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                                                                                      HazeMan Seeds

                                                                                      HazeMan Seeds

                                                                                      HazeMan Seeds

                                                                                      Hazeman Seeds began breeding quality cannabis seeds in early 2000, actually setting up his own cannabis seedbank while still producing seeds for other breeders! Hazeman has been growing cannabis since the 1970s, so his experience in the marijuana industry allowed him to not only produce high quality seeds for other breeders, but also to set up his own premium cannabis seed company. The aim of Haze Man Seeds is to provide great cannabis seed genetics for a fair, affordable price so that everyone has the opportunity to collect good cannabis strains. Hazemans favourite cannabis strains to produce are old-school Indica strains - though experimenting with Haze was how he first got his name! Hazeman believes that the cannabis plant is the most beautiful plant in the world and he will not stop growing or breeding marijuana until the day he dies!


                                                                                      Some of the most popular HazeMan seed varieties here at Seed City include Outdoor cannabis seed strains such as Breakout, Sativa dominant cannabis seed strains such as Cheese BX1, Indica dominant cannabis seed strains such as Black Russian, and super strength Hazeman seed strains such as G-High. Order them all online via Seed City and you'll be guaranteed the lowest price available on the market!

                                                                                      Hazeman Seeds Instagram:

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                                                                                      G-13 X Rocky Mountain High, (RMH = Mikado x Colo Green Bud). This is a medium to tall plant also little stretch at 12/12, G-High has a fruity smell, but has the...



                                                                                      Mikado was made by the Federation seed company. Hazeman seeds wanted to preserve one more good old strain. And have everyone enjoy it. Mikado is predominantly I...



                                                                                      It grows as a shorter bushier plant with little stretch at 12/12. P.O.W has the earthy hashy smell and taste like the G-13 mother plant. Additional Information...



                                                                                      Madness is a cross between Pre-98 Bubba Kush x G-13/HP. Pre-98 Bubba Kush famous for it's tight kush nugs that reek of earthy/coffee goodness. The G-13/HP opene...


                                                                                      Black Cheese

                                                                                      Back Cheese was made using a Black Russian male. HazeMan took that male, and hit it to the clone of UK Cheese cut that HazeMan seeds has which made this stinky...


                                                                                      Fugu Kush

                                                                                      It's a cross of Pre-98 Bubba kush x Blowfish from Dutch Flowers. The Blowfish consists of G-13/Blue Dot/Oregon Funk and has a frankincense smell. For best resul...


                                                                                      Grape 13

                                                                                      HazeMan took Gage Greens famous Grape Stomper cut and hit with a G-13 BX2 male. This cross put more punch in the Grape Stomper, gave it a grapey earthy smell an...


                                                                                      Triple XXX

                                                                                      The make up of this strain is The White cut hit with a The White / Aloha White Widow male. She is a medium to tall plant, grow time is around 9 to 10 weeks. Giv...


                                                                                      White Grapes

                                                                                      HazeMan took a very grape smelling, Grape Stomper, Aloha White Widow male and hit it back to a very grape smelling female to make this amazing White Grapes hybr...


                                                                                      Black Russian

                                                                                      Mr. Nice Black Widow male was hit to the Russian landrace creating this amazing hybrid. Very vigorous plant, likes the light. 8 to 10 weeks to finish. Mostly In...



                                                                                      This cross took on more of the RMH fruity flavor. Breakout is a medium plant with very little stretch and decent yields. Great trichome production so it is also...


                                                                                      Cheese BX1

                                                                                      It is mostly sativa, but a shorter sativa. It has the extra sharp cheddar cheese smell. It has big yields for a shorter sativa and pleasant smooth taste. It hel...



                                                                                      This plant took a little of both the P.O.W & G-13 the original mother of P.O.W. It grows to a medium plant and little stretch at 12/12. Escaped has the earthy h...


                                                                                      Fat Purple

                                                                                      Hazeman - Fat Purple now available in Seed City! Information and images coming soon!!...


                                                                                      Bubba's Widow

                                                                                      This is a good add on to the Bubba Kush clone. HazeMan took the Aloha White Widow male, that has been proven to be one outstanding male to work with and hit it...


                                                                                      Double White Cheese

                                                                                      This can be a taller plant, this took on more of the AWW then the Cheese. Very smooth taste has a mix of earth and tropical tastes, also helps with pain. Addit...


                                                                                      Mystery Girl

                                                                                      This is a 20 pack of a blend of everything HazeMan Seeds have worked with over these last couple years, some true gems to be found. Most all of these will be re...


                                                                                      Mercedes Lady

                                                                                      HazeMan Seeds - Mercedes Lady now available. More Information and Pictures coming soon!...


                                                                                      Gangster OG

                                                                                      This is a great OG cross. We took the 5K OG cut we had and also hit it with the Aloha white widow male. This is a tall plant like the SFV Fire OG and Louie the...


                                                                                      Blue Band

                                                                                      Hazeman took a great looking blue god male, and hit it to the headband clone. Blue Band has nice rock hard nuggets grow all over her, with no need to crop. She...


                                                                                      Blue Bubba

                                                                                      Blue Bubba was made from a Blue God male, hit to HazeMan famous Bubba Kush cut that they have had for over ten years now. With the Blue God influence to the Bub...


                                                                                      Elephant Stomper

                                                                                      HazeMan took the Purple Elephant cut, and hit it with a Grape Stomper x Aloha White Widow male. This is a large tall plant needs a lot of room and light. Give h...


                                                                                      Hippie Headband

                                                                                      Hazeman is still pumping out these super-fire strains, here we have his newest mish mash of high grade genetics; Headband. This is no ordinary Headband though,...


                                                                                      White Tiger

                                                                                      This is a strong plant that grows medium to tall and has the punch of a great white shark. Mr. Nice White Shark female was hit with the power full Aloha White W...


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