the world. Well grown...


                                                                                      Cookie Tooth

                                                                                      Breeder Dankonomics Genetics Genetics GSC x Sweet Tooth #4 IBL Pack Size 10 Seeds Variety Indica / Sativa Flowering Type Photoperiod Sex Regular...


                                                                                      Sour Tooth #4

                                                                                      My Sour OG clone meets the Sweet Tooth #4 IBL. The male was grapefruit blueberry candy smelling and was the best smelling plant I think I've ever smelled. Mixed...


                                                                                      Blueberry Teeth IBL

                                                                                      Sweet tooth #4 ibl from breeder Steve is a legendary strain well known for its fast finish and bouquet of fruity deliciousness. From a 15 year old pack this str...


                                                                                      Orange Tooth

                                                                                      The orange diesel meets the sweet tooth #4. A very uplifting sativa with awesome flavor from the orange diesel with some blueberry grapefruit blends....


                                                                                      Banana Quin

                                                                                      Dankonomics Genentics - Banana Quin now available in Seed City. Description and images coming soon!...


                                                                                      Tooth Wreck

                                                                                      The legendary Arcata Trainwreck meets the Sweet Tooth #4 IBL. Expect power and frost and super hybrid vigour. From quick to moderate finish times, and very good...


                                                                                      Whitefire Funk

                                                                                      whitefire og(fire og x the white) x clusterfunk(91 chem x 1988 g13hp)...


                                                                                      Chocolate Stardawg

                                                                                      The pre 98 bubba kush meets the stardawg, a vast improvement upon the notoriously slow bubba. Quicker, bigger, and more vigor, with outstanding flavor and produ...


                                                                                      Strawberry Stardawg

                                                                                      The strawberry diesel v2, with stardawg instead of Rezs sour diesel Ibl. Kyle kushmans strawberry cough was hit to stardawg, the chemdawg powerhouse from Top Da...


                                                                                      Alien Kush Dawg

                                                                                      Dankonomics genetics - Alien Kush Dawg now available in Seed City! Description and images coming soon....


                                                                                      Funk Dawg

                                                                                      clusterfunk the 91 chem powerhouse meets stardawg the chem 4 x tres dawg (chem d bx3) the stinkiest heaviest skunk in the land. This is as close to the road kil...


                                                                                      Goji Dawg

                                                                                      A select goji og f1 cut was used I've had for a few years now. It's an amazing plant, but needed help in the yield department a bit. Stardawg did just that. Kee...


                                                                                      Blue Tooth

                                                                                      The classic Blue Dream meets Sweet Tooth indica. A Blueberry explosion with hints of Sweet Pink Grapefruit and Super Silver Haze. Very large yields in an easy t...


                                                                                      Banana Stardawg

                                                                                      The tropical Banana Kush clone only meets the Stardawg #2 male. Expect varying phenos ranging from tropical banana to fuelly Chemdog/headband phenos. Very uniqu...


                                                                                      Gorilla Glue #4 S1

                                                                                      The Michigan Cup-winning cut of Gorilla Glue #4 reversed. Expect similar GG4-type pheno-types to bubblegum, sour dub, and chocolate diesel types. Very interesti...


                                                                                      Ultimate Banana Kush IBL

                                                                                      Ultimate Banana Kush is the blend of an old elite clone only Banana Kush from Colorado, with orgnkid's Banana Kush seed release in a stable inbred line. Expect...


                                                                                      Dream Stardawg

                                                                                      Dream stardawg is a hybrid of two very well known strains. The Santa Cruz Blue Dream is a rock-star that's stood the test of time. She is easy to grow, yields i...


                                                                                      Stardawg 3 x Banana Kush

                                                                                      Stardawg #3, my amazing find, meets up with orgnkids Banana Kush F9 male in a exciting hybrid with colour and yields and high THC. Expect some banana types with...


                                                                                      Double Choco Glue #4

                                                                                      Double Choco Glue #4 Feminised is the marriage of an unknown Gorilla Glue clone mix-up sourced at the Michigan Cup with a heavy chocolate fudge smell, piney, ku...


                                                                                      Banana Glue #4

                                                                                      Banana Glue #4 is a female cross of the elite original Banana Kush cutting mixed to GG#4. Expect big plants, heavy to moderate yields with tart banana runts can...


                                                                                      Triangle Glue #4

                                                                                      +The Triangle Kush meets Gorilla Glue #4 in a powerhouse cross of two elite strains. Triangle Kush is a large OG type of plant but mixed with GG4 its power only...


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