Seeds of Africa

Seeds of Africa

Seeds of Africa

Seeds of Africa is Africa's premium cannabis seedbank and home to some of the finest examples of authentic, native Cannabis Sativa seeds on the planet. With the intention of passing on pure “foundation strains”, Seeds of Africa cannabis seeds are hand selected directly from the beauty of Africa, with its high mountains and dramatic valleys. These are then perfectly packaged to ensure that the highest quality pot seeds possible reach you, the collector. With Seeds of Africa's emphasise on providing such pure genetics, these cannabis seeds are perfect for anyone aspiring to creative cross pollination, giving the collector the option of creating an infinite variety of new marijuana strains.


Some of the most popular Seeds of Africa cannabis seeds include Malawi Gold, Apondo Mystic, Swazi Gold, and Durban Magic. All of these varieties and more are available here at Seed City, and you won't find lower prices than ours anywhere online! 

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Malawi Gold

Malawi Gold is harvested exclusively in the Northern region of Malawi, on aplateau at the altitude of around 4000ft. This generally subtropical region sees litt...


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