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                                                                                      Norstar Genetics

                                                                                      Norstar Genetics

                                                                                      Norstar Genetics

                                                                                      Norstar Genetics is a cannabis breeder and weed seed bank on a quest to find and produce the best cannabis genetics possible! With a particular focus on creating cannabis seeds for the medical marijuana community, Norstar Genetics have only been able to benefit the Californian medical cannabis community - until now! After extensive testing, researching, and cannabis breeding, Norstar Genetics have produced marijuana seed strains of extremely high quality! Every Nor Star cannabis seeds test must live up to Norstar Genetic's strict high standards to ensure customers receive only the best.


                                                                                      Here at Seed City, you'll find Indica dominant Norstar Genetics cannabis seed strains (such as Vintners Moonshine), Sativa dominant Norstar Genetics cannabis seed strains (such as Alcatraz OG), High CBD Norstar Genetics cannabis seed strains (such as The Mission), Norstar Genetics Cheese strains (like Chelumbian and Borgota Breeze), and Norstar Genetics OG Kush strains (like Big City Lights and Lands End). Don't forget, ordering online via seed city means low prices, worldwide secure shipping, and discreet delivery!

                                                                                      Norstar Genetics Website:

                                                                                      Norstar Genetics Instagram:

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                                                                                      Bubba Fresh

                                                                                      A fresh take on the pre ‘98 bubba is what NorStar have here, the sweet soft Banana OG and spicy chocolaty Bubba combine to make a wonderful hybrid, hinting at c...


                                                                                      Big City Lights

                                                                                      This unique mix of two very different strains combines to deliver a treat worthy to bring with you for a night on the town. Rich thick velvety aromas from the c...


                                                                                      Golden Child

                                                                                      While NorStar Genetics love the Highland OaxacaGold mom they have, her slow growth and less than average yields leave room for improvements. This cross does jus...


                                                                                      Grand Poohbah

                                                                                      When it come down potency, flavor, and visual appeal there are no compromises to be made here! The deep rich intoxicating Bubba aromas blend so seamlessly with...


                                                                                      Panama Jack

                                                                                      Either day or night Panama Jack will get the job done if cramps or nausea is your ailment. She may be a bit of a creeper so be warned, take it slow, too much an...


                                                                                      Frisco OG

                                                                                      Awesome OG. Nausea and cramp relieving effects are profound. Typical OG growth structure with larger yields, covered in a sea of sugary, spicy, citrus, and pine...


                                                                                      Queen of Hearts

                                                                                      Powerful head and body effect, and the strong scent of cherry, pine and dungeon trichomes, are hallmarks of this wonderful strain. Potent thought simulator with...



                                                                                      This ultra resinous sativa beauty sparkles as if she is encrusted with diamonds. The NCG mom is famous for her thick flavorand strong effect, as well as her ver...


                                                                                      Lands End

                                                                                      Looking for a potent, tasty treat? Look no farther, the melding of OG and Chem into this gorgeous cross will leave your jaw on the floor. Heavy Chem flavors wit...



                                                                                      This is NorStar Genetics version of Purple Haze, with soaring sativa buzz and luscious tropical flavors, everyone will love this strain. Epic is one word that c...


                                                                                      Vintners Moonshine

                                                                                      This cross of purples combines to make a sweet tart grape with hints of whiskey making for an unusual but enjoyable treat. The Zinn mother is an excellent outdo...



                                                                                      This cross of two Central American legends produces monstrous sweet and spicy towers of bud that transport you mentally to the Pacific Coast. Tropical fruits an...


                                                                                      Jungle Scout

                                                                                      One of a kind cookies cross leaning heavy to the Colombian Gold side of the cross with added density and a body punch that may catch you off guard. Be sure to e...


                                                                                      Amnesia OG

                                                                                      When the Combo of yield, ease of growth, and quality are your goals then this may be your magic ticket. Large plump buds with soaring sativa buzz, all grown in...


                                                                                      Banana D

                                                                                      NorStar Genetics bring the funk and some with this pungent cross!!! From greasy Chem to sweet candied banana flavors and funky mixes of the two, this strain del...



                                                                                      If you love big rangy stinky sativas this is for you. The heavy yields from this girls are suitable for indoor growth when properly trained, but her true beauty...


                                                                                      Midnight Fire

                                                                                      A unique OG cross that brings some color to the table, along with a little more speed in flowering. With several special phenotypes to choose from the only ques...


                                                                                      Borgota Breeze

                                                                                      This stinky girls is a great medication with little tolerance build up, an excellent mood lifter, and is very good for nausea. Upbeat, relaxed, and smiling is h...


                                                                                      The Mission

                                                                                      Hear at NorStar Genetics they are always on a mission, and The Mission is the start of a new one, that strives to make CBD strains common place in all medical g...


                                                                                      Frisco Snaps

                                                                                      Time to make the cookies, pre heat your ovens, and get ready for some Snaps! This is NorStar Genetics first batch of GSC hybrid to hit the market, and this comb...


                                                                                      Sugar Kiss

                                                                                      Sugar Kiss is a vigorous grower that is easy to clone, a great pant for beginners. She delivers potent head and body effect that lift spirits, she is ideal as a...


                                                                                      Pretty Wicked

                                                                                      Looking for a stinky beauty? this may be your strain. The stench from the Chem D will treat your nose and the beautiful colors will treat your eyes. With its ni...


                                                                                      Sour Chelumbian

                                                                                      It’s time to treat your self to a truly powerful strain that delivers a positive, creative, and mood elevating feel that can make almost anything seem better. A...


                                                                                      The Maestro

                                                                                      With many dense stinky purple phenotypes. The Frisco OG male is a resinous stinky dude that helps speed up the Urkle and punch up it yield, while maintaining it...


                                                                                      Alcatraz OG

                                                                                      Thick heavy OG all the way, you will need to keep your jar under maximum security if you plan to save any! This Hell’s OG Kush BX is ultra potent and tasty beyo...


                                                                                      Columbian Thunder Funk

                                                                                      This cross is for producing fat greasy colas, that will please the sativa lover in you. The Alaskan Thunder Fuck greatly reduces flowering time and punches up t...


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