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Auto-Flowering, High Yielding Cannabis Seeds

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2 Fast 2 Vast Auto - Heavyweight Seeds

The Heavyweight team had a task here how to improve on probably the best autoflowering strain available anywhere at the moment Fast and Vast....

You Save:  10.00%

Auto Alien Sour Diesel Kush - Seed City Bulk Cannabis Seeds

An auto hybrid of super high quality combining OG KUSH and Sour Diesel. Plants can grow large (1m +) and yield heavily. This hybrid leans to the sativa side of...


Auto Alpujarrena - Pyramid Seeds

Alpujarreña has been grown to over a 1000 meters; it is a strong plant, resistant to extreme conditions.After several years working with this strain from Granad...


Auto American Pie - Pyramid Seeds

American Pie is a plant that grows from the famous commercial and Power Plant and the no less famous White Widow....


Auto Amnesia Gold - Pyramid Seeds

We crossed two Amnesia haze as Lennon and haze are to develop this relatively fast flowering sativa with its unmistakable aroma and intense critical woody flavo...


Auto Anubis - Pyramid Seeds

Anubis is the result of crossing Somango and Wembley. A mainly Indica plant, medium size, compact appearance, not very high, and growing more in width. Variety...


Auto Bomb - Green House Seeds

Fast hitter, it has a very relaxing body-stoned effect. FLOWERING INDOOR: 7 weeks auto....


Auto Cinderella Jack - Dutch Passion Seeds

One of the strongest THC-rich auto’s we have yet seen. Auto Cinderella Jack® is a feminized auto variety created together with Buddha Seeds, innovative auto br...

You Save:  25.00%

Auto Galaxy - Pyramid Seeds

Hybrid of Afghani and Northem lights, is a variety that has surprised us by their great performance....


Auto Indica Bundle - Seed City Bundle Deals

1 X + Speed - Sweet Seeds 1 X Afghan Kush Ryder - World of Seeds 1 X Auto Mazar - Dutch Passion Seeds 1 X 60 Day Lemon Auto - DNA Genetics 1 X Super Skunk A...

You Save:  10.00%

Auto Kryptonite - Pyramid Seeds

We took several phenotypes of the Granada Mountains and crossed them with our varieties to find a plant more narcotic and with a stronger effect. The outcome is...


Auto Mass - Grassomatic Seeds

One is slightly spicy and reminiscent of white pepper, while the other, more common one is extremely sweet, fruity and complex... an intoxicating tropical fruit...


Auto Mazar - Dutch Passion Seeds

AutoMazar® is a high performance AutoFem, she is robust and easy to grow. She is also a reliable producer of great quality cannabis whether grown in soil, coco...

You Save:  25.00%

Auto Monster Mass - Critical Mass Collective

The long awaited Autoflowering version of our flagship strain Monster Mass. As with all Critical Mass Collective strains (both photoperiod and Autoflowering) it...


Auto Nefertiti - Pyramid Seeds

Another automatic Sativa put at your disposal, Auto Nefertiti is a plant with a strong flavor, mint and a touch of Haze....


Auto New York City - Pyramid Seeds

Mostly sativa variety, very popular among growers. With a distinctive lemony citrus flavor....


Auto Northern Lights - Pyramid Seeds

Our variety is an ancient phenotype today is very easy to find. We cultivate it in hydroponics, although it behaves phenomenal on all substrates....


Auto NYC Diesel - Barneys Farm Seeds

Auto NYC Diesel is the autoflowering version of the legendry New York City Diesel, bred by Soma in the early 1980’s. This Indica leaning strain provides strong...


Auto Pounder - Auto Seeds

Auto Pounder has a slightly larger stature than standard autos with a very high flower to leaf ratio and greater height, usually around 60-100cm....


Auto Sativa Bundle - Seed City Bundle Deals

1 x Auto Tutankhamon - Pyramid Seeds 1 X AK48 Auto - Sagarmatha Seeds 1 X Auto Bomb - Bomb Seeds 1 X Auto Maria II - Paradise Seeds 1 X AK Auto Goxuak - Gen...

You Save:  10.00%

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