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                                                                                      Green Crack - Cali Connection Seeds

                                                                                      Green Crack Cannabis Seeds

                                                                                      This is the famed Cecil B. cut, this is the cut that Snoop Dogg made famous back in the day. Everybody knows Green Crack AKA Kush. This is what we’ve done, we’v

                                                                                      Green Crack is currently This product is currently not available.
                                                                                      Ask a Question About Green Crack Cannabis Seeds

                                                                                      Green Crack Cannabis Seeds from Cali Connection Seeds

                                                                                      Buy Green Crack Seeds

                                                                                      This strain owes its popularity largely to Snoop Dog. Initially, its name was ‘Cush’; however, Snoop Dog found it necessary to rename it as Green Crack. Shock value is indeed a proper marketing technique because since then, its fame has skyrocketed. Although the name Green Crack could instigate unwanted stigma, the intense cerebral effects are sought after and well-loved by most who sample it. With its earthy and fruity flavors, Green Crack is a high THC strain that is the ultimate daytime strain. Let’s find out more about this strain.

                                                                                      What's Green Crack Lineage?

                                                                                      There are few cannabis strains nowadays that don’t have disputed genes, and Green Crack is no exception. The strain is thought to have been initially bred in Athens, GA, back in the ’70s. The genes are also thought to come from Skunk 1, and some believe that it could also have genetics from the Indica Afghani landrace as well. 

                                                                                      Buy Green Crack Marijuana Seeds 

                                                                                       We have the Green Crack strain named by Snoop Dogg for sale in our massive inventory. Buy Green Crack seeds and experience a high that comes with an inspiration for creative and energy. You have options to buy this strain from two different cannabis breeders on our network.

                                                                                      Green Crack Cannabis Seeds For Sale from Cali Connection Seeds. For an autoflowering option of this strain check out the version from FastBuds.

                                                                                      What does Green Crack Weed Look Like?

                                                                                      When you first lay eyes on a Green Crack bud, you will find the buds to look like typical Indica buds. This strain produces small, cloistered, and dense buds. As for coloring, the leaves tend to be light in color and don’t be surprised if your leaves are more on the yellow side. When Green Crack is exposed to colder climates, especially during the growing stages, you may notice that the leaves begin to develop purple streaks. This is not in all plants, but only in the ones that carry specific phenotypes. To add to this array of colors, the best Green Crack seeds usually begin to develop pistils that have a more ruddy, rust color that pops out against the other foliage colors. Once the plant starts to mature, it produces a creamy coating of trichomes around it. These trichomes give the buds a stickiness to the touch and a glistening effect to the eye. To add to this visual delight, you can expect a dynamic and complex scent, as well. Once the flower buds have properly dried and cured, the smell is reminiscent of citrus with undertones of earthiness and wood.

                                                                                      What does Green Crack Cannabis Strain Taste Like?

                                                                                      As can be expected, after you have sampled the scent of Green Crack, the taste is also complex. If you are enjoying this strain as a smoke, then you can expect a smooth inhalation with the palate experiencing a hit of tangy mango while the exhale delivers a somewhat spicy flavor, reminiscent of the possible Afghani hash in its genetic lineage. 

                                                                                      Is Green Crack Indica or Sativa?

                                                                                      Most Green Crack seeds offer sativa dominant plants, with an average sativa of 65%. 

                                                                                      What Effect does Green Crack Give?

                                                                                      As described in the flavor, the mango tang is the first effect on the palate, while the hash flavor on the exhale is spicy.

                                                                                      After the flavors, you will begin to feel the effect.

                                                                                      Green Crack cannabis seeds grow into plants that carry Indica characteristics. Despite these Indica characteristics, the effects are decidedly sativa with a long-lasting cerebral buzz. Initially, users can expect a strong, energetic stimulation, which then begins to take effect as a cerebral stimulation. Therefore, Green Crack cannabis is the quintessential wake and bake strain. If you have household chores to do, that would typically be mundane and challenging to do from start to finish; then Green Crack can help to spice things up, making these usually mundane tasks a bit more interesting.

                                                                                      If you are more inclined towards creative pursuits, then Green Crack weed could be the right choice. This is because many users have described Green Crack as an inspiring high, which narrows your focus in on the task at hand, and also stimulates creativity. Some users also describe how Green Crack effects allows you to be more sensitive to subtle nuances in music and movies.

                                                                                      If you are beginning to think that Green Crack is a complex strain, then you will be correct. The experience can also be described as slightly psychedelic, as some people have described visual distortions and time dilation.

                                                                                      The Green Crack marijuana strain is not to be used at night unless you are looking at working or enjoying the night. It is not a strain that is to be used for winding down. Instead, it uplifts and leaves the user more wound up than winding down.

                                                                                      Despite its decidedly Indica characteristics, the Green Crack cannabis strain does not carry any of the sedating Indica characteristics, nor has it shown up to have any useful medicinal benefits. It could, however, help narrow focus when needed. Moreover, the energizing effects could be potentially used to relieve users from fatigue, depression, and anxiety. However, as with most strains, the dosage decides. If the dosage is too high, then the recursive cerebral thinking could lead to users descending into paranoia, anxiety, and sometimes even panic.
                                                                                      Green Crack Effect

                                                                                      How easy is Green Crack Weed to Grow?

                                                                                      Green Crack seeds are relatively easy to grow and are an excellent choice for those novice growers looking to try out their green fingers. Whether you want to grow indoors or outdoors, Green Crack seeds can flourish in both environments, provided you offer the seeds the right parameters. Outdoor crops require stable sunlight and consistent temperature that ranges between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit or 22 and 26 Celsius.

                                                                                      Indoor cultivation is decidedly easier than growing Green Crack seeds outdoors and the recommended route for newbies. The Green Crack plants can reach 4 feet tall, and the branching is strong and lateral.

                                                                                      When you are growing green crack seeds, be sure to use the ‘topping technique by trimming the broad leaves at the top. This trimming allows the lower stalks to drink in the light, which in turn allows the plant to produce a higher yield of bud.

                                                                                      Despite being Sativa dominant, Green Crack reaches maturity quicker than most sativas. From seed to flower, Green Crack seeds reach full maturity in approximately 7 to 8 weeks in an indoor cultivation. Green Crack seeds should produce plants that are ready for harvest in October when grown outdoors in the Northern hemisphere.
                                                                                      This is the famed Cecil B. cut, this is the cut that Snoop Dogg made famous back in the day. Everybody knows Green Crack AKA Kush. This is what we’ve done, we’ve taken the Green Crack and orginialy outcrossed her to a Deadhead backcross then backcrossed her back to Green Crack clone only. Upon making Green Crack BX seeds we crossed her once again into herself, thus creating an extremely solid representation of the Green Crack in seed from the clone only. This clone will yield very well, flower in 8 weeks 55-60 days maximum flower time. You are looking at solid skunky with a citrus undertone with a very Indica style growth pattern with a very dominate Sativa look.
                                                                                      • Green Crack
                                                                                      • Strain: Hybrid Indica/Sativa
                                                                                      • Lineage: Cecil B. x Deadhead
                                                                                      • Seeds: Fem Only
                                                                                      • Yield: Large
                                                                                      • Flowering Time: 55-60 Days

                                                                                      Strain FAQ

                                                                                      Green Crack challenges?

                                                                                      Green Crack is difficult due to its sativa leanings, which may lengthen flowering and induce a stretch. However, its mould and insect resistance and high yield are said to make up for it!

                                                                                      Why was cannabis grown in Central America and the Caribbean historically significant?

                                                                                      Traditional cannabis cultivation and use in Central America and the Caribbean dates back centuries. This long tradition has produced genetically pure, local-adapted landrace strains. Many current popular hybrids are in fact based on these landraces.

                                                                                      Does cannabis have various citrus flavours?

                                                                                      Yes, citrus-flavored cannabis strains can taste like lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit. Each strain's citrus character depends on its terpenes.

                                                                                      How do moderate THC strains control psychoactivity?

                                                                                      Mid-range THC strains are said to be able to provide happiness and relaxation without the highs or paranoia of heavier, stronger strains. This reportedly makes them appealing for mental clarity and other benefits.

                                                                                      How do feminized cannabis strains work?

                                                                                      A particular breeding method removes male chromosomes from feminised cannabis plants. Feminised seeds result in plants that are nearly always female (99%) and ready to produce THC and CBD-rich buds. It works like magic to give producers flower-producing plants!

                                                                                      Green Crack Cannabis Seed Stats

                                                                                      Stock Availability: Out of Stock
                                                                                      Breeder: Cali Connection Seeds
                                                                                      Seed Type: Feminized
                                                                                      Available as Single Seed: Available as Single Seed
                                                                                      Flowering Period Type: 12/12 Photoperiod
                                                                                      Indica/Sativa: Sativa Dominant
                                                                                      Environment: Indoor, Outdoor
                                                                                      Strength: Normal
                                                                                      Yield: High Yielding Cannabis Seeds
                                                                                      Strain Type: Hybrid, Asia-Central, Central America and Caribbean, North American and Canadian, South American, Green Crack Strains
                                                                                      Indoor Flowering Time: Medium (56 to 90 days)
                                                                                      Smell/Taste: Citrus, Skunky

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                                                                                      Seed City / Green Crack Reviews
                                                                                      Rating 5
                                                                                      joeywallaby - Sunday, 23 October 2022

                                                                                      Rating 5
                                                                                      niueboy - Monday, 23 December 2019

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