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                                                                                      Land Race Cannabis Seeds

                                                                                      Landrace Cannabis seeds are cannabis strains that grow in the wild. They are not hybrids or cross-contaminated by any other cannabis breeds. This means that Landrace cannabis seeds are generally “pure” and are of stable varieties.

                                                                                      In most cases, Landrace cannabis seeds will be either 100% Indica or 100% Sativa; not a blend of the two. Due to their growth in their natural environment and never being crossbred, they offer consistency in their development.

                                                                                      The characteristics, appearance and effects of the Landrace cannabis plant will usually stem from the region in which they grow. Wherever they grow, they will always maintain the same certain characteristics making for a pure and reliable strain.

                                                                                      We at Seed City offer a number of Landrace cannabis seeds, such as the following: Malawi Gold, Suzy-Q, Swazi Gold, Misty Kei, Honey B, Mekanika Haze, Nepal Highland, Guatemala, and more.

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                                                                                      Swazi Gold - Seeds of Africa

                                                                                      Harvested inland, in the rocky and mountainous region of Swaziland thisplant grows majestically tall and plentiful. Swazi Gold is very resilient to all weather...


                                                                                      Utopia Haze - Barneys Farm Seeds

                                                                                      UTOPIA HAZE™ is the result from generations of backcrossing and selection from a prized Brazilian landrace. In its first Cannabis cup the UTOPIA HAZE™ took both...


                                                                                      Malawi Gold - Seeds of Africa

                                                                                      Malawi Gold is harvested exclusively in the Northern region of Malawi, on aplateau at the altitude of around 4000ft. This generally subtropical region sees litt...


                                                                                      Malawi - Ace Seed bank

                                                                                      After years of hard work and intense selections with sativas from all around the world, we can confirm that Malawi is the most powerful and psychedelic landrace...


                                                                                      First Lady - Original Delicatessen Seeds

                                                                                      `Ancestral` pure sativa from 60s-70s, used to do the first crossings in the East Coast of the U.S.A. First Lady comprises of this selection by the importance th...


                                                                                      Guatemala - Ace Seed bank

                                                                                      Seeds collected from an indigenous village in the heart of the Guatemalan jungle. This is the Central American landrace from which we have developed our Tikal h...


                                                                                      Kumaoni - The Real Seed Company

                                                                                      A rustic, high mountain charas strain found deep in the High Himalaya of Kumaon, close to the borders of Tibet and Nepal. This variety makes arguably Kumaon's f...


                                                                                      Colombia Mangobiche - Cannabiogen Seeds

                                                                                      Bank: CannaBioGenHighly reputed colombian line due its tasty aromas and its long lasting and strong effect, Mangobiche, line of uncertain origins, is one of...


                                                                                      Senegal - Tropical Seeds

                                                                                      This is one of our 2015 new offers taking part of the African Project at Tropical Seeds. Before having collected various thousands of Senegal seeds, we took the...


                                                                                      Durban Magic - Seeds of Africa

                                                                                      Durban magic is harvested in the valley of 1000 hills, an area named after the thousands of lush green hills that tumble down to the raging Umgeni river. The pl...


                                                                                      Ciskei - Tropical Seeds

                                                                                      One of our star plants. Very homogeneous with a medium final size that makes it a perfect choice for both indoor and outdoors. A fast flowering one, forming har...


                                                                                      Durban - Cannabiogen Seeds

                                                                                      An original South African line. This classic African line carries a reputation of high quality and has influenced many award winning strains. This our first off...


                                                                                      Mekanika Haze - Plantformers

                                                                                      Our Mekanika Haze is a full blood “Orange Pecco” Sativa, which comes from a lineage traced back to the Amazonian rainforest. This is a very pure land race strai...


                                                                                      Mozambica - Seeds of Africa

                                                                                      Harvested in the outskirts of forested areas not too far from the coast, these plants grow in a tropical climate with two seasons, a wet season from October til...


                                                                                      Honey B - Barneys Farm Seeds

                                                                                      HONEY B™ is the resulting product of a lengthy selection process, where we stabilised this Sativa monster. The plant has a high yield that produces a mass of la...


                                                                                      Malana - The Real Seed Company

                                                                                      This famous North Indian cultivar produces the legendary "Malana Cream". Native to the sun-drenched ridges around the village of Malana....


                                                                                      Zambian - Tropical Seeds

                                                                                      We continued this line coming from African Seeds old stock, selecting the most compact and vigorous medium sized plants, with tight nodes and branches forming q...


                                                                                      Honduras - Ace Seed bank

                                                                                      Honduras' growing structure, flowering time, flower distribution and overall appearance are reminiscent of the old long flowering lowland colombians. On the oth...


                                                                                      Nepal Highland - Cannabiogen Seeds

                                                                                      Type: indica/sativa Flowering Int: 9-11 weeks - Ext: 9-11 weeks Yield: medio/average # Seeds: 10 units. Seed Bank: Cannabiogen Category: Regular seeds...


                                                                                      Coffee Gold - Seeds of Africa

                                                                                      These plants grow in the heart of the wild coast, on the banks of rivers that windbetween idyllic cliffs towards the sparkling ocean. Growing close to Coffee ba...


                                                                                      Misty Kei - Seeds of Africa

                                                                                      Misty Kei A.K.A. 'Transkie' seeds are gathered from plants growing in the Southern Eastern Cape, not to far inland and much closer to the sea than other African...


                                                                                      Hoa Bac Silver Flower - Reeferman Seeds

                                                                                      This strain came directly from Vietnam. It is a super strong sativa that is best non-hybridised. It grows like Cambodian varieties rather than Thai with wide le...


                                                                                      Lebanese - Ace Seed bank

                                                                                      After more than a decade of breeding and intense selections, we have the pleasure to offer you this classic lebanese sativa, a traditional hash plant, famous fo...


                                                                                      Parvati Jungli - The Real Seed Company

                                                                                      Parvati Jungli is a feral cannabis, known as 'jungli' or 'wild' cannabis, can be found growing throughout the Himalayas. It is sometimes regarded as having a mo...


                                                                                      Parvati - The Real Seed Company

                                                                                      This is an intensely resinous charas cultivar from the famed Parvati Valley region of the Indian Himalaya....


                                                                                      Suzy-Q - Burning Bush Nurseries

                                                                                      Suzy Q is a high-CBD, low-THC strain that we procured with help from our friends over at Project CBD in Santa Rosa, CA. Finished flowers of this strain have tes...


                                                                                      Zim-Licious - Seeds of Africa

                                                                                      This strain is collected from the South African border on foothills around the fast flowing rivers near Victoria falls. The falls themselves were described as “...


                                                                                      Ethiopian - Ace Seed bank

                                                                                      Ethiopian now available in Seed City! Description and images coming soon....


                                                                                      K1 Kalité Tizane - French Touch Seeds

                                                                                      In a spirit of conservation and sharing, French Touch Seeds presents the K1 or "Kalite Tizane" stabilized for a decade by the Bourbon Breeders with a hermaphrod...


                                                                                      Malawi Gold - Lineage Genetics

                                                                                      Malawi Gold strain has to be one of the greatest old-skool sativa strains on earth, and one of the worlds most powerful sativas. Malawi Gold originated from Afr...


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