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                                                                                      Top 10 Best Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds for Sale

                                                                                      Wednesday, 18 August 2021 15:54

                                                                                      Top 10 Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

                                                                                      What are autoflower seeds? Autoflowering cannabis seeds involve a genetic mix of two different species. The first is an indica or sativa cannabis strain with the beneficial properties the strain provides. Second, breeders add a cannabis ruderalis to the mix.

                                                                                      Cannabis ruderalis is a less common species of marijuana known mainly to seed collectors. The species is ideal for interbreeding because it’s native to Siberia and Northern Europe, two areas with less light.

                                                                                      In its natural habitat, cannabis ruderalis seeds thrive in low-light environments. However, Ruderalis is rarely used independently because the seeds generally have a low-level THC content.

                                                                                      When bred with sativas and indicas, cannabis ruderalis produces autoflowering seeds favored by collectors.

                                                                                      Seed collectors prefer autoflowering seeds for several reasons.

                                                                                      The seeds are easy to care for. Rather than needing specific light stages for success, they fare with natural lighting, making it easier on collectors.

                                                                                      Additionally, autoflowering seeds are more resistant to pests than other species. These seeds can survive mold and illness where other seeds would expire.

                                                                                      Autoflowering seeds also contain high CBD content and high-quality terpene profiles. Collectors often recommend autoflowering seeds for beginners because they are easy to care for.

                                                                                      Why Seed City is the best autoflower seed bank

                                                                                      Not all autoflowering cannabis seeds are the same, and Seed City knows that. The seed bank prides itself on providing collectors with the highest-quality cannabis products.

                                                                                      Seed City has been one of the leading online marijuana seed banks since it was started in 2010. Years of experience and a team of expert collectors make Seed City the number one spot for premium cannabis seeds.

                                                                                      The seed bank focuses on finding the rarest genetics, incredible innovations, and iconic seed brands for its collectors. Every seed strain is chosen carefully and offered at a reasonable price for consumers.

                                                                                      For new and experienced collectors, Seed City is the one-stop shop for the best seeds at the most affordable prices.

                                                                                      Seed City also offers a carefully curated selection of premium-quality autoflowering seeds.

                                                                                      Here are the top 10 best autoflower seeds for sale from Seed City.

                                                                                      Cinderella 99 Strain Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

                                                                                      Top 10 Best Auto Seeds Cinderella 99

                                                                                      Seed City offers the Cinderella 99 strains from Grower’s Choice at a low price for such a quality collector’s item. Grower’s Choice is a California-based seed bank focusing on the health and wellness of its seeds and clientele. The brand’s Instagram has over 12K devoted followers interested in the beautiful bud pictures posted by Grower’s Choice.

                                                                                      Cinderella 99 from Grower’s Choice is a sativa-dominant blend of Shiva Skunk and Jack Herer. Buds from this strain produce heady and euphoric highs, fruity terpenes, and relief for medical patients. Cinderella 99 was bred over multiple generations to create a perfect blend of all its ancestors, and collectors can find the best version at Seed City.

                                                                                      Chong’s Choice Autoflower Weed Seeds

                                                                                      Top 10 Autoflowering Weed Seeds Auto Kong

                                                                                      Paradise Seeds is a long-running seed bank with over 25 years of experience in the industry. The seed bank is a Cannabis Cup winner 25 times over with many famous strains. Paradise offers information for collectors on their 18K Instagram, including images and content of their products. One of Paradise Seed’s best sets is the series Chong’s Choice, named after iconic stoner Tommy Chong.

                                                                                      Auto Kong is the first autoflower in the Chong’s Choice three-strain series. Paradise Seeds crafted it using a blend of US-originated Gorilla Glue and Pandora, an original autoflower. The seeds lean toward indica with a sweet lemon scent and high THC content.

                                                                                      Big Bud Cannabis Seeds

                                                                                      Big Bud Auto Best Auto Strains

                                                                                      Big Bud is a popular autoflowering seed among collectors, and Seed City offers it from one of the best banks around - Seed Stockers. Seed Stockers is a Barcelona-based seed bank with some of the most affordable prices around. According to its official Instagram page, the bank emphasizes high-quality genetics, professional customer service, and fostering loyal relationships with clients. With over 21K followers, the bank is a favorite among collectors everywhere because of its focus on Dutch and Spanish cannabis breeders.

                                                                                      One of Seed Stocker’s favorite strains is Big Bud. The strain is a crossbreed of Northern Lights, Arfghani, and Skunk #1. Big Bud was brought to the Netherlands after it was first bred in the US. The XXL auto offers high THC levels and intense relaxation to its users.

                                                                                      Larry Lemon OG 35-Day Autoflower Seeds

                                                                                      Larry Lemon Top 10 Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

                                                                                      Seedsman Seeds is a Barcelonian bank known for its collection of premium seeds from the best breeders in the world. With over 128K followers on Instagram, the bank has been making a name for itself in the collector world since 2003. Seedsman posts content of the buds produced from their seeds, including special promos and exclusive offers.

                                                                                      Larry Lemon autoflower seeds encompass Seedsman’s value in high-quality cannabis. The 50/50 hybrid is a breed of OG Kush and SFV OG Kush for a powerful seed. Buds produced from Larry Lemon seeds have high THC levels (20-26%) and an earthy terpene profile. The best version and prices for Seedsman Larry Lemon are found at Seed City.

                                                                                      Lemon Meringue High Yield Autoflower Seeds USA

                                                                                      Top 10 Best Auto Pot Seeds Lemon Meringue

                                                                                      TasteBudz is a woman-owned cannabis seed collecting community that offers seeds with full-bodied flavor and incredible genetics. With a focus on finding elite strains rather than gathering low-quality collector’s items, Tastebudz promises dependable seeds. The brand’s Instagram offers content about cannabis from Tastebudz's quality seeds.

                                                                                      Tastebudz focuses on providing the best of the best, and one of those strains is the Lemon Meringue autoflowering. The strain is crafted from a blend of Cookies and Cream and Lemon Skunk for a deliciously sweet and citrusy terpene profile. In addition to a delightful aroma, the strain also boasts energetic effects and euphoric highs.

                                                                                      Blue Diesel Marijuana Seeds

                                                                                      Top 10 Best Autoflowering Seeds Blue Diesel

                                                                                      Seed City offers the best Blue Diesel seeds from Grower’s Choice. The seed bank is a popular choice among collectors because of its emphasis on quality picks, the satisfaction of clientele, and accessible prices. At Seed City, only superior seeds are offered, including an incredible selection of Blue Diesel seeds from Grower’s Choice.

                                                                                      Blue Diesel is an iconic hybrid strain. It’s a crossbreed of Blueberry and NYC Diesel for a seed that is both powerful and long-lasting. The terpene profile of this strain displays the Blueberry ancestry with a sweet, berry scent. Blue Diesel is well-loved by collectors because of its medicinal purposes and deep relaxation.

                                                                                      Purple Diesel Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

                                                                                      Top 10 Auto Strains Purple Diesel

                                                                                      Following Blue Diesel, Purple Diesel just has to come next! Advanced Seeds has an extensive selection at Seed City, including this potent strain. The brand is based in Spain, specializing in cutting-edge generics in its autoflowering seeds. Advanced Seeds promises that all their collector’s items are produced organically without the use of harsh chemicals. In fact, cannabis seeds from Advanced Seeds are made with only natural insecticides.

                                                                                      Purple Diesel is one of the all-natural options from Advanced Seeds at Seed City. The strain is a hybrid from Pre-98 Bubba Kush and the infamous Sour Diesel. Buds from Purple Diesel produce euphoric, giggly highs with a sour terpene profile and are popular among all collectors.

                                                                                      Fat Monkey Autoflower Seeds - Feminized

                                                                                      Fat Monkey Auto Top 10 Best Auto Strains

                                                                                      Anyone in the cannabis seed collector community will recognize the name Anesia Seeds. Its popularity within collectors is built on high standards and professional breeding to create the best selection. With a 13.7K following on Instagram, the brand knows all about customer satisfaction when it comes to providing seeds.

                                                                                      Among Anesia Seeds’ high-quality collection is the strain Fat Monkey. Though the name might not sound too promising, the seed strain is universally loved for its potency and gorgeous buds. Fat Monkey is derived from Grease Monkey, Watermelon Zkittlez, and Ruderalis to create the best of all three worlds.

                                                                                      Dragon Fruit Auto Weed Seeds

                                                                                      Dragon Fruit Auto Top 10 Best Autoflowering Strains

                                                                                      Dragon Seeds collects the finest seeds from expert breeders in Spain and the Netherlands for a top-notch selection. Full of award-winning genetics, the brand specializes in finding the highest-quality seeds for its collectors. Offering exclusive giveaways and pro tips on Instagram, Dragon Seeds is all about the customer experience.

                                                                                      One of Dragon Seeds’ famous strains is Dragon Fruit. Made from Snow Lotus and Silver Haze, the seeds are a beautiful green with a deep aroma. The hybrid strain has 19% THC, and buds produce focused, energized cerebral highs with a body buzz. Seed City offers these amazing items from Dragon Seeds for prices accessible to all collectors.

                                                                                      Lemonberry Haze Auto Cannabis Seeds

                                                                                      Lemonberry Haze Auto Top 10 Best Auto Cannabis Strains

                                                                                      Collectors can find the most extensive selection of premium strains like this Lemonberry Haze only at Seed City. The celebrated seed bank Original Sensible Seeds has been serving collectors for more than a decade, and the brand just keeps growing. Original Sensible Seeds emphasizes strong genetics, a passion for the cannabis industry, and treating their customers well with only the best products.

                                                                                      Lemonberry Haze offers everything OSS believes in and more. The hybrid strain has a 14% THC content and sweet berry aromas in its buds. Crossbred from Dabney Blue and Lemon Thai, Original Sensible Seeds masterfully crafts the best version of the strain. Find a superior Lemonberry Haze strain from Original Sensible Seeds at
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