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                                                                                      Feminised Seeds Company

                                                                                      Feminised Seeds Company

                                                                                      Feminised Seeds Company

                                                                                      Feminised Seeds Company is a cannabis seed breeder specialising in, you guessed it, feminised cannabis seeds! Feminised Seeds co. worked away underground for more than 15 years, and have recently released their range of feminised marijuana seeds to the world! Based in Spain, the Feminised Seeds Company pride themselves on the quality of their marijuana genetics - the small scale of their operation allows them to take better care of their cannabis, a luxury that is not always afforded to the larger more commercial cannabis seed companies.


                                                                                      The Feminised Seed Company range has 8 different feminised strains available. All of these strains are completely different from one another, and no two are remotely similar. The strains available at present are Big Bang 2, Chronic, Critical Auto, Double Berry, Easy Kush, Super Cheese, Super Iced Grapefruit, and The Widow! You'll find 12/12, Autoflowering, Outdoor, High Yielding, and Super Strength varieties of Feminised Seeds Company cannabis seeds here at Seed City. With low prices, secure shipping, and discreet delivery, you can't go wrong!

                                                                                      Feminised Seeds Company Website:

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                                                                                      Deep Shag

                                                                                      Deep Shag will keep you grinning all night long - Real cheese flavours you'd come to expect form a strain named 'Deep Shag' - described as overwhelmingly pungen...


                                                                                      Gorilla Glue

                                                                                      Feminised Seeds Company - Gorilla Glue now available in Seed City! More Information and pictures coming soon....


                                                                                      Double Berry

                                                                                      Double Berry, named for it's juicy fruity makeup - Our double berry is mainly sativa with a strong indica pinch. Unusually fruity and mouthwateringly flavoursom...


                                                                                      Blue Treacle Auto

                                                                                      One of the highest Yielding Blueberry Auto's available! Expect more yield than critical per m2. However Yield per individual is less since they are smaller and...


                                                                                      Critical Auto

                                                                                      When we first released critical we were aiming to produce the highest yielding quickest flowering auto strain on the market....


                                                                                      Super Iced Grapefruit

                                                                                      Citrus strain with a after-kick', after 4 years of back crossing and intensive in-breeding we finally came up with Super Iced Grapefruit!...


                                                                                      Purple Envy

                                                                                      Feminised Seeds Company - Purple Envy now available in Seed City! More Information and pictures coming soon....


                                                                                      Big Bang 2

                                                                                      Big Bag is our high yielding super strong Indica - Big Bag has recorded yields of upto 750 g/m2 which in skunk terms is pretty unbelievable. 22.5% THC is the of...


                                                                                      OG Kush

                                                                                      Lying in the depths of the underground for the Feminised Seed Company has brought her to the surface for all the bare witness to.This amazing st...


                                                                                      CBD Python

                                                                                      Feminised Seeds Company - CBD Python now available in Seed City! More Information and images coming soon....


                                                                                      Sugar Mama Auto

                                                                                      Feminised Seeds Company - Sugar Mama Auto now available in Seed City! More Information and pictures coming soon....



                                                                                      Another truly amazing strain - chronic is one of our old favourites - the mother was imported from canada and successfully bred in spain in an elite breeding po...


                                                                                      Easy Kush

                                                                                      The ideal beginner strain that is robust, resiliant and requires minial attention! Easy kush suitable for the neewbies and 1st timer's! Easy kush will look aft...


                                                                                      The Widow

                                                                                      May we introduce this old school classic white widow - this is undoubtedly the most hardcore white widow ever, there are literally hundred's out there but mark...


                                                                                      British Outdoor Mix

                                                                                      Feminised Seeds Company have decided to release something for the British Outdoor Cannabis Seed Collector!...


                                                                                      Indoor Mix

                                                                                      Looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to get your indoor collection off the ground? By ordering the Cannabis Seeds Mix, you’ll get a robust mix!...


                                                                                      Hula Haze

                                                                                      Feminised Seeds Company - Hula Haze now available in Seed City! More Information and pictures coming soon....


                                                                                      Viva Sativa

                                                                                      Feminised Seeds Company - Viva Sativa now available in Seed City! More Information and images coming soon....


                                                                                      Girl Scout Cookies

                                                                                      Feminised Seeds Company - Girl Scout Cookies now available in Seed City! More Information and pictures coming soon....


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