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                                                                                      Beginning of September Cannabis Seeds

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                                                                                      The Incredible Bulk - Dr Krippling Seeds

                                                                                      Almost impossible to hurt this plant – it can take a huge range of ph / nutrient fluctuations, withstands extremes in heat and moisture, and joyfully devours an...


                                                                                      Ruderalis Indica - Sensi Seeds

                                                                                      Ruderalis Indica captures the unique flowering properties of the Cannabis Ruderalis land-race, which grows wild across Eastern Europe....


                                                                                      Berry Bomb - Bomb Seeds

                                                                                      Berry Bomb is a special cross of a hand selected Blueberry mother with the all powerful Bomb #1 father. The result is outstanding; think Blueberry, but bigger y...


                                                                                      McEarly - Kannabia Seeds

                                                                                      Incredibly quick-flowering, before the summer is through you will be enjoying these massive buds, resistant to mould and to cold damp climates....


                                                                                      BC Sweet Tooth - BC Bud Depot

                                                                                      The BC Sweet Tooth comes down fast and heavy in 6 to 7 weeks with maximum yields of dense sweet-tasting candy bud....


                                                                                      Big Nugs Fast - Seedsman Seeds

                                                                                      This strain is a full yield cross of a BIG favourite Critical Mass (aka Big Bud), an afghani x Skunk hybrid, with our fast parent. This strain does exactly what...


                                                                                      ErdPurt - Ace Seed bank

                                                                                      Classic afghani line developed in northern Europe, where it was selected for its quality, fast flowering and excellent adaptability to the adverse conditions of...


                                                                                      Auto White Widow - Pyramid Seeds

                                                                                      Possibly one of the world's most famous plants. A variety that never gets old, because it is very hard to beat something that is well done....


                                                                                      Alpujarrena - Pyramid Seeds

                                                                                      After several years working with this variety native to the mountains in Granada, we are pleased to finally put it on the market. It is a fast flowering plant (...


                                                                                      7th Wave - Super Strains

                                                                                      For me Indica is related to stoned, which doesn’t go for this one. Different than Sativa’s but high, sort of makes you wonder....


                                                                                      Delhi Friend - Dr Krippling Seeds

                                                                                      Delhi Friend produces stinky, sticky buds, dripping with infinite big crystals. Distinctive smells and tastes of indica + hash....


                                                                                      Killer Kush Fast Version - Sweet Seeds

                                                                                      Feminized and non-autoflowering version of one of the most famous strains from the West Coast of USA, developed around the year of 1994 in Sunset Beach, South C...


                                                                                      Early Top Tao - Top Tao Seeds

                                                                                      After many years of selection of the fastest maturing plants, the fixed strain Top Tao labeled „Early“ - early ripening....


                                                                                      The Purp - Jordan of the Islands

                                                                                      The Purp's prized genetics are coveted the world over. Accept no substitutes, Jordan of the Islands retains the original genetics for this reliable strain. It w...


                                                                                      S.A.D. Fast V (Sweet Afghani Delicious) - Sweet Seeds

                                                                                      Feminized and non-autoflowering version with an ultra fast flowering of one of the most sweet and aromatic strains of our catalogue. This genetic is a hybrid re...


                                                                                      Super Hash - Pyramid Seeds

                                                                                      As its name suggests, Super Hash is a plant that keeps its delicious flavor both in the extraction of pollen, as consumed in bloom....


                                                                                      Kripple Roulette - Dr Krippling Seeds

                                                                                      Black Domina’s parentage can allow flowers to be ready in early as 42 days. Strike a plant more dominant of the scrumptious Skunk Red Hair genetics and the flow...


                                                                                      Early Sativa - Canadian Bred Seeds

                                                                                      Main cola type of structure. Veg 2 weeks for Sea of Green. Early sativa. A 100% sativa that is very easy to grow outdoors. Christmas tree shaped, very potent an...


                                                                                      Madame Poison - Canadian Bred Seeds

                                                                                      Very purple buds, 50/50 sativa/indica cross coming from pure South African seedlings. Good mold resistance.Flowering Time: Outdoor Early September Approx Y...


                                                                                      Gold Rush Outdoor - Spliff Seeds

                                                                                      85% Sativa. Genotype: Polm Gold x Purple Power x Afghan. Sweet, diesel aroma and flavour. Strong and sturdy plant. Good resin production. Earliest finisher of a...


                                                                                      Cream Crystal Meth - Breaking Buds Seeds

                                                                                      We were working with two of his best genetics when we found out of the death of Mr. Nice. With Cream Crystal Meth we wanted to pay a posthumous tribute to the g...


                                                                                      Crystal Candy Fast V - Sweet Seeds

                                                                                      Fast flowering photoperiod-dependent version of one of the tastiest strains from the Sweet Seeds® catalog, Crystal Candy® (SWS58), awarded with the 1st Prize fo...


                                                                                      Early Bubba Hash - Ace Seed bank

                                                                                      Early Bubba Hash is an even faster and more resistant version of our Bubba Hash, especially designed for outdoor growing in cold and wet climates....


                                                                                      Dr. Tao Sativa - Top Tao Seeds

                                                                                      Sativa This is our tribute to Dr. Grinspoon, whose famous strain in many ways resembles. Our variety has higher CBD content, due to interbreeding with wild Sat...


                                                                                      Sativa Mix - Top Tao Seeds

                                                                                      Type: regular Height: 2-3 m Genetics: mainly Sativa Cannabinoid: moderate and more Ripening: 9 weeks in August / September...


                                                                                      Spider Skunk - Hero Seeds

                                                                                      A tropical blend of citric flavors as well as the typical rancid Skunk odour. A touch of euphoric Sativa, of rapid flowering period and with high yields....


                                                                                      Chocolate Cookies - Breaking Buds Seeds

                                                                                      Crossing between Chocolope, a variety that despite being of sativan origin after years of adaptation has become a plant with a fully indican cycle. Even its nar...


                                                                                      Northern Lights CBD - Pyramid Seeds

                                                                                      Photosynthesis phenotype rich in CBD thanks to the crossing with one of our varieties with the highest CBD content. A mainly Indica variety focused on a medicin...


                                                                                      D.K. Won - Dr Krippling Seeds

                                                                                      D.K. Won: (G13 SKUNK) 300gr/m2 48 days inside harvest begining of September. THC 22%....


                                                                                      Shabba Love CBD - Lineage Genetics

                                                                                      Shabba Love is our 1st feminised high CBD strain to be released. We decided to release this one before any other due to it's great medicinal benefits, with havi...


                                                                                      Fresh Candy - Pyramid Seeds

                                                                                      After working on regular seed selection 2001 Sweet Tooth Space of Life, we selected this phenotype indicates robust and branched plant....


                                                                                      Early Sativa - Top Tao Seeds

                                                                                      Fastest Sativa from our collection. The roots can be found in Africa and in the Swiss Alps. Herbal aromas with fruity tones, full of energy....


                                                                                      BrainWarp - Secret Valley Seeds

                                                                                      There's nothing like the original Texada Timewarp clone, except maybe a most vigorously tested F1 hybrid....


                                                                                      Heavy Bud - Advanced Seeds

                                                                                      Indica strain. Sweet and delicate fruity aroma, citrus flavours with a hint of mint. Smooth smoke....


                                                                                      Cream Mandarin F1 Fast Version - Sweet Seeds

                                                                                      Attending to the request of our friends and clients we introduce the feminized and non-autoflowering version of our much appreciated SWS29 (Cream Mandarine Auto...


                                                                                      Early Maroc - Philosopher Seeds

                                                                                      Early Maroc strain comes from a very early seed of a pure variety (Landrace) from Morocco....


                                                                                      Homegrown Purple - Homegrown Fantaseeds

                                                                                      This is a popular strain amongst outdoor growers, a fast-growing and quick-flowering plant that requires very little attention in your garden....


                                                                                      Cold Thunder - Sumo Seeds

                                                                                      Cold Thunder is the answer for all outdoor growers in colder climates. The genetics of the Cold Thunder contains a crossbred of The Tetouan Sativa and a stable...


                                                                                      Black Alpha - Lineage Genetics

                                                                                      Black Alpha is a cross of Black Domina X Critical giving you a superb Indica-dominant strain. She produces very high yields with super dense buds in such a shor...


                                                                                      Mighty Mite - BC Bud Depot

                                                                                      Mighty Mite is a famous BC outdoor variety that has been cultivated from sea level on Vancouver Island to the mountain tops of the Kootenays. The Mighty Mite we...


                                                                                      C99 - Lineage Genetics

                                                                                      Cinderella 99 is a great hybrid for indoor cultivation, This sativa dominant plant produces dense buds with a high flower to leaf ratio with extreme amounts of...


                                                                                      Marmalate F1 Fast Version - Delicious Seeds

                                                                                      An explosive mixture of flavours from our genetic dispensary. Critical Mass, which looks like a Sativa, but with marked Indica characteristics and Lavender, an...


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