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                                                                                      Moxie Female Seeds

                                                                                      Moxie Female Seeds

                                                                                      Moxie Female Seeds

                                                                                      Moxie Female Seeds is an award-winning cannabis seedbank based in California, founded in 2015 by a group of professionals with a long history of experience in marijuana cultivation and extraction, in order to meet the ever increasing demand for cannabis extraction. Well-known as the first seedbank in the world to be breeding from extraction, Moxie Female Seeds & Extracts were awarded the first production license in Las Vegas permitting the extraction of manufactured cannabis products. All of Moxie Seeds' cannabis strains are true and tested, handpicked from gardens around the world to prioritise maximum potency, and the best colours, flavours, and aromas. Moxie Female Seeds have won numerous awards at Cannabis Cups around the world, especially for non-psychoactive CBD (Cannabidiol) products.


                                                                                      Whether its Indicas, Sativas, High CBD, High Yield, or Sweet Tasting cannabis seeds you're looking for, you'll find what you need in the Moxie Femal Seeds range here at Seed City, which includes popular marijuana seed strains such as Moxie Zod, Lemon Cake, Lemonade Haze, and Goji D.C. The best prices, the most secure shipping, and the most discreet delivery are all guaranteed with Seed City!

                                                                                      Moxie Female Seeds Quick Links

                                                                                      View all Moxie Female Seeds Cannabis Seeds

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                                                                                      Grape Valley Kush - Moxie Female Seeds

                                                                                      Grape Valley Kush was made with love and is a hybrid of San Fernando Valley OG made popular by The Cali Connection, mixed with Grape Kush. It has a long and pr...


                                                                                      Lemon O.G. - Moxie Female Seeds

                                                                                      Lemon O.G. x Lemon O.G. Indica Dominant 8 Weeks Indoor & Outdoor...


                                                                                      Moxie Alpine OG - Moxie Female Seeds

                                                                                      Alpine O.G. combines the legendary Tahoe O.G. with MOXIE's staple O.G., the Viper City. This strain is vigorous and pest-resistant....


                                                                                      Moxie Zod - Moxie Female Seeds

                                                                                      Zod is a strain that has something for everyone. Looking for a chunky-sweet O.G.? Got it. Need a sweet base for extraction flavours? Zod is sure to have some...


                                                                                      Lemonade Haze - Moxie Female Seeds

                                                                                      Super Lemon Haze is possibly one of the most known cannabis plants on the planet. Its won countless awards, been crossed into numerous other breeds and after m...


                                                                                      Goji D.C. (Limited) - Moxie Female Seeds

                                                                                      Goji DC is a CBD balanced strain that took 1st Place at the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in the San Francisco in 2015 for CBD concentrate. The perfect blend...


                                                                                      Moxie Golden Cobra - Moxie Female Seeds

                                                                                      This Limited Release Strain combines Moxie's Gape Kush with the world's most decorated strain to date: Tangie from DNA Genetics....


                                                                                      Moxie V.C.D.C. - Moxie Female Seeds

                                                                                      Winner of the 2015 High Times Southern California Cannabis Cup, VCDC combines the legendary ACDC strain with our in-house breeding staple; Viper City O.G. by c...


                                                                                      Moxie Viper City OG 13 - Moxie Female Seeds

                                                                                      We took our house O.G. and back crossed it with the original female to get a more stable Lemon-leaning plant. Less purple than its father, VCOG XII will produce...


                                                                                      Moxie Viper Cookies - Moxie Female Seeds

                                                                                      MOXIE's house OG mixed with the legendary Forum Cookies. Truly a match made in Indica heaven. Both strains have a very heavy beta-Caryophyllene content making...


                                                                                      Lemon Cake - Moxie Female Seeds

                                                                                      First on the docket for the Fall ’15 line from Moxie is Lemon Cake. Our in-house standard Lemon O.G. strikes a chord with the infamous TGA Genetics strain Jesus...


                                                                                      Goji Cake - Moxie Female Seeds

                                                                                      Goji O.G. from Bodhi Seeds has won too many awards to count. This perfect blend of Indica effect with tropical fruit flavors makes for one of the Moxie crew's...


                                                                                      Viper Goji - Moxie Female Seeds

                                                                                      Similar to the Lemon Goji O.G., Viper Goji O.G. combines two award winning strains Goji O.G. and Viper City O.G. to create a well-rounded strain perfect for any...


                                                                                      Moxie Grape Kush - Moxie Female Seeds

                                                                                      Over the years, this legendary Kush strain has tended to lean away from the sweet and hinge more on its kushie roots. Finishing purple with bright orange hairs...


                                                                                      Moxie Lucky Number Sleven - Moxie Female Seeds

                                                                                      Lucky Number Sleven is a commercial growers dream. It produces short and wide plants that are easy to maintain with minimal effort....


                                                                                      Moxie Snake Venom - Moxie Female Seeds

                                                                                      With a very unique combination of creamy sweetness and fuely Kush flavours, it truly lives up to the hype....


                                                                                      Lemon Goji O.G. - Moxie Female Seeds

                                                                                      Goji is one of the most rewarding strains a grower can plant, but it can also be one of the most difficult. It has a tendency to be a picky feeder, grow string...


                                                                                      Super Goji Haze - Moxie Female Seeds

                                                                                      Super Goji Haze started as a mix used for extracts by combining the strains Super Lemon Haze and Goji O.G. The flavor that ensues is nothing short of a perfect...


                                                                                      Viper Haze - Moxie Female Seeds

                                                                                      The amazingly stable Grape Kush crossed with the ever flavorful Super Lemon Haze creates a beautiful fruit medley with a citrus dominate flavour. Great for new...


                                                                                      Goji Golden Cobra - Moxie Female Seeds

                                                                                      This is citrus fuel of a strain combines the Golden Cobra from Moxie and the Goji O.G. from Bodhi Seeds. By adding the resin production of Goji to the monstrou...


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