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Mephisto Genetics Seeds

Mephisto Genetics like to say that they are a brand new venture and adventure! They have been breeding cannabis seeds for over a decade and they concentrate entirely on autofloweing cannabis seeds! They use their extensive knowledge of autofloweing seeds to create a fantastic range of seeds which are now available at Seed City! Mephisto Genetics have recently moved to Spain to dedicate themselves to the advancement of autoflowering genetics!

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Mephisto Genetics

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24 Carat Auto - Mephisto Genetics

Our most Afghanica based automatic variety! 24 Carat was our first Mephisto Auto made from scratch and she delights us everytime we pop a seed!...


3 Bears OG - Mephisto Genetics

3 Bears OG from Mephisto Genetics now available in Seed City! Description and images coming soon!...


Alien vs Triangle - Mephisto Genetics

Originally only produced as an F1 limited edition hybrid between our original strains Ripley's OG and Triangle Kush, this variety was so well recieved by custom...


Auto Blues - Mephisto Genetics

Auto Blues is an original auto strain developed using our favourite photoperiod of all time, 'The Blues' an elite clone only variety from the North of the UK th...


Auto Double Grape - Mephisto Genetics

Double Grape is an all-round pleasure to grow. She's easy to grow and manicure and all too easy to consume! One of our frostiest, oiliest varieties we've ever p...


Auto Elite Feminised Mix Pack - Mephisto Genetics

Mephisto Genetics feminised 'elite mix' - for those who want to sample a broad range of their varieties, but who don't have the space or money available to try...


Auto Livers - Mephisto Genetics

Auto Livers from Mephisto Genetics now available in Seed City! Description and images coming soon!...


Auto Sour Bubbly - Mephisto Genetics

Sour bubbly is a killer combination of 24 carat female (Sour boggle cut x purple indica auto) with some Hubbabubbasmelloscope male pollen....


Auto Triangle Kush - Mephisto Genetics

Auto Triangle Kush is a medium to large variety, the average height is 90cm/3ft, she is pretty branchy and displays the typical OG stretch and node pattern to h...


Beary White - Mephisto Genetics

Overview - One of brand new Artisanal automatics paired with one of our favourite Mephisto Classics Strain behaviour - Beary white is a medium sized variety, sh...


Blue Cush Auto - Mephisto Genetics

Blue Cush is a limited edition feminised F1 hybrid of two of our main strains - (Auto Blues x Auto Cush)...


Chem City Blues Auto - Mephisto Genetics

Chem City Blues is a lovely hybrid of two of our mainstrains - Auto Blues x Chemdogging. She grows between 2-3 feet, producing nice zig-zag branching and elonga...


Chemdogging Auto - Mephisto Genetics

After years of intense research and trials, Mephisto Genetics have released their interpretation of Chemdawg turned automatic! Chemdogging was one of the first...


Creme De La Chem - Mephisto Genetics

Creme De La Chem from Mephisto Genetics now available in Seed City! Description and images coming soon!...


Deep Blue C Auto - Mephisto Genetics

Deep Blue C F2 is finally here, one of our most popular limited editions has now been reproduced as an F2 selection and added to our main catalogue varieties....


Fantasmo Express Auto - Mephisto Genetics

Fantasmo Express is an easy and interesting plant to grow, she starts small looking indica and OG dominant in appearance, there's then two onsets of growth....


Grape Crinkle - Mephisto Genetics

Grape Crinkle from Mephisto Genetics now available in Seed City! Description and images coming soon!...


Heisenberg Special - Mephisto Genetics

Heisenberg special is a brand new limited edition, made in summer 2015, after our testers results and self-testing, we're extremely happy to bring this to the p...


Hubbabubbasmelloscope - Mephisto Genetics

The bubblegum smell and taste is dominant amongst a high proportion. There are Indica and Sativa phenotypes but the inbetween phenotypes are their favourite. Sh...


Mystery Mix - Mephisto Genetics

If you like to be surprised and guess what you're growing as it grows and save some money, then this is the choice for you. Strains randomly selected, but trust...


Mephisto Genetics

Welcome to Seed City's Updated Mephisto Genetics Seeds Selection for 22nd February, We stock the entire range of Mephisto Genetics Seeds at the Best Prices Online! You will also find that we stock Single Pick and Mix Cannabis Seeds for the Whole Range of Mephisto Genetics Seeds! This allows you to buy just 1 Single Cannabis Seed if you so wish and you can also Pick and Mix between all of the fantastic breeders we sell! We also offer discounts on Multi-Pack Purchases so from 1 Seed of Mephisto Genetics Seeds to 1,000 Seeds of Mephisto Genetics Seeds you always know we'll have the Best Prices Available Anywhere!

Seed City ships Mephisto Genetics Seeds Discreetly, Worldwide and with our Famous Seed City Guarantee!

Be Sure to Refine your Mephisto Genetics Seeds Selection further by selecting more options on the Seed Selector to the left! No matter if you are searching for Indoor or Outdoor Mephisto Genetics Seeds this February you will be sure to enjoy the Seed City Seed Selector! You can also Order any list of Cannabis Seeds by Popularity and Single Seed price! So get searching for those High Yielding Mephisto Genetics Seeds!

Order from our Mephisto Genetics Seeds range this February 22nd from Seed City and get the Freshest Mephisto Genetics Seeds with the Best Customer Service online!
Last Updated Was Exactly: Thursday, 22 February 2018 17:13
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