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                                                                                      Homegrown Fantaseeds

                                                                                      Homegrown Fantaseeds

                                                                                      Homegrown Fantaseeds

                                                                                      As the sister company of Homegrown Fantasy, the well-known Amsterdam Coffeeshop, Homegrown Fantaseeds is the reputable dutch cannabis seedbank that won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1998 for Best Seed Company. Ever since, Homegrown Fantaseeds have been developing their cannabis seed genetics from the old Positronics seed range, working hard to create super-potent weed seed varieties!


                                                                                      Homegrown Fantaseeds' cannabis strains have taken on new characteristics and variations as the years have passed, with their flagship marijuana strain, Armaggedon, being available in both regular and feminised options. Homegrown Fantaseeds were also responsible for introducing Cheese to the cannabis community, taking the Cannabis Cup in 2004 for this masterpiece. They have also won Cannabis Cups in other years such as with the strain Blue Haze, where they took 1st place for the Best Sativa Category.This seed company have been around for years and have a wonderful range of cannabis seeds which should be prized by any breeder, collector, or cannabis seed connoisseur.


                                                                                      Other popular Home Grown Fantaseeds cannabis seed strains include Orange Delight, Train Wreck, and Mango, which are all available here at Seed City for the lowest prices online, with worldwide discreet shipping.

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                                                                                      Master Kush - Homegrown Fantaseeds

                                                                                      A pure 100% Indica strain from the Hindukush family. The buds from Masterkush are heavy and dense, with a coat sweet smelling, sticky resin....


                                                                                      Super Crystal - Homegrown Fantaseeds

                                                                                      An undisputed favourite at the 1997 Cannabis Cup. This strain gave us the title of “best seed company” in our first year in business. This almost pure Indica st...


                                                                                      Indoor Mix - Homegrown Fantaseeds

                                                                                      The indoor mix offers you a variety of seeds that are all suitable for indoor cultivation....


                                                                                      Big Bud - Homegrown Fantaseeds

                                                                                      This is the biggest budding strain from the skunk family and needs branch support during her flowering cycle to prevent her from collapsing under the weight....


                                                                                      Armageddon - Homegrown Fantaseeds

                                                                                      This sativa influenced strain has the body of an Indica with the typical Sativa high effects. Armageddon produces big, heavy flowers with lots of crystals....


                                                                                      Caramella Auto - Homegrown Fantaseeds

                                                                                      The Caramella Auto makes big fat buds and produces a lovely fresh smell with a hint of caramel....


                                                                                      SPR Haze - Homegrown Fantaseeds

                                                                                      A quick flowering Sativa with a strong cerebral high, this Haze hybrid has an initial relaxing effect due to the Indica strain used to speed up her flowering....


                                                                                      Skunk #1 - Homegrown Fantaseeds

                                                                                      This is a classic Dutch strain. A perfect harmony between Afghani, Mexican and Colombian genetics that has influenced most types of Cannabis after the discoveri...


                                                                                      Homegrown Lowryder - Homegrown Fantaseeds

                                                                                      The discovery of the autoflowering traits in high THCcultivars has removed the need for seasonal changes and gave us the opportunity to grow Cannabis whenever a...


                                                                                      K2 - Homegrown Fantaseeds

                                                                                      Another strain from the Hindukush family, this time crossed with a White Widow to increase her THC levels while retaining the Hindukush growth patterns. K2 does...


                                                                                      Homegrown Purple - Homegrown Fantaseeds

                                                                                      This is a popular strain amongst outdoor growers, a fast-growing and quick-flowering plant that requires very little attention in your garden....


                                                                                      CH.1 - Homegrown Fantaseeds

                                                                                      It was 2004 when Homegrown Fantasy won a Cannabis Cup for this “instantly famous” strain that originated in the UK....


                                                                                      Californian Orange - Homegrown Fantaseeds

                                                                                      A mostly skunk hybrid that produces big buds with a sweet and fruity taste and smell. The Californian Orange has an Indica growth pattern....


                                                                                      Afghani - Homegrown Fantaseeds

                                                                                      Afghani is a product of many years of development to maintain and improve the true potency and taste of this legendary strain from Afghanistan....


                                                                                      Northern Light Auto - Homegrown Fantaseeds

                                                                                      The Northern Light originates from Afghanistan and is a 100 % pure Indica strain that has been awarded with three Cannabis Cup awards. Often used for crossbreed...


                                                                                      Top 44 - Homegrown Fantaseeds

                                                                                      Skunk #1 crossed with a classic Dutch strain called "Viking", which reduced her flowering period drastically by a couple of weeks....


                                                                                      Original Misty - Homegrown Fantaseeds

                                                                                      A beautiful plant with rock hard buds covered with resin. Her fat buds, sweet aroma and strong sedative high of price-winning quality make this a popular strain...


                                                                                      Mango - Homegrown Fantaseeds

                                                                                      Mango is a mostly Indica crossbreed with KC33 and our Afghani. A real favourite amongst growers and smokers....


                                                                                      Jack Herer - Homegrown Fantaseeds

                                                                                      The dominant Sativa influences give her a fresh flavour with a pine aftertaste. Her growth pattern is improved and uniform and high yields of big resinous buds....


                                                                                      Haze - Homegrown Fantaseeds

                                                                                      This strain is a pure Sativa with breeding potential like no other strain on the market. The Haze is a slow flowering plant that requires a dedicated grower....


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