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Hortilab Cannabis Seeds


Hortilab Seeds are based in the Netherlands and have a clear aim to provide cannabis genetics that excel in characteristics such as flavour, potency and yield. Hortilabs' cannabis seed range draws on cannabis seed genetics from both the European Cannabis Scene and also the American Cannabis scene. Hortilabs say they are dedicated to producing the finest medical cannabis seeds possible but they also wish to set the standard when it comes to cannabis genetics desired by the recreational connoisseur as well. Many of their strains are F1 hybrids involving Sour Diesel genetics, Sour Amnesia and Sour Pink Grapefruit are two of their most popular. Their flagship strain is Starbud which has had a great reception in the cannabis world and took 1st Place at the ICMag 2009 Best Breeder Indica award.

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Hortilab Seeds

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Friesland BX - Hortilab Seeds

Friesland BX Regular Cannabis Seeds. We were lucky enough to recieve an oldschool outdoor seedline from the NL, which dates back to the M33 from the ''super sat...


Sour Amnesia - Hortilab Seeds

East Coast meets Europe! Sour Diesel, one of the most notorious strains from the USA teams up with one of Hollands most finest, the original southern Holland A...


Sour Pink Grapefruit - Hortilab Seeds

Very vigorous and easy to grow with huge yields of fat, frosty buds with that unique grapefruit smell. One of our favorites!...


Sour Power - Hortilab Seeds

Another award winning sativa hybrid from HortiLab."Sour Power" is easy to grow with big, resinous sativa buds that pack a very strong and easily distinguishable...


Sour Star - Hortilab Seeds

Our 2013 Indica/sativa hybrid! The multiple award winning Indica flagship "StarBud" pollinated by our infamous ECSD V3 daddy. The "SourStar" has a unique flavor...


Star Kush - Hortilab Seeds

Another vigorous standout variety with a strong kushy smell and flavor, easy to grow and fast flowering....


Starberry - Hortilab Seeds

Our Breeders took the award winning "StarBud" clone, world famous for potent, rock hard and super frosty flowers and pollinated it with a "Blueberry" dad from o...


Starbud S1 - Hortilab Seeds

StarBud is our Indica flagship. A beautiful and potent Indica strain originating from the mid west USA with buds so frosty they sparkle like stars in a clear su...


Starbud Sister - Hortilab Seeds

A direct sister of the original StarBud with sparkeling flowers, similar potency and a strong kushy smell and flavor. A true standout. Huge harvests of award w...


Super Sour Skunk - Hortilab Seeds

The latest release from HortiLab. An old school pre 98 super Skunk clone from Holland was pollinated with our ECSDv3 dad. The result is a Sour Diesel dominat ty...


Sweet Pink Grapefruit - Hortilab Seeds

Hortilab Seeds - Sweet Pink Grapefuit Now available!! Info Coming Soon....


Hortilab Seeds

Welcome to Seed City's Updated Hortilab Seeds Selection for 16th January, We stock the entire range of Hortilab Seeds at the Best Prices Online! You will also find that we stock Single Pick and Mix Cannabis Seeds for the Whole Range of Hortilab Seeds! This allows you to buy just 1 Single Cannabis Seed if you so wish and you can also Pick and Mix between all of the fantastic breeders we sell! We also offer discounts on Multi-Pack Purchases so from 1 Seed of Hortilab Seeds to 1,000 Seeds of Hortilab Seeds you always know we'll have the Best Prices Available Anywhere!

Seed City ships Hortilab Seeds Discreetly, Worldwide and with our Famous Seed City Guarantee!

Be Sure to Refine your Hortilab Seeds Selection further by selecting more options on the Seed Selector to the left! No matter if you are searching for Indoor or Outdoor Hortilab Seeds this January you will be sure to enjoy the Seed City Seed Selector! You can also Order any list of Cannabis Seeds by Popularity and Single Seed price! So get searching for those High Yielding Hortilab Seeds!

Order from our Hortilab Seeds range this January 16th from Seed City and get the Freshest Hortilab Seeds with the Best Customer Service online!
Last Updated Was Exactly: Tuesday, 16 January 2018 17:00
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